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We know you love it when your hair looks great – we love that feeling too! Having hair that turns heads for all the right reasons sure does make us feel great. That’s why we invest so much of our time into blow drying our hair the perfect way and often using our trusty pair of straighteners to create that beloved ‘just out of the salon’ look.

But girls, there’s one thing we know all too well about daily styling; it can create that hated heat damage! Seeing your lush locks turn into dry and brittle strands can have you feeling more than a little freaked out, in fact verging on hysteria is often a truer reflection of what is going on inside your mind!

Now before we start to wallow in our damaged hair misery let’s get one thing straight; where there is a problem there is almost always a solution. Heat damaged hair is no exception to that rule.

We know you’ve currently got one eye on the screen as you read our blog and the other eye pitifully gazing at your ‘has definitely looked better’ hair. Don’t worry, we’re going to let you in on exactly what you need to do to transform those locks into hair that you can fall in love with again.

What are we talking about? Hair oil that is designed to be exactly what your hair needs. We know you are obsessed with your hair, the good thing is that Obsessed Hair Oil shares your passion! Let’s take a look at why this type of hair therapy really could be the best thing that has ever happened to you and your ‘could look better’ hair.

Nature Knows How To Heal

These days our daily lives are bombarded with harsh chemicals and toxins. The last thing we want to do is force our hair to join the party. Hair oil that is crammed with the goodness of nature knows how to heal our hair from the inside, out. Let’s take a look at a few of nature’s goodies.

Joyous Jojoba Oil

While manufacturers only started adding Jojoba Oil to cosmetics in the 1970s, we can guess that people ‘in the know’ have been benefitting from this gem for much longer. This oil is crammed with vitamins and minerals that your hair will love. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, B vitamins, as well as copper and zinc are all found in Jojoba Oil. In fact, the oil has the ability to moisturize the scalp and we all know what grows from the scalp; our precious hair!

Jojoba Oil and your hair could certainly be lifelong BFFs if you let them. In fact, since the oil moisturizes the hair follicles it works to prevent dryness. Run your hands through your heat damaged hair now and you’ll know exactly what dry hair feels like! In fact, did you know that dry hair can lead to hair loss? That’s right, if your hair is already suffering from heat damage there is no time to delay in giving it exactly what it needs to thrive again.

Regal Rosemary Oil

Do you love to cook with rosemary? It sure is able to liven up a humble chicken dish into something rather exotic. It’s not just your taste buds that can benefit from Rosemary, so can that dry hair of yours! In fact, the word ‘rosemary’ comes from the Latin meaning ‘dew of the sea’, doesn’t even the meaning conjure up ideas of your hair being drenched in goodness? In fact, Rosemary Oil has healing properties which your hair is going to really love you for.

Unlike some of the other oils which may give your hair more of a conditioning effect, Rosemary Oil can heal your scalp, as well as your hair, in a rather magical way. Granted, we know that your big issue at the moment is the damage your hair is currently dealing with thanks to heat, but Rosemary oil will do more than tackle that problem alone. It also could increase your hair fullness, help your hair to grow more quickly and even prevent premature greying, something that all of us ladies are always on the lookout for!

Did you know that Rosemary Oil is also packed to the brim with antioxidants? We all know that antioxidants are a ‘happy word’ for our body. Carnsaol, one of the antioxidants found in Rosemary, is nearly as potent as eating goji berries. That’s right, your hair and scalp are sure to adore Rosemary Oil just as much as you will.

Precious Peppermint Oil

The peppermint plant is a cross between spearmint and water mint. You likely already know that peppermint is known for having calming and soothing properties, but what you may not know is that it is used to cure countless illnesses as well. Indeed, precious Peppermint Oil sure is one of the incredible goodies that we find in nature.

So how about your hair, could this oil really make a difference? It sure could! In fact, it’s one of those oils that is recognized the world over as having great benefit as a hair treatment. Now we are not recommending that you pour a large helping of Peppermint Oil on your scalp and wait for the magic to happen. Actually, this oil is strong and when used directly is can be too irritating to the scalp. That is why it can give the most benefit when mixed with the right choice of other essential oils, like Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Oil. What can your hair hope for if you introduce it to this oil?

Having a dry scalp and dandruff is never a pretty sight for us girls, in fact, it can feel like it’s ruining our lives! You may have noticed already that having hair that has been damaged by heat and having a dry scalp or dandruff can certainly go hand in hand. It’s time to break that friendship up once and for all! Peppermint Oil has the ability to make your scalp less dry (don’t worry it balances oil production at the same time so you won’t end up with a big greasy mess on your head) and can also get rid of that nasty dandruff issue.

When used in the right mixture, Peppermint Oil can also stimulate the hair follicles so that they can grow to their full potential, as well as helping your hair benefit from increased nutrients thanks to the increased blood circulation and oxygen supply to your scalp.

We know that life can’t always be perfect, but girls, your hair can be! We’re not telling you to get rid of your hair dryer, straighteners and other hair equipment that uses heat – after all, we wouldn’t tell you to do something that we wouldn’t be willing to do ourselves! We know you want your hair to look amazing and for most of us, that takes styling and products. But, come on, you’ve got to give your hair something to combat it with!

Joyous Jojoba Oil is crammed with vitamins and minerals that can help your hair to be well-armored up in the battle against heat damage. Regal Rosemary Oil or ‘the dew of the sea’ knows how to drench your hair in healing goodness and precious Peppermint Oil can get oil production as well as dry scalp issues kicked into check. We know that your life may not always be perfect but your hair sure can be – whatever you do, don’t let heat damage get the upper hand!

Sherry Harris is Chief Content Officer of Obsessed Hair Oil. Learn more about the co-founders on About Us, or connect on Twitter.