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Cortex Flat Iron

Cortex Beauty, which sells hair styling tools and products like the cortex flat iron, was started in 2005 by founder Erez Maman. It continues to be a privately-held company with headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida. The brand is much loved by many fans across the globe.

If you have fine to normal hair you will really enjoy the Cortex flat irons. This brand offers both titanium and ceramic flat irons in a variety of colors. What makes the brand so great? Thermolon. Thermolon is a nonstick ceramic coating based on Sol-Gel Technology.

Cortex Flat Iron: Comparisons Between Ceramic And Titanium

The titanium hair straightener is usually more expensive, yet there are far more differences in these materials than only the cost. The ceramic irons take much longer to heat when compared to titanium. Also, they tend to heat evenly even when it comes to the cheaper irons made out of ceramic, which can be good for a silk press. By the way, to make your silk press really lay down, use Kent Brushes. They are great for natural hair.

These types of irons also manage to retain their heat for a long-time. This means you are ensured that you will get through every hair strand.

One of the main advantages associated with titanium is how fast a Cortex flat iron is able to heat up. Unlike the other metals, heating is usually quite even. It is best to use the better quality irons.

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Titanium is a material that is quite strong, which means your iron will last for many years. This is what makes the extra cost of this investment really worthwhile. This is especially the case for anyone that straightens their hair regularly.

Some of the top selling cortex flat irons are below.

Cortex Professional Steamliner Vapor Iron Hair Straightener: It has Argan infusion, swivel cord and a
six temperature lock setting. Learn more here.

Cortex Platinum Black Series Special Edition Ceramic Ionic Metallic Blue Black Flat Iron 1 1/4 wide: This iron is designed to provide amazing results with straight, curly or wavy hair. With ease you can create a bold new look while saying goodbye to frizzy hair. Learn more here.

The Stand Out Features About The Cortex Flat Iron

Regardless of whether you decide on a ceramic or titanium model, the Cortex flat irons are associated with a number of standout features.

Cortex Flat Iron Features


Some of these features include:

  • A red LED will let you know that the iron is in the process of warming up. When the device is heated fully the light will turn off.
  • Exact temperature control provides a way to avoid damage when it comes to overheating.
  • The hooked ends enable you to hang up the device easily.
  • The swivel cord easily prevents tangling.
  • Each Cortex flat iron is offered with a lifetime warranty, which is incredibly impressive. Others offer only 1 to 2 years.
  • The Titanium Cortex Flat Iron comes with an additional styling glove. This will prevent you from burning yourself.
  • Dual-voltage option makes it a lot easier when it comes to controlling the amount of heat that reaches each hair strand.

Many people also enjoy the different pattern and color options available for the titanium and the ceramic flat irons. Cortex offers a wide range of options when compared to other companies. Express your personality with the array of colors and patterns. It is one more way to help you to feel beautiful.

The Drawbacks

The Cortex flat iron is not that great for ladies that have extremely thick hair. They do not reach the same temperatures as some of the other professional irons. The ceramic models are not as smooth when compared to professional models. This can result in hair breakage if you do not use them with care.


The Cortex flat iron is an affordable option that is ideal for people that have thin to curly hair. I would say it is for people with hair that is finer. These flat irons are not recommended for individuals with coarse or thick hair.

If you have hair that is coarse or thick, it is advisable to invest in a professional quality flat iron like this one. These hair straighteners reach the temperatures that you need to straighten your hair. Be sure to add Obsessed Hair Oil to your hair after straightening, for a silky, shiny appearance.

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