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Washing Natural Hair: Learn Several Tricks, Tips & Advice | Obsessed Hair Oil
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Washing natural hair can be challenging to say the least. And, the longer and thicker your healthy hair becomes, the more difficult the wash. It only takes a tiny bit of water to touch it, and the next thing you know, there’s knots, tangles, and shrinkage all over the place.

Knowing how exactly to go about washing natural hair is very useful knowledge to have. Keep reading the following paragraphs to learn my ideas, advice, tricks and tips on washing natural hair without losing your mind.

Washing Natural Hair

Pre-pooing is a really good habit to get into. You should ideally do a pre-poo before each and every single time that you are going to shampoo. This is especially true if you use clarifying shampoos. Use of a clarifying shampoo is really hard on natural hair, and the whole point is to look clean.

A good way to pre-poo is to choose a natural oil that you like and works for your hair. Apply it to your hair around half an hour before you shampoo. Make sure to work it in from tip to root. This is not only very nourishing to your hair, but even gives it a level of protection during the actual shampoo process.

Coconut oil is a great choice if you’re not sure where to start, and has been shown to reduce hygral fatigue in human hair. I know, you are wondering what is hygral fatigue. In a nutshell, it is the process of constantly wetting your hair. Doing this puts a strain on your hair as it expands when wet and contracts when it is dry. Continuous wetting will weaken your hair, cause it to lose elasticity and increase breakage.

Check out the video by Ms. Rosie for more details.

When it comes time to shampoo your hair, how you do it can depend on how long your hair is. If you have less than six inches of natural hair, then it’s probably okay to wash your whole head all at once. On the other hand, if your hair is more than six inches in length, you might want to do it in sections. That can take a bit more time, but you’ll wind up with a far less breakage, tangles, and knots.

Keep in mind that shampoo isn’t really meant to clean your hair, believe it or not. It’s actually meant to get the scalp clean, and the idea is that the suds and water that run off are what clean your strands of hair. Shampoo has enough to get your scalp wet, and there should be enough lather to take care of your hair. If you feel like you need to wash more, a second go around with a conditioner is better than shampooing again.

Following up with an instant conditioner is usually a good idea to get moisture into your hair again.

When it comes to drying your hair, I personally stay away from typical cotton towels, since their structure can break and tangle hair strands. Microfiber towels work best, and even plain T-shirts do great too. Focus on blotting water and never, ever rub.

A Few More Tips

  • Our hair has a ph level about 5.0, which is a little acidic. Between 7.1 and 14 is alkaline. Anything between 0 and 6.9 is acidic. In order to maintain your hair’s pH balance, you should avoid products that are alkaline.
  • Using drying tools to quickly dry your hair makes your life easier, but it can cause more damage. When your hair is wet and dries fast, it loses much of its moisture, which can cause breakage.  So, if at all possible, air dry your hair.
  • Sealing your hair will allow your hair to retain its moisture when it is dry. I personally love to use coconut oil because it penetrates your hair shaft.
  • One of my favorite tips that is easy and inexpensive is to just use a microfiber towel to remove excess water from your hair. It will help reduce the weight of your hair. By doing that, you decrease the stretching of the strands of your hair.

These are a few ideas and advice for washing natural hair. I hope they help you keep your natural locks looking gorgeous.

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