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Yuko Hair Straightening: Fresh, Innovative Styling | Obsessed Hair Oil



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Yuko Hair Straightening

YUKO Hair Straightening is the patented methodology recognized by hair experts around the world. It is a chemical straightening service that is low maintenance. You might start off with curly hair, but the finished product is glossy, silky straight hair.

It is always interesting to see that women with straight hair want curly hair and women with curly hair want straight hair. It is mind-boggling to find out that this is something women throughout the world face. For example, a recent study showed that approximately 65% of women with wavy or curly hair straighten it every day.

That would require an amazing 4 – 6 hours per week of hair straightening or 270 hours each year. Another issue when it comes to straightening curly hair is the damage it can cause.

It is well documented that women who continually straighten their curly hair will usually end up with damaged hair. Of course, there are conditioners and hair treatments that can minimize the damage.

Fortunately, there is some good news on the horizon. No longer do women, who straighten their curly hair, need to worry about causing damage. Why? Innovative advances in technology and research into Yuko Hair Straightening.

YUKO hair straightening is the newest revolutionary hair straightening process that will permanently:

  • Straighten Curly Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Frizzy Hair

This process is now available in many of the finer hair salons.

Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening

Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening

The process was originally developed in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita. Yuko is a stylist and salon owner. Straightening your hair with YUKO will leave your hair healthy and with a radiant shine. This hair straightening procedure is fast becoming world renowned.

Women around the world now recognize it as the #1 brand of chemical hair straightening. Yuko wanted her customers to have beautiful, healthy hair. And, she wanted this without people having to spend hours at the salon.

It will not matter how wavy, frizzy, unruly, or curly your hair is because YUKO always works wonders. The YUKO system utilizes aqua gold. Aqua gold not only straightens unruly wavy hair, but thoroughly revitalizes it.

Many women claim that YUKO is a life changer. A famous, world renowned hairdresser said it was the most amazing product the ever used in all his years of hairdressing.

Some of the many celebrities who love YUKO include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow. They are all huge fans of using YUKO for the straightening of their hair.

YUKO is continuing to change the lives of women who are constantly fighting the frizz. Also,YUKO is humidity resistant. So, you will never have to worry again about being caught in the rain.

Yuko Hair Straightening Cost

The yuko hair straightening system cost depends on the type, length and condition of your hair. Japanese straightening ranges from $450 to $800. So, how much does yuko hair straightening cost if your hair is only shoulder length? For shoulder length or longer, the price range will start from about $550 and up.

Yeah, it is a little expensive.

Yuko Hair Straightening Cost

Yuko Hair Straightening Products

To be honest, I did not find any that I would purchase. Most women I have talked to and from online reviews you can damage your hair. So, it is best to seek a professional. If you need additional products, you should let them recommend some products.

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Yuko Hair Straightening Salon Locator

Find a salon offering YUKO near you. Please note that the salons on this list is not a recommendation. It will inform you of the locations to which YUKO services are offered. Although YUKO checks every stylist who purchases their chemicals to be a valid licensed cosmetologist, they cannot guarantee their performance.

We recommend you to do some research on the salon you are interested in before making an appointment. YUKO cannot be held responsible for any damages. Here is their global contact list.

Yuko System Hair Straightening Testimonials

If you are someone who believes that their natural hair condition is too curly or too unruly then a YUKO hair smoothing or straightening treatment is something to consider. One YUKO client mentioned that she was just about to give up on her curly, thick frizzy hair. Every day she would simply just tie it back. After using YUKO, however, she now loves the shiny, smooth look that remains manageable throughout the entire day.

Another lady commented on how a YUKO hair straightening treatment changed her entire life. For the first time in her life she feels well groomed and with a proper style and shape. She added, “I simply love it.”

Another YUKO user related how quick and easy it is in the morning to get ready before work. “Gone are the days where I need to flat iron every day”, she added.

Yuko Hair Straightening System

The majority of hairstyles can be easily straightened with YUKO. However, it is always advisable to consult with a professional hairstylist beforehand. Furthermore, they will be able to let you know whether your hair is suitable for a YUKO straightening treatment.

If you are considering hair color, it is recommended that you do so at least 2 weeks before or after your YUKO treatment. Highlighted hair or balayage is sometimes not suitable and once again simply ask a professional hairstylist for their advice. Also, a professional hairstylist will tell you if your highlighted hair is okay for a YUKO treatment.

Normally, the average time between YUKO hair straightening treatments is 4 – 9 months. The speed of growth and the hair texture will be a couple of factors that will determine how often you should have the treatment done.

Yuko Straightening Summary

The main reasons why you should consider YUKO are because it saves women a lot of time, it allows you a lot more choice of style, it will not produce dry hair like chemical straighteners of years gone by, it actually repairs damaged hair that looks dry and dull after thermal damage by either blow drying or irons.

It also gives your hair manageability and shine. In addition, it is very low maintenance as you only need to do it twice a year. It is humidity resistant and will remain straight no matter how lousy the weather. Your hair will look great and feel good, which will make you feel great and increase your confidence.

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