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Sally Beauty: Everything You've Always Wanted To Know | Obsessed Hair Oil
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Hey! Do YOU Want Beautiful, Long, Thick, Healthy Hair?

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Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. is an international company that distributes beauty supplies to the tune of $3.8 Billion each year. Yeah, that’s a whole lot of hair and beauty product for you and me!

Sally Beauty Supply operates about 2,800 retail stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, so that means you can go on a beauty shopping haul in just about any city your heart desires. In addition to their online store, their physical locations offer more than 10,000 products for your hair, skin, and nails. Overall, they sell and distribute through some 4,828 stores, which also includes about  181 franchised units, throughout the:

  • United States
  • Puerto Rico
  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • Chile
  • France
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Peru

Who do they cater too?

They have created their products for retail consumers and salon professionals. Their professional lines include such brands as Clairol, L’Oreal, Wella and Conair, as well as proprietary merchandise.

Sally Beauty – The History

Sally Beauty began with humble beginnings as a single store in New Orleans in 1964. Which means they turned 50 years old this year – 2015. They have come a long way baby as they have grown leaps and bounds since those days. They now have close to 5,000 stores with 27,470 full-time and part-time employees working in 12 countries. Wow!
Sally U.K. opens its three-story flagship store on Oxford Street in LondonWithin five short years consumer products company, Alberto-Culver, purchased what has grown to become an 11-store operation at Sally Beauty. Not one to sit on their laurels they keep going and going like the energizer bunny. As a result of their hard work, by 1978 they had a total of 25 stores. By 1982, they had 119 stores.

1994 was a historic moment for the company as they opened their 1,200th Sallys Hair store. In addition, they launched “CelebHead.” CelebHead is a national survey on best star hairstyles and consumer beauty trends. In 2013, Sally U.K. opens its three-story flagship store on Oxford Street in London.

Sallys Hair Dye & Hair Color

Whether you are thinking about buying semi-permanent or permanent hair color, they have what you are looking for.

According to Sally Beauty online you have a lot of hair color options. In addition, they strongly recommend before coloring your hair to consider the different types of hair colors that are available to you:

Temporary color
Includes rinses, color mousses, hair color crayons, mascaras and sprays. Temporary color does not penetrate Aikay Naturalsthe cortex, but coats the outside of the hair shaft and washes out in one to three shampoos. It’s perfect for last-minute touch-ups and safe for relaxed hair or permanently straightened hair.

Semi-permanent color
Ideal for trying a new hair color shade, semi-permanent color lasts through four or five shampoos. Used straight from the bottle, it contains no ammonia or peroxide, so it is mild enough to be used on fragile, permed or relaxed hair. It blends or covers gray (if hair is less than 25% gray); adds richness to natural hair color; gives highlights and shine, but does not lighten hair color.

Demi-permanent color
Also known as long-lasting semi-permanent hair color, demi-permanent color penetrates the hair shaft and deposits color, but cannot lighten hair color. It uses a dedicated developer so the color lasts almost as long as permanent color—up to 30 shampoos. Demi-permanent color produces natural-looking results and blends up to 75% gray.

Permanent color
Permanent color penetrates the hair shaft, giving hair new permanent color that gradually grows out. Perfect for 100% gray coverage or for dramatically changing hair color, permanent hair color may be a single process. New, darker color is applied to the natural color; or double process, in which the natural color is pre-lightened before new color is applied.

Accent hair color with highlights that can be applied with several techniques. Natural color is pre-lightened (lifted) from selected strands of hair and permanent color is applied to those areas. This can be a two-step, or, with some newer products, a one-step process. Lowlights, or darker shades, are sometimes applied to give more depth to a lighter hair color.


Why is Sally’s my go-to nail spot? They have every color known to woman. If you are feeling like something new and exotic, they got it. No extra cash for a manicure and/or pedicure at your favorite nail shop? Not a problem! They have every type of product your little heart desires:

  • Nail polish
  • Gel polish
  • Extended wear polish
  • Base coats
  • Top coats
  • Artificial nails
  • Nail art
  • Nail jewelry
  • Pedicure soaks and scrubs
  • And sooooooo much more!

Sallys Hair Extensions

When it comes to black women, I can only imagine that they make a great deal of their money from us buying synthetic and human hair extensions as well as hair extension accessories. If you are looking for a ✂High Ponytail & Bun With Clip-Ins ( No lumps!!) watch the video with LakiaStar below.

Click here to find the hair extensions for your look. Want more options? Check out this Hair Sisters article that I wrote because they also have a ton of hair extension products to choose from too.

