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We’re coming over all nostalgic with all the 90s hairstyles and 90s fashion that are so on trend right now. From chokers and Dr. Martens boots to Spice Girls platforms, crop tops and flannel shirts, it’s like a case of history repeating itself. But the best bit of all has to be the 90s hairstyles and accessories.

Intricate styles were all the rage, with bantu knots, top knots, box braids and micro-braids all gracing singers and actresses’ hair. The pixie crop was a stunning alternative. However, long hair got even bolder added accessories. These are the best:

  • Bantu knots: although bantu knots are deeply rooted in African culture, they really got the spotlight on them in the 90s. The punk and grunge scene took on the look in the form of space buns, and everyone was wearing their version of them. To create the look, you need to section your hair into a grid. Then you twirl and coil each section to create a knot. Tuck the ends in, or use a bobby pin or band to secure.
  • Box braids: Janet Jackson’s box braids in Poetic Justice were on another level. The movie was released in 1993, the same year that Patra released her debut album, and she wore rope-like braids too. There must have been something about that year.
  • Micro-braids: Brandy’s micro-braids were her signature look. They might take all day to do, but that didn’t put off the legion of fans that wanted to look just like the Moesha Intricate braids are one of the 90s hairstyles having a moment all over again.
  • Topknot: the topknot was the easiest way to style your dreadlocks or braids in an effortless day-to-night transition. It made it far easier to show off those velvet chokers too, of course.
  • Pixie cut: Toni Braxton owned this look in the 90s. Her face-framing style inspired a whole lot of copycats. Monica wore hers in a cute crop style too. Halle Berry wore hers slightly longer, while Nia Long went for an ultra-short crop. If you’ve got the bone structure, this is the best way to show off chiseled cheekbones.
  • Accessories: the 90s were all about hair accessories, and the bolder the better. This was the decade of scrunchies, after all. Colorful butterfly clips, daisy chains and glitter, to name but a few, made our 90s hairstyles stand out all the more.

Which of these 90s hairstyles is your favorite?

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