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Heatless Curls

Ever wondered how do you curl your hair without heat? How do you do a headband curl? Or, how do you make your hair curly overnight? Well, the answer is simple. You need heatless curls.

Heatless curls allow you to have gorgeous curls without damaging your hair. Let’s get real and admit some of us like to curl our hair a little to often. However, nobody wants unnecessary hair breakage that happens eventually by constantly using a curling iron.

A curling iron may work wonders when you’re curling your hair. However, the heat that emanates from it can cause a detrimental effect on your hair like a head full of split ends.

The good news is you can obtain curly hair without using a lot of heat. Check out the different heatless curl techniques below. One or two of them work great for your hair texture. You may be surprised at how simple and quick these heatless curls are to master.

1. Get Curls While Wearing a Headband

Do you have a cloth headband at home? If not, make sure you head out to the store to purchase one. You can usually find cloth headbands at local drugstores in the hair accessories section. Once you have your cloth headband, you can get started with this simple technique.

Before you begin the process that will leave you with the curls you want, you’ll need to wet your hair. You can wash your hair or spray it down with water using a spray bottle. Just make sure that your hair is damp enough, but not soaking and dripping with water. Once your hair is damp, put the headband on your head.

The next step is to grab a small section of hair from the left or right side. Start with whichever side you prefer. Grab a small section of hair from the very ends and pull it forward while tucking it into the headband. Those hair stands should now be wrapped around the headband that you’re wearing on your head.

Lets keep going…

You’ll need to keep wrapping the strands until you’ve completely tucked all of your hair into the headband. Once you’ve finished this simple process, you’ll just need to leave it on for several hours. It’s best to do this with your hair before you’re headed to bed, so that you can sleep with it on. In the morning, you can quickly take out all of hair strands from the headband when you get out of bed.

As you’re unwrapping the strands from the headband, you’ll notice that your hair is now curly and voluminous. It’s such a simple technique that can produce absolutely beautiful results. If you want to get those bouncy, soft curls without the heat, heatless curls is certainly a good option to consider. If you want the style to last the whole day, consider giving your hair a quick spray with your favorite light hairspray.

2. Use Bobby Pins to Achieve Beautiful Curls

The headband trick works great for many people. However, there are other ways to get heatless curls that you might be interested in trying, too. The bobby pin trick may be one technique that leaves you with fabulous curls that are bouncy and beautiful.

Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair and waiting for it to air dry. Don’t let it dry completely. It should still be somewhat wet. The next step is to take a comb and separate your hair into individual sections that are about an inch thick.

When you have those inch thick sections, grab one section at a time by the very ends and begin rolling the hair toward the scalp in an o-shape. Once you’ve reached the scalp, pin the hair down using two or three bobby pins at a time. Be sure to get pins made with rounded tips and friction-reducing coating. Premium bobby pins do not peel off unlike inferior brands.

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You can continue to repeat these steps until you’ve managed to roll up each section of hair and have pinned it in place.

Give your hair a quick once over with Obsessed Hair Oil and then sleep with your strands carefully pinned to your head. Once you’re up in the morning, remove the pins and pull the curls out. You’ll notice these curls are naturally big and bouncy. Most importantly, they should last for the entire day!

3. The Pipe Cleaner Curling Rods

Don’t have curling rods at home? Well, that’s not a problem. You can use pipe cleaners as curling rods. Simply wrap your hair strands repeatedly around the pipe cleaners and twist them at the top of the scalp, so that they stay in place.

You can wrap your hair around the pipe cleaners when it’s damp or even dry. If you do decide to wrap it around the pipe cleaners when your hair is dry, just give your hair a quick spray of water.

Be sure to do this as soon as you’ve finished wrapping your strands around the pipe cleaners. Just like the other two techniques, you can sleep with the pipe cleaners in your hair.

When you remove the pipe cleaners in the morning, you’ll notice that you now have tight curls. This particular technique is ideal if you’re looking to achieve those smaller, tighter curls instead of the larger, bouncier curls. This simple heatless curls technique may only take a few minutes for you to do, but it depends on both the length and thickness of your hair.

4. Curling Hair With Cut Cloths, Socks, and More

When you don’t have curling rods, you can use pipe cleaners to achieve tight curls, but what if you’d like loose curls? If you prefer to have bigger, looser curls, you can use plenty of other items around the home as substitutes for curling rods.

Some of these items include cut pieces of cloth from an old t-shirt or blanket as well as different socks. You may have several long socks that are missing a match. Make use of them by using them when wrapping strands of hair. You’d simply place strands of hair around them and then tie the socks at the top of the scalp. You could wear the socks in your hair for several hours, even while you’re sleeping, and then remove them for full and beautiful curls that look flawless.

5. Braiding Your Hair

This is the easiest heatless curls method, and can be done regular hair braids or french braids. For either hairstyle, wait until your hair is almost dry but slightly damp to the touch. I usually do my braid like my grandmother used to and that is to evenly part my hair down the middle, then braid each section from front to back.

The look of the waves will depend on how tight or loose you like your braids. If you opt for the French braid, make one braid that starts from the crown of your head down to the bottom of your hairline.

heatless waves with braids

When you unbraid your hair in the morning, put hair oil in your hair to tame any frizzy’s caused by tossing and turning in your sleep. Waves and hair bounce can vary depending on how much hair you braid, but typically your hair will look very curly.

You might not have realized that there are so many different ways to achieve heatless curls. Who says you need to use a curling iron? The heat that comes from curling irons have the potential to cause lots of split ends.

You could damage your beautiful, healthy hair, but that’s a risk that you might not be willing to take. If you want to ensure that your hair is in the best condition, these alternatives can help you to achieve different curly styles.

Which Heatless Curls Technique Is Right For You

It’s worth trying each of the different heatless curls. They can produce different looks and you may prefer some styles over others. Once your happy with a certain technique and it produces the results you expected, you can stick with it!

You might even want to let other friends and family in on your secret.

Your hair will look so great that some people will assume you used a curling wand. Tell them nope –  it was a heatless curl method. If you’re ready to get started, simply make sure you have the right supplies.

You could use a headband, pipe cleaners, bobby pins, or even different items found around the home, such as pieces of cloth and socks! You’ll love the look of your hair and other people will, too. Are you going to give heatless curls a try?

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