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Wild Growth Hair Oil Reviews - Gets The Job Done! | Obsessed Hair Oil
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Have you been searching for a way to promote hair growth? Do you want a product that will condition and moisturize your hair and scalp? Then let me tell you about wild growth hair oil.

Trust me, I know, growing your hair can be a frustrating process that seems to takes ages. That’s why there are a number of products being sold that promise to help speed up the hair growing process. Wild Growth Hair Oil has been a persistently popular oil that’s been around for decades.

If you’re looking for a growth product to help you with your own hair, this cheap and all-natural oil treatment is definitely worth a try.

What Is Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Wild Growth Oil (WGO) is a hair treatment designed to help people grow their hair faster. It’s an all-natural conditioner designed to provide deep nutrition and stimulate your follicles.

The ingredient list on wild hair growth oil is reassuringly natural. It contains three main oils: olive, jojoba, and coconut. Minerals include iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. On the vitamin front, WGO gives you D, E, A, and choline. Note that WGO is a great source of vitamin D, which is especially important in hair growth.

wild hair growth oil

How Is Wild Growth Oil Used?

This oil is designed primarily for use after you wash your hair. You will want to work it into your hair in quarters, 20 drops at a time. The treatment is finished off with a light application to your scalp, too. According to the manufacturers, you’re free to reduce the amount of wild growth oil used if you find the results too oily.

If you follow this routine regularly, you will see a host of benefits besides fresh hair growth. The wild growth oil will moisturize your hair, thicken and strengthen it, improve its texture and heal damage like split ends and breakage. Not bad, right?

Does Wild Hair Growth Oil Work?

Like a lot of hair care products aimed at women, wild growth hair oil has both boosters and detractors. In this particular case, though, very few people have found the product useless. It’s priced very inexpensively, it’s genuinely all-natural, and even those who don’t see faster hair growth do report excellent conditioning.

Since it’s easy to find a bottle of wild growth oil for sale for less than $10, it’s not too hard to give it a try yourself without investing a lot of money in the experiment. Wild hair growth oil is also sold in a “Light” formula that is less oily.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Reviews

The only serious negatives that regular users have to report are the distinctive smell of the oil and the very oily residue it leaves behind on the hair. While the odor isn’t overwhelming, it is very persistent.

People will probably be able to tell you’ve used the oil within the last 24 hours unless you use another product to mask it. If you find the residue troubling, remember that you have the option of either using less of the product or switching to the lighter formulation.

Another customer had this to say:

Pros: grows hair fast.
Cons: the smell is not pleasant but can be fixed.

I have used this oil before in the past like in 2014, which was the very first time I’ve used this oil. I was going natural and wanting to grow my hair out fast. After looking at YouTube ladies reviewing this oil, I definitely was trying this oil.

After trying it, it was the best decision I had ever made. My hair’s length was to the scalp in Sept. of 2014, by the end of Dec 2014, my hair had already grown out to 2-3 inches, no lie.

I am still using this stuff because I am never going without it. My hair is shoulder length now and still growing. I am a smoker and trying to quit, this oil is still growing my hair out fast. I know when I completely stop smoking, my hair will be growing even faster. People, this oil is no joke. It works on growing your hair.

My recommendation about this oil is to use it lightly. A little bit can go a long way. There’s need to oil your hair every day, only if you have dry hair. I use this stuff on my hair probably like twice a week, one time a day. Everybody is different, so using this oil is really up the person who is using the oil and their hair routine. You can also mix this oil with other oils too.

I have this oil in my water and in my conditioner and in my shampoo. To me and my personal opinion, this oil is super great and has helped my hair grow fast.

This Customer Is Long Winded, But Keep Reading

I love this oil and would recommend this oil to anyone whose balding even men can use it too, and to anyone who just wants long hair, period. It works. Also people, this oil is cheaper at Sally Beauty, I swear.

I use to buy this oil from Amazon, but everyone is charging an arm and a leg. I stick with Sally Beauty because I have a saving account or their value card to use on the discount items online. Sally Beauty sells this stuff cheaper than any other place.

I have brought 4 bottles from them and planning on buying some more from SB. This oil will last more than a month, if you use it right, meaning don’t use so much of it at one time. Use after washes and mix with your conditioners.

This oil well I know for a fact it works very well on my hair. This oil works for real. SB sells it cheaper online from their site. Real natural hair oil and at a great price at Sally Beauty.

While there still isn’t a miracle product out there that will make growing out your hair fast and hassle-free, products and treatments that give your hair good nutrition, moisture, and conditioning can definitely help.

Wild growth hair oil will certainly accomplish those goals. Unless the smell and consistency of the oil are absolute deal breakers for you, it’s definitely worth making this oil a regular part of your hair care routine. Ready to buy, click here.

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