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The 5 Habits Of Women With Beautiful, Healthy Hair | Obsessed Hair Oil



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You love your healthy hair. You wash it every week and treat it with best hair products. You’re so on top of it, that you have it trimmed every few months. Why stop there! When you dye your hair, you go to the best hair colorist in town. Funny thing is you rarely accomplish that glamorous magazine look.

Oh, “it must be because these girls have stylist teams doing their hair” you’re thinking.” Or, you reason, it’s all the photoshopping after the photo shoots. Finally, you end up letting go of the idea you too can stun and dazzle with your fabulous hairstyle.

Sound familiar?

But what if you’re wrong? What if avoiding 5 common mistakes can make your hair healthy and shiny again? And your hairstyle trendy and chic? With a little help, my goodness you’ll appear as if you’ve just come from a star-studded photo shoot for the rich and famous sort of like Janet Jackson.

Let’s dig in then, shall we?

1. Your Healthy Hair Shows Your Lifestyle

Ok, leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. But to be fair, it doesn’t just affect your hair. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are vital for your overall wellbeing. For your hair follicles to be healthy and your hair glossy, the most important nutrients to take in are:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and B12 prevent a dry scalp and dull hair colour. You can find these in fish products.
  • Vitamine A and C act as a natural hair conditioner and sweet potato is an excellent source for those.
  • Legumes contain proteins, iron, zinc, and biotin and they are responsible for hair growth. If your hair is falling out, it might be because you lack biotin in your system.
  • Other than legumes, be sure to eat cereal-grain products, liver, egg yolks, and yeast to avoid that. These nutrients also contain vitamin B5 which gives your healthy hair flexibility and strength.

Don’t forget, beginners as well as more advanced fitness levels will see the biggest benefits if they work out three to four times a week.

proper diet and exercise

2. Hello, I’m Your Healthy Hair

A lot of women don’t make an effort to know their hair. Is your hair kinky, coily or curly? Can your straight hair hold curls? Is it dry or too greasy? Knowing all this will help you choose the right shampoo and the rest of hair products you need if you want to accomplish that astonishing look you’re after.

Also, don’t forget about the hairbrush. You shouldn’t just use any old thing for your hair. Examine your hair when you’ve just washed and dried it with no products on and then do a little research. Learn what tools will work best for you.

3. The Essentials – The Washing And The Drying

What should you do first when you wash your hair? Pick up the towel and ruffle your head with it, right? Wrong! Hair is the most sensitive when it’s wet and when you rub it with a towel you risk breaking your hair threads and cause more split ends. Wrap it in the microfiber hair towel, instead, and let it blot for half an hour (or 10 min minimum) before blow drying it.

And don’t even think about brushing your hair while it’s wet.

Be sure to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, yet, make sure to apply a deep conditioner as well, at least once a week. It works to soften your hair and it fixes roughed up patches. One of my favorite things too is to use a scalp massager!

Wash Your Hair

If you use a blow dryer or/and hair straightener, do use a heat protector product too. These electrical devices develop very high temperatures and if you want your healthy hair, you shouldn’t take this advice lightly.

Also, never blow dry your hair without a nozzle. If your hair is thick and you wish to smooth it down, point the blow dryer downwards. The opposite if you could use more volume, blow the air against the natural direction of the hair.

4. Your Hair Is In Poor Condition

It happens. Life sometimes finds a way to get in the way and even if you care for your hair, it can become a casualty. With age, hair often gets frizzier and dryer and you need to know exactly what products to use to keep it smooth and vibrant.

It’s a good idea to discuss the products that will work best for your hair with your hair stylist. And take notes. Or, you can commit to doing a little research on the Internet and consult websites with high-quality hair products.

Also, you mustn’t skip having your hair trimmed at least every 6 months. Even more so if you’re trying to grow it. It’s the best way to get rid of all the damaged, split or broken hair and no hair product can top the effectiveness of scissors.

5. Chose The Haircut That Screams YOU With Healthy Hair 

Countless breathtaking haircuts are out there. All those colors, lengths and hairstyles (wavy, thick hair, long hair) to chose from. So you find a picture, take it to your hair stylist and say: “I want that!” But wait. That haircut is perfect for (name of the actress, singer, or the model) not you. The first and the foremost rule for getting a fabulous hairstyle is that it has to match your face shape.

And the length? A lot of women get stuck with a certain hair length when their hair has the serious potential to stun if only shorter (or longer).

Advertisements put a lot of pressure on ladies and you can easily fall for the idea to go for blonde when you are a natural brunette. Or the opposite. Or to dye your hair to scarlet red.

While experimenting is not bad, and you can’t get to know your hair without trying out different hairstyles and colors, the general rule is that you shouldn’t change your natural hair shade for more than two shades, lighter or darker. Your natural hair color is in perfect relationship with your skin, eyes and face traits.

Just be careful and be you.

There’s no way around it, you have to invest time, money, and effort if you want amazing, healthy hair. But you adore your hair. And when you learn to embrace these 5 common tips, your hair will thank you and your mirror reflection will smile back at you far more often.

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