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Use A Deep Organic Hair Moisturizer Weekly (Pre-Shampoo)

It is vital to replenish parched hair each week with nourishing oils that will deliver moisture and shine to your hair’s cuticle. The last thing you want is damage, so protect your vulnerable hair strands from stretching and snapping especially when it is time to wash your hair. Learn more about a great hair moisturizing oil here.

Shower Your Hair With A Nourishing Shampoo

It is vital to use a shampoo that is rich in nutrients and are free from parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride. The main thing, your shampoo should brighten, repair and hydrate your hair, so that it is healthy and beautiful. Learn how to keep your hair moisturized with nutrient rich moisturizing shampoos.

You Can Have Beautiful Hair With A Good Conditioner

Ever wondered what your hair goes through in day? It faces heat, pollution and sweat. We put our hair through the ringer with hair styling tools and coloring that strips our strands of much needed nutrients. Then we wonder why our hair looks dry, limp and lifeless. However, our superhero “conditioner” steps in to give back our hair those lost nutrients.

Bring Your Hair Back To Life With A Deep Conditioner

Hair cuticles, which are the outermost layer of your hair, are made of protein cells also known as keratin. They create a barrier around the cortex or root of your hair. The bad news, when extreme heat, excessive coloring, and/or UV rays harm hair cuticles, your roots lack a shield. Bring your hair back to life with a deep conditioner.

Want Healthy Vibrant Hair, Use A Hair Mask

When your scalp is dry, the roots of your hair cannot get any nutrients, which are needed for healthy, strong hair. Hair masks are designed to give you an intense amount of nourishment to your hair. In fact, it is applied to your hair for a few minutes to ensure full absorption.

Leave-In Conditioner

Is Your Hair Limp Or Weak? Get Some Protein!

Microfiber Towel

A huge secret to healthy hair – always, always use a microfiber towel on your hair to keep from damaging your hair strands. My favorite brand has fibers that are finer than silk and woven tightly together to remove moisture quickly, requires less blow-drying, which means less damage to your hair, it’s super absorbent and dries hair fast, gently and without friction.

Hair Vitamins

No matter how many hair products you use, you cannot achieve beautiful hair or faster hair growth without nourishing your hair from within. If you eat healthy, you will be fine. However, if you know you are not getting all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, take a hair vitamin for hair growth and health.

Note: When I first started taking these vitamins, my face broke out. After about two weeks, my skin was clear and I never had any other issues. My hair grew fast. My favorite! If you only plan to take them for a month, don’t waste your money. You need the three-month supply to start seeing real hair growth.


Biotin aka B-complex vitamin metabolizes fatty acids and amino acids. Since hair strands consist of protein called keratin, the metabolization of amino acids – the compounds that make protein, is essential for growing beautiful, healthy hair.

Biotin helps nourish hair follicles.

Do You Have Curly Or Wavy Hair, Check These Out

Do You Have Type 4 Hair? Try These Products As Well

Mason Pearson Heirloom Hair Brush – I have had mine over 20 years.

Developed and patented more than 100 years ago, the Mason Pearson Hair Brush is the ultimate grooming tool. Only the finest, premium-grade boar bristle, which is gentle to the hair and scalp, is used.

Brushing with a Mason Pearson Hair Brush is the best way to distribute the natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating circulation to your hair follicles. The patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort.

All Mason Pearson Hair Brushes are hand made in England and carry a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The animals are not harmed in the collection of the boar bristle. (Nylon cleaning brush is included.) It’s expensive, but it will last for decades. Mine has!

Additional Hair Needs

Hair Loss and Alopecia Products


Sometimes we do more harm than good to our hair with all of the blow drying, flat ironing, hair dyeing, gels and hair sprays. Sometimes we are more conscious about taking care of our skin, but forget about our hair health.

Unfortunately, the side effects of not paying enough attention to our hair is that it leads to thin, weak hair that has breakage and split ends. So, what’s a lady to do?

You should consider a good old-fashioned, hair oil blend. I’m talking about hair oil that mimics the natural oil sebum that is produced in your scalp. You know, the type of natural pure essential oils that nourishes and moisturizes your hair and follicles while maximizing the rate at which your hair grows.

Want to find out the best way to hydrate your hair from the inside out, so you can get on the road to healthy, beautiful hair? Click to here!




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