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Waterless Shampoo

Waterless shampoo products were first introduced in the 1960s.

Since then, they’ve clung on to a small, but respectable market share, and many women swear by them. They’re popular across all hair types and ethnicities. Many of us black women sporting natural hair appreciate a product that absorbs oil and sweat. While freshening up your hair all without requiring the hassle of a full wash. Not bad.

How Does Waterless Shampoo Work?

Different brands of shampoo have different formulas, of course, but the basic method of action is always the same. A hygroscopic powder is applied that soaks up excess grease and oil, leaving the hair looking fresher and cleaner.

Most brands are advanced enough to not only clean your hair, but to improves its looks too. The waterless shampoo can soak up unwanted dust and debris along with oils. One brand I have tried is Dove.

Most waterless shampoos use either silica compounds or vegetable starches to work their magic. Plant-based products are growing more popular today. People get increasingly concerned about the effects of mineral-based beauty products. Dry or waterless shampoo is sold as either a loose powder to be dusted over the hair or an aerosol can that applies the same powder with a little more force.

Using Dry Shampoos

If you’re ready to give dry shampoo a try yourself, it’s always a good idea to start off with a decent brand. Ask your friends for recommendations, or check out online reviews to find a brand that has a solid reputation for effectiveness.

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When you’re ready to give your hair its first blast, make sure your locks are completely dry. Because the absorbent ingredients in these shampoos aren’t super-powerful, excess moisture impedes their ability to pull out the grease you want to get rid of.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

While powdered shampoo has to be dusted directly over your head, spray shampoo gives you a little more flexibility. Try to keep the can at least six inches away from your hair and aim for an even distribution without any excessively heavy areas. Your roots and ends are the most important targets, especially if you want a matte texture. Spritzing the middle of your strands won’t cause a disaster, though. At worst you’ll wind up with a bit more volume than you intended.

The dry shampoo needs to sit on your hair for at least two minutes. This is the key point that a lot of newbies overlook. Go ahead and handle some other part of your morning routine while you’re waiting; this actually makes a perfect time to brush your teeth.

You do need to do some styling to get the best results out of no-wash shampoos. Comb it through to eliminate any visible residue. Blow-drying also works well.

Enhancing The Waterless Shampoo Experience

If you like the effect dry shampoo has on your tresses, you can try a few extra steps to get even more out of the practice. The one thing dry shampoo can never give you is that unmistakably clean smell of fresh-washed hair. You can get a close approximation if you have essential oils in the house, though. Rub a few props of a fresh-scented oil (e.g. Obsessed Hair Oil) onto your fingers and run them through your hair after your done shampooing.

No-wash shampoo isn’t a full-time solution for keeping your hair clean. If a full wash and style takes you a long time, though, grabbing a powdered shampoo can be a tremendous time saver. It can safely extend the periods in between full washes and put some extra hours back into your days.

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