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Baldness Cure - You Can Get Your Hair Back, Here’s How! | Obsessed Hair Oil



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For years researchers have been in search for a baldness cure. Rapid hair loss or balding is NOT a new problem or one that only affects a small fraction of the female population. If anything, every woman sheds an average of one hundred and fifty strands of hair each and every day of her life.

No need for alarm!

This is pretty much normal. But, if what you’re dealing with is anything more than that, then you may have a genetic hair loss condition. This condition could leave you completely bald should you fail to address the problem on time.

The good news is that some company might have found a solution for you; which is to say, you don’t have to be among the 60 percent of the female population struggling with different degrees of hair loss. Lets check out your options.

Baldness Cure Treatments

Baldness Cure #1: Topical Solution

Minoxidil, going by the brand name of Rogaine, might be the only FDA-approved cure women have for baldness and hair loss. Sold as an over the counter drug, in 2 and 5 percent formulas, women are advised to use only the lower dose of the drug. 

All you have to do is massage the drug on your scalp, twice a day, and give it about six months to start noticing regrowth. Read this bearing in mind that the results will last as long as you continue using the drug. At the time of writing a 3-month supply of Rogaine is going for $50 only. 

Baldness Cure #2: Prescription Drug

There are two prescription drugs women with balding issues use most of the times: Finasteride, which goes by the brand name of Proscar and Propecia, and Spironolactone, whose brand name is Aldactone. 


Often prescribed off-label to balding women at menopause, the drugs are NOT recommended to women at childbearing age as using them may result in birth defects. At the moment a one-month supply of the drug goes for a cool $90.

Baldness Cure #3: Transplant

A hair transplant is the solution to go for if after trying everything else you’re still NOT satisfied with the results you’re getting.

What happens is that the surgeon performing the transplant will be removing the hair from one side on your scalp and implanting it on the side of the head characterized with balding. Tiny “follicular units” made up of two to four strands of hair will be transplanted, thus making the solution even more suitable for women with diffuse balding issues. 

In a recent survey examining female hair loss pattern it was found that an upward of 40 percent of women could use a hair transplant. The study even went ahead to point out that women with balding problems have up to 80 percent success rate with hair implants. 

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Baldness Cure #4: Natural Cures

You can’t alter your genes, but there’s a whole lot you can do to prevent the problem from wiping out all the hair you have. Without putting all the hope you have in a jar, think of lifestyle changes. For instance, Baobab oil, while it can’t promise to cure your hair loss problem, it can for sure prevent it from getting worse.

natural hair loss remedies

Baldness Cure #5: Diet

Vegetarians or those suffering from anemia tend to be the most affected when it comes to hair loss, and it’s because their bodies lack adequate amounts of iron. It’s for this reason that we recommend that you amp up the amount of leafy greens, such as kale, chard, and spinach that you eat. 

Tofu, beans and lean cuts of red meat should also form the bulk of your diet since they fall among the great sources of iron. They are also well endowed with biotin and zinc, both of which are needed for normal growth of your hair. 

Baldness Cure #6: Scalp Massage

For those with a mild balding issue, a simple scalp massage could save you hours of stress. 

All you have to do is get coconut or argan oil. Then using your fingertips, rub the oil onto your head in a circular motion for 5 minutes or so before you shampoo it.

What happens is that massaging your scalp increases blood circulation, which in turn supplies the much needed nutrients for hair growth. If the above solutions don’t seem to be the cure you’ve been trying to find, don’t fret; the future is even more promising. 

Doctors have finally found a way to use PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) to stimulate hair growth.With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated. PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women.If this works or ends up living up to the hype, we’d have finally found a permanent, even more effective fix for your balding problem. 

Keep checking the blog for further updates on the subject.

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