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Dry Brittle Hair? Hair Oil Might Be Your Solution | Obsessed Hair Oil



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dry brittle hair

Dry brittle hair can be a source of frustration, stress and anxiety. This true for many women living in these modern – and not especially healthy – times. This can make the simple task of getting ready for the day something that causes stress. When looking for solutions, the pompous wisdom of online hair gurus make things worse.  As you can imagine, seeing someone sport perfect hair, despite the weather, makes you want to roll your eyes.

After all, what’s working for everyone else is obviously not working for you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article now, right?

As one of the most important aspects of physical beauty, it is important to:

  • Keep your hair clean
  • Healthy
  • Strong

Dry brittle hair can sometimes defy all logic. All attempts to make sense of why it’s happening to you go out the window. There is a solution to the stress, toxins, temperatures and chemicals that attack our hair and scalp. And, worse yet, then turn our lovely locks into a heap of hay. Yikes! The best solutions have always been naturals ones. Why? They address the conditions by improving the health and body as a whole.

If dry brittle hair sounds about right, have no fear as I have the answer for you!

This article will provide an overview on one of most effective and time-honored solutions to healthier scalp and hair. Never again will you wake in the morning with hair so dry you feel like the Mojave Desert.

The solution lies in reversing the damage and stress while nourishing your hair and scalp from the inside out. You can have the most beautiful and vivacious hair you’ve ever seen.

Want to find out how? Go learn about the hair oil product, Obsessed Hair Oil, that focuses on moisturizing and hydrating your hair with tons of vitamins and minerals.

Dry Hair

Obsessed Hair Oil – The Solution To Dry Brittle Hair

Are you are looking to transform stiff brittle strands into hair that flows right into place? Hair that feels good at the end of the day? If so, it is time to get 100% natural and obtain hair that is nourished and hydrated naturally:

  • Suffers less breakage and dry brittle hair
  • Is more resistant to split ends and hair damage
  • Exhibits a healthy shine that can be seen for miles
  • Is soft to the touch, strong and healthy

This is what we had in mind when we created Obsessed Hair Oil. It is your ultimate solution to dry brittle hair. This special solution is the product of high-tech research and development. The application of centuries old all-natural remedies. These remedies improve the health and strength of your hair from the roots to the tips.

The secret is a correct ratio blend of ingredients. They are specially selected for their capacity to enhance the benefits of the other ingredients.

The blend of ingredients is infused with vitamins like E, B and Omega 6 and 9. This unique hair oil has the phytonutrients to ensure a direct delivery of essential nutrients to your hair shaft. The delivery system is what makes the difference in this natural remedy.

Did you know the delivery system will either enhance the natural processes or work against them?

Many chemical oil treatments and synthetic solutions work against the natural function of the scalp and hair. This can and does lead to hair problems like, you guessed it, dry brittle hair. But, Obsessed Hair Oil is the long-lasting solution. It only uses 100% pure, all-natural essential and carrier oils. This holistic approach to natural hair beauty endures.

Your Hair Is Under Attack – It’s Wartime!

In today’s society, your hair is subject to a great deal of attrition and direct threats. What kind of threats? Harmful chemical colorings

  • Over brushing
  • Lack of protein
  • Heating tools
  • Environmental factors, such as strong sun, temperature changes in air humidity – all of which damage your hair cuticles

From prolonged periods of time in the dry atmosphere of a workplace, the lack of essential vitamins and the many toxins to which we are exposed to day in day out, it is a wonder any of us have any hair on our heads!

In addition, the hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft and is formed from dead cells. It is the hard layer that protects your hair shaft. When your hair becomes damaged the cuticle slowly, but surely wears away. This then exposes the cortex that is between the hair cuticle and the medulla (the thickest hair layer). This damage can cause hair breaking, split ends and visibly unhealthy hair.

To counteract these negative attacks, your hair needs regular treatment to nourish its hair structure and improve its health.

Learn more about the healthy benefits you will find in Obsessed Hair Oil.

Jojoba Oil for Nutrient Delivery and Hair Quality

Jojoba oils have been found to have a quicker and deeper delivery to to the skin and hair. This is probably because their molecular structure closely resembles that of natural skin and scalp oils. For this reason, Jojoba oils are the carrier oil of choice for a large variety of essential oil treatments that are too powerful to be applied directly.

jojoba oilNo other oils can penetrate the fibers of the skin, scalp and hair more deeply and take with them the very nutrient needed for moisturizing and revitalizing hair.

After using Jojoba Oil, your hair does not appear greasy or oily, but bouncy and light as naturally moisturized hair would. You have probably noticed how many products on the market today are using this incredible essential oil, now you know why.

In addition to making an excellent carrier oil, Jojoba essential oils have another important benefit to your hair. Where plenty of water will keep the body and blood clean and free from toxins, the hair and skin use special oils to remove free-radical and other toxins from the skin and scalp and deliver them to the surface where they can be removed through regular exfoliation. Jojoba works in conjunction with another important essential oil to accomplish this task — Rosemary essential oils.

Rosemary Oil for Strong Healthier Hair

Like many other herbs you’ve seen in the kitchen, Rosemary has been converted into an essential oil with important health benefits for the modern woman. As I know you are well aware, modern life is fast-paced and competitive, and many people find themselves racing the clock to get ahead.

rosemary oilThis can mean being exposed to toxins in foods and environmental contaminants. Stress and anxiety in itself can produce toxins in the body. Unfortunately, they can be especially harmful to the health of your hair.

This is where an essential oil that is specially geared toward ridding the body of these harmful contaminants, free-radicals and toxins is the very thing needed to restore hair to healthier conditions, repair damage caused and subsequently build much stronger hair.

One of the essential oils with the highest antioxidant levels is rosemary essential oil. Anti-oxidants are the substances that neutralize free-radicals. Plus, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that keeping your hair and scalp well-supplied with free-radicals will keep out the toxins and contaminants that cause hair to weaken, dry out and fall.

Rosemary also works in conjunction with Peppermint Oil, which is found in Obsessed Hair Oil to improve blood circulation, which is essential to healthy hair and here’s why.

Peppermint Oil for Healthier Hair From the Roots

Hair products containing peppermint oil are fairly common in today’s beauty and health market and for good reason. Peppermint essential oils are about the most luxurious hair treatment experience. One you have to try to fully understand.

Peppermint OilOne of the most important and well-known substances in peppermint is menthol. It provides a signature cooling and refreshing experience that can drive away the stress of a bad day and even mitigate the discomfort of a bad headache, But, it’s not the cooling factor alone that allows this oil to have such a positive effect on your hair.

Also, peppermint has properties that provoke vasodilation and vasoconstriction. Meaning they affect the way that the blood vessels beneath the skin and scalp open and allow for the flow of more blood. In other words, peppermint oil improves the circulation of blood.

As a result, blood flow carries water, oxygen, nutrients and even carts off toxins and other unnecessary substances. Improved blood flow in the scalp mean less dryness, better moisturization and healthiness of the scalp and hair at the base level. In addition to reducing the dryness or itchiness of your scalp, this oil improves the strength of your hair.

There has been evidence that the regular application of peppermint essential oils to the scalp can stimulate hair growth and prevent the occurrence of premature baldness in women and men.

Don’t settle for an imitation, learn more about Obsessed Hair Oil today.

Learn more about the products we recommend and hair routines on the <a href="https://obsessedhairoil.com/start-here/">Start Here</a> page, and connect on <a href="https://twitter.com/obsessedhairoil">Twitter</a> and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/obsessedhairoil">Facebook</a>.