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Taylor York Salon Provides A Truly Unique Experience | Obsessed Hair Oil



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Taylor York Salon

Taylor York Salon is different. Whether you are in North America, Italy, or Australia, South Africa or different states in America, going to the hair salon is always a unique experience. It is not always going to be the same.

What are the reasons for this?

Why are certain hair salons different to their counterparts in other parts of the world? There are many reasons and below are the three most important ones to consider.

Taylor York Salon Customer Expectations

What are the customer’s expectations coming into the salon? What are they looking for? In certain parts of the world, they are going to want to be treated like royalty and that is what they will be paying for as well. While in other parts of the world, hair salons are the bare minimum for getting a haircut.

When it is the ‘bare minimum’, the service is not going to be high-end. It would be like going into a regular barber.

While, there are other places where these are only reserved for the richest of rich people and is a real luxury. So, they are treated with that amount of respect and the stylists are often the best of the best as well. Meaning…they have been highly educated in hair care, trends and styles.

It is important to remember, you can even compare hair salons in the same city and they each might offer a unique experience. This is the beauty of being able to find the best one for you as a client.

Access To Modern Equipment 

What type of equipment do they have to work with? There are certain hair salons that are going to have access to the best and latest equipment while others are going to be using average options that are not going to yield great results. It is dependent on the salon and what market they are catering to.

This can have a grave impact on the quality being offered as well. For instance, when you enter one salon you may be greeted by a receptionist and a glass of wine. Next, you are ushered into a gorgeous lobby that is filled with luxurious leather comfortable chairs. Perhaps you can even get your nails done or receive spa services.

At another salon, less than five miles away, the experience could be totally different. You might enter and have to stand because there aren’t enough seats. You wait for 45 minutes even though you had an appointment. To top it all off you stare at window blinds that have seen better days and a floor that hasn’t been swept even though the stylist has had several haircuts that day. 

Taylor York Salon Provides Hair Education For Stylists

This will vary from city to city and country to country. There are salons where the stylists are continuously educated in hair care, hair color and other treatments where the goal is to appease the customer while other salons are inflexible and will only do things their way. A Salon’s DNA will vary not only on the stylist’s personality, but on where they were educated with regards to hair styling.

There are those who don’t have any “real” in-depth education and rely on what they have learned through experience with other so-so stylists. As a result, this is where the rubber hits the road and where real differences tend to arise with regards to services and experiences. It doesn’t take long as a client to see who takes their craft seriously who doesn’t.

These are the main reasons for all of the differences seen around the world. Many people never get the opportunity to travel the world and have their hair styled by different stylists.

Some people are left to one stylist in their small hometown and when they do get the chance to go to another stylist, it can be shocking…sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.

It is important to understand the factors, which come into play leading to these differences. The reasons listed here are just a few of many.

So, What Can You Expect At Taylor York Salon? 

According to chic cosmopolitan salon proprietor and master stylist, Ashleigh Taylor, “What makes Taylor York Salon great is our commitment to quality. The services we provide, the salon atmosphere, staff, and products are rooted in quality. We are committed to giving our clients the very best service imaginable.”

So, why did Ashleigh decide to do things differently at Taylor York Salon?

“I created T&Y based on what I “wasn’t” seeing in my years in the industry. Over the years, I got it! I FINIALLY GOT IT!

To be a great salon, all of the components have to be great. But, what does that mean? That means that as the owner, we have to make crucial sacrifices to ensure everyone else is great,” said Ashleigh.

She also added, “We continue our education in this ever-evolving industry and we have mastered texture, continue community service and remain current. We take our careers very seriously. There are some great salons in the Washington D.C. area, but there’s only one Taylor & York salon experience.

We pride ourselves on being one of Shaw’s pioneer businesses. We were one of the first businesses in this ever-flourishing community of Shaw and we plan to be here for many years to come.”

Ashleigh’s work has propelled her career to the heads of celebrities, an international clientele, and Washington D.C.’s elite. For other featured salons, check out Collage Salon.

There’s nothing left to say or do other than you making an appointment. Call 202.817.3688.

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