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Water Only Hair Washing Never Goes Out Of Style (Here’s Why!) | Obsessed Hair Oil
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Is you hair begging for a new solution for your dry hair? Is your scalp pretty much dry as a bone? Well, you might want to give water only hair washing a try. It is an easy process and certainly cheaper than buying a lot of products.

When it comes to looking great and being healthy, there are many things that you can and should do. For one thing, it is very important in how you appear to yourself and others especially when doing business.

On top of that, it can actually be an indicator of your overall level of health. For these reasons alone you should consider switching to a water only hair washing routine.

Water Only Hair Washing History

The History of Water Washing Hair

While this may seem extreme, the reality is that shampoo as you know it did not exist one hundred years ago.

When you consider the many centuries humans lived prior to that, it becomes clear that shampoo bought in your local store may not be as essential to cleanliness as you have been led to believe. Although these products will remove gunk from your hair, they do much more than that.

The reality is that traditional shampoos that are popular strip the natural oils from your hair, which can lead to an increase in scalp oiliness and dry hair. Both of these are problematic and will leave you dependent upon the products sold to you in the market.

If the natural oils were being distributed through your hair properly, there would be no need for conditioner. Your hair would be soft, smooth and protected from these oils. However, when you strip them out your hair, all that is left is a dry mess that can be very difficult to manage.

Additionally, your scalp will start to create too many oils, which leaves many of us ladies thinking we need to wash it in order to get rid of those oily spots on our scalp. This is a vicious cycle, which can be halted by switching to a water only hair washing routine.

Many people have decided to try more natural means to maintain their appearance. Using no products on your hair is a great way to join them. At first, you may want to cut back on how often you shampoo your hair so that it will start to create less oil. This way when you cease to use it altogether, you will not experience too much of a backlash in excessive oil production.

If you want to go all in with the Water Only Hair Washing (WOHW) method…

  • Completely clarify your hair of any product build-up with clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse.
  • Massage your scalp daily for about 5 minutes.
  • Water rinse your hair daily.

Keep doing doing the above until the sebum has coated your hair strands from root to tip. During this time period, you will need to be patient as the process can 4 to 6 weeks. However, after your hair is completely coated, you can water wash each day, detangling with your fingers or a tool.

Once you have made this choice, you may want to use natural products once in a while to treat your hair. For instance, a nice rose water rinse can soften and strengthen your hair while giving it a nice scent. You can learn about rinses that you can experiment with in order to look and feel fabulous.

Take these suggestions to heart and manage your hair care routine the way it should be by using water instead of harsh chemicals to remove build up.

Learn more about the products we recommend and hair routines on the <a href="https://obsessedhairoil.com/start-here/">Start Here</a> page, and connect on <a href="https://twitter.com/obsessedhairoil">Twitter</a> and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/obsessedhairoil">Facebook</a>.