Sallys Beauty & Sally Hair Supply

As you can see thus far Sally’s has just about everything you need for your hair and beauty needs. Lets chat a bit more about beauty, shall we? What I like about this retail giant is that they have:

For the professional hair stylist they have a huge inventory of products such as: appointment books, clippers, gloves, student kits, barbering essentials, mannequin heads, shears, salon equipment and, of course, the list goes on and on.

Sallys Beauty Supply Location (actually locations)


Sally beauty supply locations are just about everywhere. When you think about it…if they are the biggest beauty supplier in the world, you are bound to find a location. Before I show you how to find one near you, keep in mind these are all of the countries they are located in and some of their other brands:

  • Sally Beauty USA
  • Sally Beauty Canada
  • Sally UK
  • Sally Beauty Mexico
  • Pro Duo
  • Sinelco
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Beauty Systems Group
  • CosmoProf
  • Armstrong McCall
  • Salon Success (UK)

To find a hair supply store near me:

You can visit their online store locator. You will be prompted to fill out their form with your address, city, country, state, zip code and distance in miles from your location you wish to search. Within the United States, you can also call 1-800-ASK-SALLY to be connected to your nearest store location.

Finally, you can also use their online store locator to find other international Sally Beauty locations in :
Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. You’re welcome!

Sally Beauty Supply Hours

Good news if you are searching for Sally Beauty hours. You can use the store locator link above to find sally beauty store hours in your area. Note: Keep in mind that all stores are different and Sally beauty supply store hours vary.

Sally's beauty hours are

 Example of Sallys store hours

Sally Beauty Rewards

As I am sure you know all to well it is not cheap to look glamorous. So, if you want to save on every product, every day boy do I have a great tip for you. Ready? All you have to do is become a beauty rewards member. How? Click here.

Sale Flyer & Sallys Coupons

With their online flyer you can find out what is on sale by category and brand as well as monthly deals. You must be logged in with your Sally Beauty Pro Card to view the Pro Flyer. Below you can check out a sample of what you might expect.

Sally Sales Flyer

Who doesn’t enjoy saving a little cold hard cash? I personally am always on the lookout for Sally coupon codes, promo codes & discounts.  To get a Sally Beauty Supply coupon or coupons review the list of sites below:


Sallys coupons are perfect for whether you’re looking for something specific or something funky, new and fun. This retail giant has an incredible selection of hair products, cosmetics and other beauty brands used by the professionals and consumers alike.

Sally Beauty Return Policy

I won’t go into all of the details as to what they will do to make sure you are a satisfied and happy customer, but I will show you an image from their website that pretty much sums it up.

Sally Beauty Return Policy

Click here for the fine print because there are some instances where you can’t return an item. For example, synthetic and human hair, clipper and other blades, body jewelry, ear piercing and piercing implements and fashion earrings: ALL SALES FINAL, and cannot be returned for any reason.

That makes sense to me because I would not want to use returned items that other people have used especially ear piercing tools…you have no idea where those have been. Enough about that!

Sally Beauty Supply Careers

Want to work for a well established global company?

At Sally Beauty Holdings, they have been in the professional beauty supply business since 1964 when they opened their first store in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, with annual sales of $3.6 billion, they are the largest retailer and distributor of beauty supplies in the world.

So, what are the benefits of working for them?

They offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Benefit plans are available to both part-time and full-time employees. In addition, they have a wide variety of Medical plans, Dental, Vision coverage as well as Flexible Spending Accounts for Medical and Dependent Care Expenses.

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance and Disability coverage are offered. In addition, they offer voluntary benefits such as Critical Illness and Accident coverage. Employees may be eligible for Sick Days along with other forms of paid time off including vacation and holidays. They also offer a 401(K) plan, with matching company contributions, and a discretionary profit sharing contribution to help our eligible associates plan for their future financial needs.

The question you have been waiting for…can you get an employee discount?

You betcha! The discount is offered to all employees.

Sally Beauty Supply Careers

Visit http://jobs.sallybeauty.com/ for a listing of available positions and to get a sally beauty job application.

Contact Sally

Corporate Headquarters
3001 Colorado Boulevard
Denton, Texas 76210

Investor Relations and Media Inquiries:

Karen Fugate, Vice President Investor Relations & Strategic Planning

Customer Service for Sally Beauty Supply (USA)


Learn more about the products we recommend and hair routines on the <a href="https://obsessedhairoil.com/start-here/">Start Here</a> page, and connect on <a href="https://twitter.com/obsessedhairoil">Twitter</a> and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/obsessedhairoil">Facebook</a>.