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Ashanti’s retro hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous!

When some people hear the term retro hairstyles, they think of old fashioned. What really is retro or old-fashioned when it comes to hairstyles? To be honest, there is no one clear definition of a retro hairstyle. It can be a variation of smooth finger waves or intriguing elegant chignons. All I can say is that they can turn a dreary hairdo into the most elegant evening hairstyle one could possibly want.

Entertainers of today can take the hairstyle of the bygone starlets of the past and wear them as an ultra modern statement of fashion similar to Ashanti’s retro hairstyle.

Sleek Chic

Some of us without giving away our age may remember our moms and grandmothers walking around with lots of bobby pins jutting out from all areas of their heads. That may seem like a long time ago, but take a close look at some of the most famous hairstyles today. You can bet you are going to see those very same pin curls that mom used to have.

Even Ashanti’s retro hairstyle has a few strategically placed Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins in her hair.

This style classic hairdo she is wearing has been modified several times over the years, but it never loses its versatility and appeal. Most often though this retro hairstyle is worn to formal affairs, although there are some casual looks that would be fitting too.

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This updo has also been seen flaunted at various events like the Oscars, Cannes, Emmy’s, Music Award show and other Hollywood parties.

Tips To Create Ashanti’s Retro Hairstyle & Other Celebrity Styles

  • You can easily create smoothed down bangs, which draws attention to your eyes by pulling your hair back into a ponytail that can be easily teased, pinned and placed around the center in smooth swirls.
  • You can also create soft buns by gathering your hair that can be easily secured with pins. A side-swept in the front section usually compliments this elegant updo hairstyle. You can flaunt this style in all weather conditions.
  • For a relaxed and laid back appearance like Ashanti’s retro hairstyle, you should preferably set your tresses in rollers, which can be later brushed and teased to create a knot in the back. You should secure it with pins. You can easily side swept your bangs and pin them behind your ears. This hairdo can look ultra chic in a heart shaped face.
  • In order to create a soft, uncluttered and graceful updo, you should firstly set your curls in rollers. Then you can gather them into a ponytail and twist them into a bun. You can easily create soft waves by pulling your tresses back loosely. Try to keep you sides loose too for shaping dramatic lines. You can easily accentuate your neckline by flaunting this elegant updo.

Vintage Hairstyles

The next time you are going through fashion magazines see if you can spot the retro styles. Or, just copy Ashanti’s Retro Hairstyle and I am sure you will look just as beautiful.

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