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Summer Hair: 9 Of The Easiest Hair Tips (No Problem!) | Obsessed Hair Oil
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When I think of summer hair, I immediately imagine lazy, sunny days. You know the type of days when it is too sizzling hot to have a super fancy hairdo. Nope, you just want to take it easy and stay cool.

I will be the first to admit that taking care of your hair can be a difficult task, especially if you live in a climate with hot and sunny summers. Whenever your hair is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, it starts drying, thus becoming brittle and fragile. This is how split ends appear leading to massive breakage.

The result, dull hair that doesn’t look healthy anymore. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to know how to take care of your hair the right way. The following nine summer hair care tips can help you enjoy healthy hair, so that you can look your best in all types of weather even humidity.

1. Maintain A Good Level Of Hydration

Hydrated hair is always shiny and beautiful. When your hair strands are well nourished, they are flexible and elastic. Just imagine the branches of a tree that gets enough water to thrive as opposed to the branches of a dying one.

Dead branches are very easy to tear apart because they’ve lost their natural flexibility. Your hair is similar to a plant or tree. When it has all the needed nutrients, it grows strong and it shines with health. The best hydration you can offer you hair during summer is to apply a nourishing mask once a week.

If you don’t want to purchase a hair mask or you’re low on funds, you can use ingredients from your kitchen. Some of my favorites to make a hair mask are: olive oil, honey and egg yolk. The internet is full of hair masks you can prepare at home, so do yourself a favor and search for some good recipes.

olive oil, honey and egg yolk

This is only the first of our nine summer hair care tips, and it is by far the most important. You can take all the care in the world and your hair is still going to look dull, if you don’t keep it hydrated.

2. Wear Protection Is Summer Hair 101

Exposing your hair to direct sunlight isn’t the wisest thing to do. First of all, you risk getting sunstroke. Secondly, your hair is going to lose its hydration as sunrays deplete its natural moisture.

You may have already noticed that your hair color becomes lighter during summer. This is due to the sunrays intense light that directly penetrates your hair strands.

If you want to avoid sunstroke and the loss of moisture to your hair, you should wear a hat. Bottom line, it’s just a smart move. Summer hats are usually made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, so you won’t risk getting too hot. Umbrellas are also an option, provided that you don’t mind carrying one around with you everywhere you go.

3. Avoid Excessive Summer Hair Styling

Summertime is the best season to allow your hair to breathe freely. If you clog it with hairstyling products, you’re going to sweat a lot. This isn’t good for your hair follicles as they can become clogged leading to massive hair fall.

Besides, your hair is going to get that greasy look everyone hates so much. If you also use excessive heat to style your hair, you’re going to contribute to damaging it. Keep your hairstyles simple like the following examples.

simple short hairstyles

simple short hairstyles

simple black braided hairstyles

simple black braided hairstyles

simple everyday hairstyles

simple everyday hairstyles

4. Dry Your Hair Naturally

Although blow dryers are quite practical, they tend to damage your hair. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid them during the cold season, as you risk catching a cold if you wait for your hair to dry naturally.

However, summertime is perfect for allowing your hair to dry naturally. You can style it after it dries thus avoiding severe heat damage.

If you’re keen on straightening your hair, you should consider getting a keratin treatment. I could be better than using your flat iron two or three times a week. Keratin treatments last for several months, and they are also nourishing for your hair. So, you should definitely take them into consideration.

5. Use Moisturizers For Optimal Summer Hair

Your hair loves moisturizers, so make sure you give it plenty of these products. Olive oil is among the best, as it helps lock the moisture inside the hair shaft – feeding it from within.

You should be careful, though, if you live in a climate with very high humidity. Why? All oils aren’t the best solution in this particular type of weather. You could use a good quality conditioner with moisturizing properties or a special leave-in hair care product.

6. Pick The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

You should always choose the type of shampoo and conditioner that suits you best. If your hair is oily and greasy, the last thing you want is to wash it with a shampoo for dry hair. Conversely, washing your dry hair with products developed for greasy hair is going to damage it by drying it even further.

This mistake becomes more obvious during summer, when hair strands are exposed to the aggression of sunlight, heat and wind. Offering it the best protection by washing it with appropriate products is mandatory, if you want it to maintain its glossy look.

If you love going to lakes and/or the ocean, you may have to wash your hair more often, as you’d need to get rid of the salt of the ocean. This is why summer is the season when you should choose your hair care products very carefully, since you’re going to use them so often.

Never underestimate the damage a bad shampoo can do to your hair.

If possible, stay away from shampoos and conditioners that contain silicones. These substances make your hair look glossy and flexible, but they are very difficult to remove.

In addition, they tend to build up on your hair, damaging your hair follicles. If you don’t know how to choose your shampoo, check out this infographic.

Hair Type

7. Be Gentle To Wet Hair

Wet hair is extremely fragile, so you should never rub it roughly with your towel. As a matter of fact, I am always touting the idea of using a microfiber towel only.

Regular towels can and will damage your hair. I will stop that rant for now, but I have seen too many ladies with split ends because of it. Moving on, styling your hair with a brush while wet is never a great idea.

Style your hair only after it is completely dry. If you use a flat iron, consider applying a heat protection product. Coconut oil is one of the best protective substances. It can help you keep your hair hydrated, without giving it a greasy look.

8. Avoid Ponytails

There is nothing wrong with wearing ponytails, the problem is wearing your hair like that all of the time. Continuous traction is very harmful, as it weakens your hair follicles.

Unfortunately, many ladies with long hair tend to keep it in a ponytail during extremely hot days, in order to avoid excessive sweating. In time, this habit leads to massive hair loss and hair thinning, so you should avoid this style as your go-to hairstyle.

You may not want sweat on your neck, but your scalp is going to have trouble breathing normally if the hairs aren’t moving freely as you walk, run or do other activities. Try a loose bun.

If you can’t stand long hair during summer, you should either consider cutting it short or keeping it in a loose updo. Just remember, so-called harmless ponytails can wreak havoc on your hair, if worn too often.

Below are a few hairstyles to give you some ideas of summer hair workout styles.

No Ponytails

9. Trim Your Hair As Needed

It’s very hard to avoid split ends, especially when you live in an area with hot summers and lots of sunshiny days. Even if you always cover your head when leaving your house, you can’t prevent your hair strands from getting damaged.

The best method to give your hair more strength and vitality is by trimming your ends occasionally. You don’t have to cut a lot in order to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair. As little as one inch or even less may be enough to prevent trouble caused by splitting hair strands.

Trimming dead ends does not stimulate hair growth. Then what’s the point of trimming your hair?

Cutting your hair more often doesn’t make it grow faster. Getting rid of the ends of your hair doesn’t directly affect hair growth. The ends of your hair don’t affect the follicles in your scalp, which determine how fast and how much your hair grows. Trimming keeps your hair healthy as it grows.

We have reached the end of the line. These nine summer hair care tips can help you enjoy beautiful hair even under the scorching heat of summer days. By making sure you hydrate your hair properly, avoiding harsh treatments and styling, and by wearing a hat whenever you walk on the beach or throughout the city, you can protect your hair from getting damaged.

Some of these tips are valid no matter what the weather or season, so follow them closely.

When you apply hydrating oils, try to keep them on your scalp for as long as possible. Sleep with them if possible and wash your hair in the morning.

Apply these tips for a month and you will see a difference in the way your hair looks and feels. You may never want to revert to your old hair care habits ever again. If you’ve found this advice useful, make sure to let your friends know by sharing this article.

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