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Somedays you just want to look cute without a lot of extra fuss when it comes to our hair. So today I have five easy hairstyles that are quick, but when you look in the mirror you know you will still have it going on. Smile!

Long hair is something that a lot of women take pride in having because it gives them the freedom to experiment with different easy hairstyles from buns and waves to ponytails. However, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do especially when going to work each day. If you have long hair and feel like you aren’t taking advantage of it, try these interesting and easy hairstyle ideas.

Easy Hairstyles For Each Day Of Your Work Week

Monday: The Long Side Ponytail

Most simple, timeless and romantic easy hairstyles involves starting with soft, bouncy curls (formed using a curling iron). Take the hair off to one side and secure it with a decorative scrunchie, and then set the style with some hair spray.

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Tuesday: The Updo

Updos look hard to make but they’re actually quite simple once you learn the secret. Gather your hair up into a low ponytail, and twist it to form a bun, then secure it with an elastic band. Add an understated, elegant looking headband to complete the look and you’re good to go.

Wednesday: Fishtail Braids

Braids don’t have to be something that only school kids use, they’re a great looking and no-fuss hairdo. Fishtail braids might look complicated at first, but they are easy to do and give you a great bohemian look. You can make them look more formal with some cute accessories, if you wish. Check out this hair tutorial (see easy hairstyles can make your life a lot simpler!) 

Video by Longhairdontcare2011

Thursday: A Sleeker Updo

If you want an updo with a little extra volume, gather up the front section of your hair and push it forwards, creating a slight bump. Secure this section of your hair with a bobby pin and then form the rest of the hair into a bun at the back just as you would have to create a normal updo. Secure this with a hair tie, add clips to accessorize and you’re good to go.

This hairstyle reminds me of the beautiful women in the NASA movie. They were classy and elegant. Read more here – Hidden Figures They Really Did Make America Great Again.

Friday: A Stylish Half-Up Bun

Another fun and simple hairdo. This involves creating a slight bump with the front section of your hair as you would when you were making a sleek updo. Next, make a half-up ponytail, and twist it to form a bun. Secure that with a decorative hair tie for extra effect. Use a little hair spray to secure your hair in place.

If you want a more luxurious and formal look, use a curling iron to add some soft curls to your hair, otherwise leave it straight for one of those stylish, but almost effortless-looking hairdos.

All of these easy hairstyles are great looking and suitable for almost any occasion. You can customise the look by using different bands and ties. Scrunchies, floral accessories, clips and bows can also change the tone of your hairstyle to match your outfit.

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