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I don’t know what to expect. That may be what you are thinking if you have never given hair clip ins a try. However, don’t let the unknown stop you from switching things up with these nifty little pieces. In this post alone you will learn how it all works, what exactly are hair clip-ins and what are the benefits.

To avoid giving a boring a lesson in hair-story. Let’s just say that hair clip ins have come a very long way. In times past your choice in hair basically consisted of straight and well…straight. Literally, no deviation and in the words of a popular Disney character, “And it got very boring.”

Nevertheless, thanks to demand and women taking matters into their own hands things have improved 100 fold. For one, on the market now you will find a nice plethora of textures. No more just trying to make one type of curl, wave or super sleek hair type “work.”

Natural Hair Clip Ins And Human Hair Clip Ins

Natural and human hair clip ins come in straight, wavy, curly, and even various Afro texture strands. This is a hair styling miracle because now hair clip-ins can look less like extensions and more like real hair.

This simple but complicated problem used to be logistic nightmare. Blending in extensions can prove to be difficult if one’s natural hair texture does not fit or perfectly match the clip-in hair. However, now with more textures being available, finding a good match is way easier. Giving consumers a natural look and finish that is harder to detect as being “fake.”

If you are looking for a detailed clip in extensions guide, check out the guide by My Fantasy Hair.

Plus, even the hardware utilized has been improved. In the old days most extensions using clips made users go, “Ouch!” Can you say hair loss?

Well, as one can see, change in this regard was absolutely necessary; and fortunately, change did indeed come. Many clips are now made out of silicon. This wonderful material helps to avoid any hair snagging. You’re welcome strands! You can have a hair weave without sitting in the chair for hours.

natural hair clip ins

Benefits benefits benefits. Here are a few other pluses of giving hair clip ins a try: 

Go Long, or Go Home Hair Clip Ins

Want to change up your style? Virgin Remy hair clip-ins make it a cinch to add additional length to your natural hair. In seconds, you can go from short to long as well as add additional volume. Thus making this type of hairstyling great for those with thin or balding hair.

Furthermore, clip-ins allow you to skip the whole 1/4 of an inch a month growth process. Moreover, besides not having to wait for growth, clip-in extensions allow your range of possible hairstyles to increase. Instantly, be able to design more intricate updos, layers and braided looks.

No Stress Hair Clip Ins

One of the reasons why hair may grow more slowly than others is due to strands being stressed. This type of issue can occur from heat styling, sew-in extensions or braid installs that are done incorrectly or too tight; or even from hair ties and accessories that apply to much pressure to strands.

Clip-in extensions can help to alleviate these types of hair problems.

For instance, heat styling tools such as curling irons can be applied to the clip-in hair instead of one’s own natural strands; in order to add more definition or dimension to a hairstyle. Also, since hair clip-ins can be removed, there is no worrying of putting too much stress on your strands.

Let It Breathe Hair Clip Ins

One issue with sew-in extensions or wigs is that such hair products and styling don’t always allow the scalp to properly breathe. On top of that, tresses underneath are not always as nicely cared for and maintained.

Since clip-in hair can be regularly removed, then the right amount of care can be given to natural strands. This will help clip-ins to become a valuable aid in growing your hair.

Any techniques that can make extensions look more real? Of course. First of all, only buy hair that actually matches your own. It will make blending super easy because the match will already be seamless.

Therefore, it’s important to know your own hair texture.

Once you know that bit of information you’ll be dangerous. You will be able to purchase the right grade of hair that will look great. Don’t know yours? Consult a professional or google images of various hair types and compare those visuals to your own hair. Or, check out a couple below.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Afro Kinky Curly Clip in

Afro Kinky Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions 4A – 4C

Furthermore, when it comes to blending, leave your own hair out on top. Never place too many clips near the top. If they are too high up, then there will not be enough hair left to cover over the clips and everyone will know you are wearing clip-ins.

This is another reason it is so important to wear a texture that’s exact or super close to your own. Any of your hair left out on the top will effortlessly cover over the clips giving you a natural look. Otherwise, it will be a dead giveaway that your hairstyle has two different textures going.

Lastly, if you choose to wear synthetic instead of natural hair, remember synthetic tends have a more unnatural shine. Therefore, use a good hair oil or spritz to add shine to your own hair. This will help your extensions and natural hair to blend more inconspicuously. It’s good to have hair options.

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