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Ever heard of a shampoo bar? Well, every now-and-then, a new type of product hits the market and becomes the buzz on everyone’s tongue. This fact especially applies to the beauty industry, where the majority of people try to look their best every single day. While the face is often considered one of the primary areas to be targeted with a daily beauty routine, another part of the body that needs similar care is the hair.

There are a lot of home hair treatments on the market promoted to help improve the texture of hair, make hair less frizzy and to provide healthy hair. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of products making these promises, but containing potentially harmful ingredients that could cause further damage to hair that has already has issues.

Luckily for those looking beyond the shampoo and hair care aisles at their local beauty supply store or pharmacy, there exists an alternative range of products. These products are often able to repair damaged hair without containing any potentially harmful ingredients.

Want to Know How Make Your Own?

We are talking about the natural shampoo bars that are available at health stores. For the more adventurous, you can make your own in the comfort of your home. This is often an affordable option and can offer you many benefits.  A good shampoo bar may contain vitamins for hair growth and effective hair moisturizer to assist with the treatment of dry hair.

What Is A Homemade Shampoo Bar And What Can It Do For You?

To many of our readers, the idea of a shampoo bar might be quite new. Many people are used to using a soap bar to clean their body. There are also soap bars available to assist with cleansing the face.

Shampoo bars, however, are still a relatively new discovery in the hair care and beauty industry. They have already made waves due to the benefits that you may obtain. A shampoo bar is exactly as its name suggests – a shampoo in a solid bar form.

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While it may sound a little awkward at the beginning, especially if you have not heard of this  form of shampooing and conditioning. It should be noted that thousands of both men and women have turned to using these bars – and some have experienced a significant number of benefits from using such shampoos.

We would like to share five of the top benefits that a person can obtain from switching to a shampoo bar, which is the opposite of a waterless shampoo.

1. No Harmful Sulfates

One of the top benefits that are offered by homemade shampoo bars is the fact that these bars do not contain any sulfates, with the most common types found in shampoos being sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

While these substances are able to assist with increasing the lather of a shampoo, they can also contribute to scalp irritation, extremely dry scalp and can even cause hair loss, as reported by Livestrong. In addition to these adverse effects, sulfates contained in shampoos can also cause damage to the skin and has been found to increase a person’s risk of developing cancer.

2. Saves You Money

Another major benefit that homemade shampoo bars have to offer a person is the fact that these bars often tend to cost much less than professional shampoos.

Saves You Money

Since the world is more aware of the harm that sulfates can cause, many people are opting for salon-quality shampoos and conditioners that are marketed as being “sulfate-free”. Unfortunately, these products tend to cost a lot of money.

When you decide to make your own shampoo bars at home, you’ll notice that these bars are much more affordable to make as compared to the price tag attached to sulfate-free and other professional shampoos.

3. Excellent Choice for Travellers

Homemade shampoo bars are extremely convenient. They can be made into any shape and any size. This also means that these shampoo bars are an excellent choice for people who travel often.

Since they can be made into smaller sizes, it is easy to fit these shampoo bars into smaller bags. Think of that soap holder that you can buy at a local plastic warehouse store.

This means that these shampoo bars will not only offer you more benefits than shampoo you can buy from your local grocery store, but will also make traveling with your hair treatment much easier.

4. Contains All-Natural Ingredients

Shampoo bars that can be made at home contain only the ingredients that you put into the bar. This means that you can be confident in the fact that you are creating an all-natural product to help treat the problems you are experiencing with your hair.

In addition, you are avoiding the numerous issues that may develop when hair is exposed to chemicals that are often included in shampoos and conditioners.

Note that while sulfates are the most discussed harmful chemical, shampoos that can be purchased at a local beauty supply can also include other harmful substances.

5. Can Be Used For All Hair Types

Another major benefit of shampoo bars is the fact that many recipes can be tailored toward any hair type. In some cases, one shampoo bar can be used on multiple hair types.

At the same time, shampoo bars can be customized in such a way to offer a specific treatment for your particular hair type – whether you have dry hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, color treated hair or oily hair, you can make the perfect shampoo bar to treat your problems.

Homemade Shampoo Bar Recipes

Now that we have shared some of the best benefits of homemade shampoo bars with our readers, let’s take a quick look at some excellent recipes that can be followed to make your very first shampoo bar.

  • Molasses Shampoo Bar All you need is some olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera for hair, coconut oil, beef tallow, walnut oil, lye discount, blackstrap molasses, cinnamon bark essential oil and some clove bud essential oil. You can even go a step further by washing your hair next with beer.
  • Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar A three-ingredient shampoo bar recipe that only requires some coconut oil, lye and water. Essential oils can also be added for an extra touch.
  • Herbal Homemade Shampoo Bar A more advanced shampoo bar that requires herbs, water, lye, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, aloe vera oil, jojoba oil, coconut milk and some essential oils are perfect for dry hair treatment.


While a large variety of shampoos, conditions, serums and hair treatments are available on the market today, many of these contain potentially harmful substances and may not always do what they claim to do.

Switching to a natural alternative, such as making your own homemade shampoo bars, can save you a lot of money, while also delivering essential nutrients to your hair. Many natural hair care products are also available on the market for those who do not have the time to make their own homemade shampoo bar, such as Foligen, an advanced all-natural solution to hair regrowth.


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