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Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

Every stylist over the past couple of years has had the conversation with their clients on why you should use permanent hair straightening treatments. The answer normally boils down to something like – Keratin permanent hair straightening treatments are one of the most reliable and effortless methods to get your hair straight.

If you have curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair or a combination of textures, keratin permanent hair straightening treatments can make managing your hair, simpler. Keratin is gaining popularity because taming wild and unruly hair in a world that is often pressed for time, can be a time saver. In addition, keratin restores and rebuilds your hair making it smoother, stronger and shinier.

What Are Keratin Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair. It is a curl softening, hair smoothing and semi-permanent professional chemical treatment. For the treatment to work, it is generally formulated with formaldehyde, which creates a long-term smoothing effect.

Permanent hair straightening treatments can last for as short as three months or as long as six months. However, this depends on your lifestyle and adherence to aftercare and products used. With a keratin treatment, your curls will be softened, frizz eliminated and waves straightened.

curls will be softened

How does the process work? A hair stylist applies the keratin product to your hair. Next, they use a flat iron to heat and seal your hair. Depending on your hair strength, this process takes approximately 90 minutes.

Why You Should Use Keratin Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments?

Keratin treatments could shorten your blow drying time by almost 60%. Although the flat iron might make your hair break, keratin hair straightening treatments won’t. Basically, hair breakage has nothing to do with the treatment applied. Rather, the flat iron that is used by to dry and seal the hair could, if the temperature is too hot.

With keratin, no matter the hair type, it will lengthen your hair and make it resilient.

According to hair experts, the risks involved in using keratin are not for the client. Instead, the hairstylist who handles the product on daily basis is the one at-risk. This is why as a stylist you should not only wear adequate protection, but also work in a ventilated area. Otherwise, no studies have linked this hair treatment to any illness.

Are Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments Effective?

This treatment is considered effective since it straightens your hair up to 450 degrees. With the combination of flat iron and keratin permanent hair straightening, your hair will become bone straight. It will be strong, silky and smooth hairs that last a long time.

In case you have frizzy hair or curls, you are a good candidate for keratin hair treatment. These hair smoothing treatments will save you time that is normally needed for styling and blow drying your hair.

severely damaged hair

Chemically treated, black hair and or color treated hairs can also use permanent hair straightening treatments. However, if you already have a severely damaged hair it’s not advisable to apply this kind of treatment

Alternative: Aveda Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

Aveda permanent hair straightening treatments will smooth natural texture without completely straightening your hair. It’s a demi-permanent smoothing treatment that:

  • Reduces wave
  • Softens curls
  • Smoothes frizz

This treatment produces demi-permanent results. You’ll experience smoothness without the commitment of a texturizing relaxer.

Your hair will revert back to its original texture in about two months even in high humidity. This is the easiest way to move away from other damaging, straightening treatments. This hair straightening treatment is a formaldehyde free alternative to traditional keratin treatments.

Please note: It is not safe to use Aveda permanent hair straightening treatments if you have recently had a sodium hydroxide relaxer. It is like oil and water. They don’t mix. Please consult with your hairstylist before moving forward with the service.

On the other hand, the treatment can be done on virgin, untreated hair without issue.

Best Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment

Several new best permanent hair straightening treatments include: 

  • Goldwell Kerasilk
  • Supersilk Smoothing System
  • Trissola Solo
  • Cezanne Perfect Finish

These treatments use glyoxylic acid or a derivative to give your hair a straighter appearance. There’s also the Keratin Complex treatment, which touts itself as a personalized blowout with no downtime, and is celebrating its 10th year.

So, What Is The Best Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment?

Most ladies opt for Japanese hair straightening aka rebonding or Brazilian keratin treatments. In the end, it boils down to finding the best hair straightening treatments for your needs and hair type.

Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment Reviews

How To Get Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

Using a clarifying shampoo, wash your hair and then blow it dry. Keratin treatment is then applied in sections and combed throughout your hair for even distribution. Leave the treatment in your hair for a little while. Next, blow dry your hair again then use a flat iron to seal it.

However, before starting the treatment, you should have a discussion with your hairstylist about the condition of your hair. For instance, if your hair is chemically damaged or thin, you may need a keratin treatment. For more information, read up more on the best keratin shampoo and conditioner.

Also, you should confirm with your hair expert if your hair is strong enough to withstand the heat from the flat iron. Remember, the process might take awhile. So, prepare yourself to stay longer in the salon. This might be a good time to read a book on your Kindle.

Keep in mind, the Brazilian Straightening Treatment (brand names include Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout) and Keratin Complex Hair Therapy, smooth the surface of the hair. However, it  does not permanently break bonds, so your natural texture will return gradually.

Benefits of Keratin Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

Hair straightening treatment works on all hair types. Plus…

  • It can fit your budget since the process will cost approximately $250 while the results remain for almost four months.
  • It’s not affected by water or extra humidity.
  • It can help reverse hair loss by giving you stronger, shinier, silky hair.

In Conclusion

According to Healthline, “People who use keratin on their hair report that their hair is smoother and easier to manage as a result. The effects vary greatly depending on whether your hair is healthy to begin with, what the natural thickness of your hair is, and what kind of keratin treatment you use.”

However, it is your decision if these treatments are for you. Something to remember is to avoid using this treatment to often. The heat involved in the process may loosen the natural bonding of your hair.

Besides, since formaldehyde has been linked to health problems, you should ask a professional whether the products contain formaldehyde ingredients or other related ingredients that you may want to avoid. Luckily, most companies use safe levels.

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