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Combing Crème & Twisting Crème is a popular Brazilian natural hair growth remedy that is used by 83% of Brazilians to moisturize, define, condition, detangle, control frizz and deeply hydrate every strand. The crèmes are formulated for low, medium and high hair porosity. Before I tell you about one of the best Combing Crèmes on the market (hint: Cachos Brazil), let’s really understand what hair porosity is and how it can affect your natural hair care.

Curly hair is making a slow march towards being fashionable. Women and men alike are getting on the curly train. Curly hair is becoming a hot trend in the hairstyling world.

But for those with naturally curly hair, the questions of how to take care of it in a healthy way is a difficult one. Among other concerns is the porosity of one’s curls and how that porosity affects the hair itself. The answers to these questions inform the way it needs to be cared for. Worry not, we’re here to help.

Definition Of Hair Porosity

You can almost certainly piece it together yourself, but so we’re all on the same page here hair porosity is how well or poorly natural hair absorbs moisture. Low hair porosity means low moisture absorption, high hair porosity means high absorption. The measuring scale should be fairly self-evident.

What’s not self-evident is the overall effect porosity can have on your hair. As an example, you might think high hair porosity means you won’t have to worry about using a lot of hair product. If you think that, you’re incorrect.

High porosity hair requires a large amount of product before it stops looking dry. Since it absorbs so much moisture, it simply needs that much more before showing the effects.

hair porosity

How To Test Your Hair’s Porosity

Testing hair porosity is simple. Get a few strands of your hair. They don’t have to be fresh from the scalp, and in fact, it might be better to get older strands. They’ve had more time to dry out, so you’ll have a better test of porosity.

Once you’ve got the hairs, get a glass of water. Drop the strands in and watch what happens. Floating means low porosity. Sinking slowly to the bottom, perhaps even floating near the bottom rather than actually sinking all the way, means you have medium porosity. Quick sinking means high porosity.

Armed with that information, what’s the next step? How does the porosity of your hair affect the way you care for it?

Natural Hair Is Beautiful Hair

If your hair is naturally curly then the best way to maintain it is to help it keep that natural curl. Natural hair is beautiful, there’s no reason to take beautiful hair and destroy it to meet an absurd beauty standard!

Which means that as far as we’re concerned, “taking proper care of your natural hair” means “letting it be as curly as it wants to be.” With that information in mind, below are some ways to help keep your hair looking its best considering the porosity.

Ways To Treat Low Hair Porosity

Low hair porosity takes what feels like ages to actually absorb moisture. Product tends to get packed around the hair rather than actually become absorbed. This can be damaging in several ways, especially if you’ve used the wrong kind of product.

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure the product actually gets absorbed into your hair. Heat treatments are great for this. Depending on the exact porosity level of your hair you may even be able to simply apply product and keep your hair under a shower cap for a while.

When you do apply a product, ensure you’re applying it to your hair when it’s damp. If your hair is sopping wet when you apply the product, then there’s no chance of absorption. Your hair has too much water to absorb anything else. And in case it needs to be said, apply only a small amount of product and ensure you’re applying it evenly.

Lastly, use sulfate-free shampoo. You may also want to apply a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse every other month. Don’t do this too often or your hair will become damaged.

Caring For Medium Hair Porosity

If you have hair with medium porosity then you should consider yourself lucky. As long as you use moisturizing shampoos and the best conditioner for curly hair you don’t have to worry about hair care mistakes.

Still, you may want to take care not to treat your hair poorly. Use high-quality products and use them sparingly. Just because your hair has medium porosity when it’s healthy doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

Caring For High Hair Porosity

High Hair Porosity

  1. Rule number one: never apply heat.
  2. Rule number two: never apply heat.
  3. In fact, consider rule three through ten should also be “never apply heat”.

In case the subtlety was lost, this means you should not use any heat hair styling tools on high porosity hair if you want to continue to have healthy hair. Allow your hair to air dry, if at all possible. If not, consider using a pick to help speed up the process rather than a hairdryer.

Your hair already has a hard time with product retention. Applying heat will leave you with frizzy hair that can become your worst nightmare.

After you use deep conditioning treatments (which you’ll do if you want to avoid the frizz), you should rinse with cold water. This helps to seal the cuticle, which helps limit porosity. If at all possible, use a water-lock leave-in conditioner and stay in a cool, dry area for a while. This helps seal in the moisture. You almost certainly already know what happens on a humid day!

Now for for the product that can seriously solve your hair porosity issues once and for all!

Combing Crème That Treats Hair Porosity

Brazilian Combing Crème is a complete wash & go styling crème designed for low, medium & high porosity hair.  It ensures maximum hydration for dry, damaged and brittle hair. It has wonderful blend of powerful oils – Pracaxi and Babassu Oil, which seals moisture in your hair.

The ingredients penetrate the hair cuticles to style your hair from the inside out, leaving your hair defined, soft, moisturized, nourished and shiny, without a heavy appearance.  The result is gorgeous hair all day, which has volume, is frizz free and has a defined curls.

Twisting Crème For Different Hair Porosity

What’s there to know? Well, twisting crème is a rich leave-in crème for tight curls. Twisting Crème is formulated for low, medium & high porosity to define and hold twists and braid outs with its conditioning and shaping ability.

It provides plenty of slip, shine and definition while conditioning and protecting your hair from weather damage and frizz. In addition, it seals your hair to prevent moisture loss. The Twisting Crème controls frizz and offers great gloss.

A combing cream has ingredients such as Murumuru and Cupuacu butters, which are super rich with nutrients, conditioning, vitamins and restoration properties.

There’s a lot of misinformation about natural hair out there. There are a number of reasons for this, but the important thing is to remember that natural hair is beautiful. It’s also important to remember to use a wide-toothed detangling brush from time to time. However, please use it gently!

And of course, no matter what the porosity of your hair, you should also be sure to use natural oils too. The right essentials oils for hair growth can properly penetrate natural hair.

If you’ve got natural hair, then flaunt it! There’s no reason you should be ashamed of it. It can be beautiful as long as you properly maintain it!

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