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I get it washing hair with beer seems like a farfetched idea. However, the secret many celebrities use to keep their hair soft is simply to pop the cap on a cold one. For hundreds of years, women have relied on this homemade remedy to get shiny, luscious hair.

Getting your hair to cooperate with your wishes can get so frustrating that you find yourself thirsty for any effective solution. This might well be the line of thought that led some enterprising woman to look down at her hand at happy hour and start thinking strange thoughts about her beer.

What happens if you try washing hair with beer? Believe it or not, you honestly can get some excellent results this way — if you do it right.

Washing Hair With Beer: The Case For Beer

Beer is absolutely packed with the kind of proteins, nutrients, and vitamins that leave you eager to shell out big bucks for a premium shampoo. Giving your hair a beer rinse can allow you to take full advantage of all that hair-improving goodness, and advocates swear that it won’t leave you smelling like a bar room floor at 2 am.

The alcohol content in beer makes an excellent cleanser, although it is extremely drying. This is why you shouldn’t use beer as an everyday conditioner. It’s also a good idea to stay away from those weird craft brews with super-high alcohol contents. In fact, many folks who recommend beer rinses also recommend boiling down beer to remove some or all of its alcohol instead of using it straight out of the bottle.

Using Beer Productively

Boiling your beer before putting it on your head will often get you better results, but it might not be for the reasons most people think. Cutting the alcohol content helps, but the reason boiling really improves the process is that it eliminates carbon dioxide.

The real key to washing hair with beer productively is to de-carbonate your beer first.

Pouring out a bottle and letting it sit for at least eight hours will get the job done. You want to do this because adding carbon dioxide to the water you bathe in will have the same effect as hard water:

  • Tough tangles all over your scalp
  • Lot of loose, scaly flakes on each strand of hair

If you already have dandruff problems, trying a carbonated beer rinse will make it much, much worse.

Once your beer is flat, you’re ready to hit the shower. Shampoo as you normally would; you’ll be using the beer to replace your conditioner. Massage it into your hair and scalp thoroughly for at least one minute. Afterward, give your hair a light rinse — leaving a little beer in your hair will be even more beneficial.

One other tip is to use a beer recipe for your hair that makes it shiny and lots of bounce. See below.

Beer Recipe For Hair

Washing Hair With Beer: Fine-Tuning Your Process

Give a few (two or three) beer rinses a try over the course of a month and see what you think of the results. If you’re impressed, try a few additives that can make beer rinses even more effective. Many users swear by a drop or two of their favorite essential oils. Others like adding a tablespoon or two of raw apple cider vinegar.

If beer is the craziest thing you ever dump on your head to get your hair under control, you can consider yourself lucky. (Remember that craze for shampoos that contained — ewww — human placenta?) If you’re willing to take the plunge, you just might be surprised by how nice the results are.

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