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5 Virgin Remy Hair Hacks To Make You Shine This Season | Obsessed Hair Oil



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Are you tempted by the alluring call of virgin remy hair extensions? Growing out natural hair to a long and beautiful length requires months of upkeep. In addition, regular trims to ensure your hair grows just the way you want it to is important.

For some people, that’s not even an option. On the other hand, caring for virgin remy hair requires its own special plethora of steps. All of these steps ensure your extensions don’t wind up tangled, frizzy or falling out of place. Besides, who wants ratty-looking hair?

Do you know what most hair routine tips for virgin remy hair revolve around?  Simple, how to keep it looking natural and healthy. Next, you’ll be concerned about how to make your purchase last as long as possible. Finally, you will need some education on how best to care for your hair.

If you wash and dry your extensions like you do your natural hair, don’t be surprised if things go south!

Fight frizzy, unruly and unmanageable hair the proper way. The five handy hair hacks will ensure your hair looks its absolute best no matter the season. Plus, you will learn about the best virgin remy hair you can buy. But first let’s take a look at three virgin remy hair bundles that will look good on you. Next, we will talk about the hacks.

Best Virgin Remy Hair

1.Dream Beauty Hair is great. The extensions blend in seamlessly with your hair, so your hair seems natural, full-bodied without looking too perfect. If you hear virgin hair referred to as “remy” hair, this means the hair was removed from the donor using a careful method designed to keep the cuticles intact.

2. Bestsojoy Brazilian Virgin Hair. This is 100% Unprocessed Virgin human hair,Grade 8A Brazilian Human Hair. This hair is known for its versatility. It can be curled, straightened or  styled in a variety of ways.

3. QTHAIR 10A Brazilian Virgin Body Wave. 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair from one donor;Can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, curled or styled as your own hair. We all want smooth, silky hair that shines bright in the sunlight and bounces with every step. However, when it comes to extensions, hair that looks a little too perfect is highly suspect. You won’t have to worry about that with this hair.

Onto The Hacks

Now that you have chosen beautiful looking hair, let’s now discuss those five hair hacks to keep your extensions looking great.

1) Wash Your Virgin Remy Hair Gently

I’m sure you have seen gargantuan, cheap jugs of shampoo you can pick up at your local megamart. No doubt, you have seen shampoos created without sulfates and harsh additives. The distinction is fairly simple.

Sulfate free shampoos lack a common shampoo additive. The additive allows the shampoo to lather up more easily than other shampoos. This is good for cleaning your hair, but less healthy for its longevity. Why? Those very sulfates have a nasty habit of stripping oils away from your hair and can irritate sensitive scalps.

stripping oils away from your hair

This is especially problematic for virgin remy hair. It doesn’t receive the benefits of your scalp’s natural oils as readily as your own hair. Make sure you use a chemical free shampoo and you’ll reap the benefits of hydrated hair.

2) Make It Last

Heat and dry hair go hand in hand. Too bad it’s not in a good way. Unprotected hair and heat rarely get along. This is an especially important tip to keep in mind.  Hair that no longer is replenishing and repairing itself will become damaged.

Heat leads to brittle strands, breakage and dryness. However, it can be combated with proper conditioning and heat-protection products.

It’s wise to invest in a product designed to keep your hair protected from heat damage. Try, however, not to heat-dry too often. Instead, towel-dry your extensions without tugging or pulling on them. Be careful with your technique.

Pat your hair down. Allow it to dry from a semi-wet state. This is a better alternative to rubbing it with a towel, which can leave it frizzy. And, if follow this advice your weave will look good.

3) Sleep Like A Beauty

If you let your hair run wild while you sleep, don’t be surprised if you wake up with a tangled mess of hair. There are plenty of ways to handle your hair when you sleep. My favorite, lightly wrap it before bedtime is the quickest and easiest method.

If you wash your hair before bed, make sure it has ample time to dry. Carefully wrap it or keep it in a loose braid. If you can’t wrap it up, silk pillowcases can reduce friction. Also, it will keep rubbing damage to a minimum.

4) Condition, Condition And Re-Condition

As mentioned earlier, your virgin remy hair won’t get the benefits of your body’s natural oils as readily. Fighting this means adopting a conditioning routine you probably haven’t had before, including:

  • A pre-conditioning before you wash your hair;
  • Followed by a full and proper conditioning during the wash.
  • Afterwards, a leave-in conditioner ensures your hair gets the moisture and protection it needs.

To pre-condition your extensions, simply wet them and apply conditioner. Don’t rinse it out until you continue your standard shampoo and conditioner routine.

5) Brush It Every Night

You may have to condition more than you’re used to. Over washing can be just as damaging as under conditioning. Keep your hair washing sessions to three or less per week. Protect your remy hair when you shower and bathe.

If you hair gets wet when showering, don’t skimp on detangling and brushing your hair. Ensure you brush every night before bed from the tips up. Never tug sharply on your extensions and use your fingers to separate any tangles your hair might have.


Taking care of virgin remy hair is just like taking care of your own natural hair with a few extra steps. Keep it conditioned, brush it regularly, don’t damage it with heat and you’ll keep your extensions around far longer than you might have thought possible.

Treat it more delicately than you do your natural hair and you might wind up pampering your own hair properly in the process.


Article written in collaboration with Alex Moore of SoundBodyLife.com

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