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Why is the topic of mens hairstyles so important these days? Well, everyone has a different reason for searching the best hairstyles for men. Some guys want to look more professional; others want to be trendy and sexy while others

In past runway shows and editorial trends, we’ve seen simplicity and minimalism hair fashion take center stage, while other stylists set a stark contrast by emphasizing bold and dramatic tones. This time around, it looks like hair trends are veering

2019 was the BEST year EVER!!! In as little as 11 months YOU could be the one saying that. How? Goals. WARNING: This newsletter is going to help you reach for a better version of yourself, including your hair. If you’re

Many people think that taking care of their hair is easy. All you need to do is shampoo and wash it on a regular basis. This is not the way to healthy hair long-term. In fact, shampoo rids your hair

Winter hair care is a must if you want to keep your tresses shiny, strong and healthy. Hair care during this season is about protecting hair from frigid elements outside and dry heat indoors. Below are 5 tips for keeping

Are you wondering what hair type you have? Well, the categories range from 2A to 4C Hair Type. Hair types 2 and 3 are relatively straight or may have a slightly wavy curl pattern. On the other hand, Type 4,

Is washing hair without shampoo gross? Why would anyone want to do that? For some of us ladies, washing our hair can be a huge pain in the butt. Not being able to find the right kind of shampoo and conditioner

Can a curling wand make you stand out and look beautiful? Well

So many of us ladies worry about hair regrowth. Well, I am here to show you there is a solution. If your hair is not growing as you would like, or you’re suffering from hair loss, you are not alone.

Waterless shampoo products were first introduced in the 1960s. Since then, they’ve clung on to a small, but respectable market share, and many women swear by them. They’re popular across all hair types and ethnicities. Many of us black women sporting

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