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In past runway shows and editorial trends, we’ve seen simplicity and minimalism hair fashion take center stage, while other stylists set a stark contrast by emphasizing bold and dramatic tones. This time around, it looks like hair trends are veering towards the in-between, finding that sweet spot between natural and adventurous.

From vivid, bleached tones to “just-rolled-out-of-bed” curls, Spring 2019’s runways have explored them all. Here are a few of our favorite hair fashion head-turners from recent shows that you, too, can try for yourself.

Casual Slick-Backed at Nonie

There’s nothing like slicked back hair to make you look instantly sharper and cleaner. This style makes sure to highlight your face and shed light on your features, with not a single strand out of place. You can start with a ponytail, but shorter-haired girls can opt to skip that and go straight to slicking everything back on its own.

If you like, you can even add in some bobby pins to ensure everything stays put. By doing this it will instantly elevates the look, as the pins serve as a glamorous accessory — as seen on this look from Nonie.

Credit: Monica Schipper

Pastels at Marc Jacobs

We all grew up hearing horror stories of bleach jobs gone irreparably wrong. However, that shouldn’t let that stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new style. That’s especially true when you’re in the hands of a professional. In fact, 37 models at the recenta Marc Jacobs show did just that.

They were rocking hair fashions from pastel-colored buzzcuts to classic bright chignons. According to Creative Director Josh Wood, it was an intense colouring job that might be a little hard to replicate at home. But let these looks inspire you to try that dusty pink or electric blue you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Like we previously shared on Obsessed Hair Oil, a solid hair care routine using natural ingredients like olive oil can help alleviate any dryness and damage from dyeing your hair. So, go ahead and take the plunge.

Credit: Marc Jacobs

Hair Fashion Goddess – Natural Chic at Savage Fenty

No list is complete without applauding our modern-day queen of empowerment and body-positivity, Rihanna. Her latest project, Savage Fenty, is definitely worth the hype.

Championing inclusivity once again, the lingerie show turned the traditional fashion show on its head. It was littered with brave styling and modeling choices. Once you think about it, it shouldn’t have to be considered daring at all.

Rihanna made sure to stick to natural-looking, beautiful hair that doesn’t feel unrealistic or unattainable on different-sized women. Thanks to her stark advocacies, many other brands are following suit.

Plus-sized retailer Woman Within is promoting their diverse designs more than ever. Their styles remind everyone that the first step to looking great is making sure you have comfortable clothing. Go with styles that fit you best.

This was the core theme of the aforementioned Savage Fenty show. Hairstyles highlighted features like baby hair or curly hair on women of all shapes and sizes.

Credit: JP Yim

Nostalgic Bohemian at Jonathan Simkhai

For a look that is equal parts romantic and nostalgic, go for a chic bohemian look. Not only is it low maintenance and very casual, but it’s guaranteed to give you some serious ’60s vibes. At the recent Jonathan Simkhai show, models donned tiny baby braids with beads to complement the natural texture of their hair.

To pull off this dreamy look, simply have fun with small braids and add beads. Finally, to keep your hair ends from looking frayed, apply beeswax. Wet the tips of your braids then add a small amount of beeswax by smoothing it over your ends. Beeswax can dry your hair out, so avoid getting it on the length of your braids.

Credit: Black Hair Information

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