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What are the secrets of successful women in business?

Well, one thing is to be mission driven, having a healthy level of self confidence and believing in your ability and skills as well as having a clear vision. In addition, many business people are inclined to act in isolation. Smart businesswomen, however, are more likely to network and expand their circle of influence.

Well, let me introduce to you a top-notch business leader, Lori Fisher. Lori is a marketing and recruiting expert that helps hair stylists and barbers connect with new clients. Here’s her story.

What motivated or inspired you to start BestDooz?

I love the feeling you get inside and out after visiting the salon. Beauty professionals are skilled in more than just hair styling techniques. I wanted to help them to connect with more clients and to showcase their work.

Is BestDooz only for selected cities or is its services available nationwide?

BestDooz features hair salons, hairstylists, barbers and makeup artists throughout the United States. Our salon directory is searchable by city, state or zip code.

Is there an app for people to use to find a nearby salon?


That’s the main reason we launched the BestDooz mobile app in 2013. The mobile app connects potential clients with salons nearby. It is free for both IOs or Android mobile users in iTunes or GooglePlay store.

Have you always had an interest in the hair industry?

No, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in technology. Many stylists and barbers shy away from technology or don’t understand how to use it effectively in their business. I want to help them embrace it. I came up with the idea to help stylists and barbers promote their “best hairdos” and BestDooz was born.

BestDooz uses technology to connect salon professionals with local clients searching for them. We offer tools to keep clients engaged and to build client loyalty.

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Can you find a natural hair salon using BestDooz?

BestDooz is all about loving your hair; however, you choose to wear it. Our salon directory specifically targets hair salons that specialize in ethnic hair care services. We especially highlight Natural Hair Salons, locticians, and protective styling experts.

How can BestDooz help a stylist take their career to the next level?

BestDooz allows stylists to spend less time marketing their services and more time doing what they love. We elevate their exposure online and help them reach potential clients in their area. We educate stylists on the best ways to get noticed and keep clients booking more often. Our tools are an affordable and practical solution for any stylist or barber looking to build their brand, expand their business and keep existing clients engaged.

Unlike simple posts on social media that can get buried in a newsfeed, our tools offer a more permanent way to stay relevant. A listing at is like having your own webpage, but without the high cost or hassle.

BestDooz promotes stylists and barbers in the major search engines so they can be discovered by people searching for them. We track page views so a stylist can see how often they’re getting exposure. We also promote their work in our mobile app and across social media.


Are barbers a part of the BestDooz community?

Yes. We’re proud to feature some of the top barbers in the country. We invite men to browse BestDooz for the latest in men’s grooming. They can view a barber’s work, read reviews, and book an appointment online.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a business owner?

Helping make connections is the most rewarding part of owning a business. I love it when I can connect someone with a salon professional that makes them look and feel beautiful.

Where do you see your company heading in the future?

I’ve already started plans to reach beyond helping ethnic hair care specialists. helps connect salons and barbers to non-ethnic clients. In the next five years, I’d like to connect even more clients with the best in the beauty industry.

I want to continue to educate more entrepreneurs and provide tools to succeed. I want to become the resource for all things hair and beauty.

To learn more about Lori Fisher and her business:

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