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Ribbon Hair Ties

Do you have long hair that needs to be tied? Well, no worries since there are a variety of ribbon hair ties that you can use including ribbon ties, elastic ties, scrunchie and more. For quite some time, hair ties have been that accessory that women, girls and even men can’t live without.

With the use of durable materials, hair ties come in all shapes, styles and sizes. They are not only ideal for keeping your hairstyle in place, but they are also fashionable too. When choosing hair ties, it’s important to consider not only the style but comfort as well. Uncomfortable ties can make your life unbearable especially if they are pulling at your hair because it is too tight.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Hair Ties

Before choosing a good hair tie, it’s important to be aware of the different styles and brands that are available. These include:

Choosing the best hair tie depends on your own personal preference since the idea of comfort varies from one person to another.

To minimize tugging and breakage, most brands offer a non-tangle guarantee. If you are looking for maximum hold and affordable prices, I suggest you opt for elastic ties. On the contrary, Bittersweet ties can work in business or formal attire situations.

Since there are many choices available, it will be a cinch to find many options. The hardest part will be deciding Also, many products strive to match their usefulness along with style standards. This will give you the highest level of comfort.

However, some consider the best hair ties to choose are the ribbon ties. But are ribbon hair ties worth it?

Ribbon Hair Ties

These are fancy hair ties that promise not to tear, crease or pull your hair. Although they are more expensive than other ties, they are worth that price. Even after post workouts and a night of sleep they still look better.

diy hair ties with ribbon

Below are some of their benefits:

  • They can help you elevate what could have been a boring ponytail into something that looks better. As compared to elastic ties, you can dress them up without requiring any additional effort. If you are extra, try alligator clips.
  • If you wear them, you will also see they are gentler on your hair. They don’t leave a crease on your hair and they don’t tug at your hair strands.
  • You can also decide to buy either a headband or a ponytail. You can use these to loop your hair into an easy bun or a side bun.
  • They are also easy to tie. Tying them does not require a lot of effort.

DIY Ribbon Hairstyles

Who doesn’t want their hair to look stylish and cute? What you could without is the dents. So, you should consider fabric hair ties. However, if you are not careful with them, they won’t last very long. Before you craft one, you will need at least one yard of satin elastic, scissors and beads or charms.

Purchase the fabric: The first step is to go to the fabric store and buy satin elastic or fold over elastic. Depending on the color or the design it will cost you approximately $5 per yard. Alternatively, if you do not want to spend more, you can buy white fabric and dye it.

Cut the yarn: Cut the material into different sizes depending on the thickness of your hair. For instance, if your hair is thin use 1/4 yard. If you wish to make a headband, size the length of your head and cut it accordingly. For a ponytail, cut them into 8 strips each.

Fold the elastic: Fold the elastic into half and tie the ends into a loop knot. At the free end, leave some room. This will ensure that the knot is secure. If your want to spice up your ribbon with a charm, add it into the elastic before you tie the knot.

Finish: Tie the knot tightly and you are done without the fear of creasing or hair breakage.

As compared to other hair ties, ribbon hair ties are the best. Apart from being gentle,they come in different shapes and sizes. Besides, you can also make one yourself. These hair accessories add a little pizzazz to your hair. Try them out today to achieve an amazing look.

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