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Of course you do and with Obsessed Hair Growth Oil you’ll get gorgeous hair because it is packed with the vitamins and micronutrients your hair roots and ends need for healthy new hair that is thick. The hair growth oils goes deep into your scalp and by giving yourself 4 minute daily hair oil massages it will boost blood circulation on your scalp while sending rich nutrients like Vitamin E to your hair roots.

Our oil for hair growth helps to strengthen your hair, reduce frizziness, stop excessive shedding, smooth pesky split ends and prevent hair breakage. By lightly coating your hair, it forms a protective layer for your hair shaft. This is really useful if you use heating tools and hair color as it can cause brittle and fragile hair strands.

When applied to damaged or dry hair, our oils for hair growth blend of golden jojoba, rosemary and peppermint adds shine to your hair. Our proprietary formula blend is of the highest quality of pure essential oils gathered from around the world.


Our customers are worldwide. Whether you have thin or thick, fine or coarse; curly, coily to straight hair. It will work for you. If you have fine, thin hair or a silk press, our lightweight hair growth oil will not weigh your hair down. It’s not greasy at all. We have happy customers with relaxed, transitioning and natural hair – Marley Twists, Crochet Hair, Dreadlocks, Braids, Faux Locs, Box Braids, Goddess Locs, Senegalese Twist and every other natural hairstyle.

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