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So, you have decided you want to get Remy hair, sort of.

The problem is you know there is Brazilian and Chinese hair, clip-in extensions, weaves, sewn-in’s, tape and so much more. What do you do? Well, if you are a diva and expect the very best, go with Remy hair extensions. Why you playing, you know you want flowing locks like the ladies on Real Housewives of Atlanta? 

What Is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is the most expensive and sought after hair in the world. However, I need to preface this by saying some unscrupulous merchants sell a low quality grade of Remy hair extensions. The cuticles have been stripped on cheap Remy hair.

If you, the buyer, obtain hair this way, you can and should expect excessive shedding, tangling and matting. In other words, your hair is going to look a hot mess. Sort of like doll hair after a few years of serious playtime.

On the other hand, what you really want is high quality Grade 8a, Remy human hair. It is the highest grade of Remy hair you can buy. What makes this hair the best? The hair cuticles are intact – not stripped away or completely removed like the majority of non-Remy human hair extensions.

No, this hair’s cuticle alignment is near perfection with its single direction. That is why this human hair looks oh, so natural.

Remy hair extensions

What Is Brazilian, Indian; You Pick A Country Remy Hair? 

To answer this question, lets turn to Dafina Nya Smith, Owner and Creative Director for Sunny’s Hair & Wigs in Atlanta. She said, “Weave is only as great as the hair you use. You can go to the world’s best “Weavologist” and if you purchase “Non-Remy Beauty Supply Store” hair you might as well flash a neon sign announcing “My hair is fake”.”

When pressed further, Smith had this to say, “With a few exceptions, most of the hair available is either Indian Hair or Chinese hair. 99% of the time Brazilian hair, Peruvian Hair or Malaysian hair is from India or China that has been processed.

When I go to India I am often buying large amounts of hair alongside Brazilians who purchase the curly Indian hair and process it with steam to deliver tighter curls and re-market it as Brazilian hair with a premium price tag. Malaysian hair is often Chinese Hair blended with Indian Hair for a sleeker and shinier appearance. Give me a country and I could go on and on; but I won’t!”

Where Does The Hair Come From? 

Today, there are a plethora of Remy hair options available. You can purchase the hair from Indian temples, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe and even Russian prisons. The reasons are varied as to why these women part with their hair.

Some of their reasons are good while others are downright horrific.

  • Some are bored with long hair and choose to have it cut
  • Some women are desperate for money
  • In some parts of India husbands force their wives to sell their hair
  • Some women cut their hair to raise money for charity
  • Slum children who live on the streets are often tricked into shaving their heads for food and toys
  • Russian prison wardens forcibly shave women prisoners hair to make money
  • Gang’s in some countries hold women down and cut off their hair

That is why it is vital to only purchase hair from manufacturers and distributors who have ethical business sourcing practices. Hair should only come from willing donors, not those forced into shaving their hair.

So, whether buying hair online, at beauty supply store or in the salon, keep in mind there are a large variety of Remy hair extensions available. For even more details and education, you can check out a Remy hair wiki also known as artificial hair integrations here.

Remy human hair

Below are some quick tips to make sure that your hair will remain healthy, strong and beautiful when wearing virgin Remy hair extensions or Remy hair weaves.

Remy Hair Care, Remy Hair Care Tips & Awesome Remy Hair Care Products

  1. Brush your Remy hair weave before going to bed. This will ensure that there are no hair tangles caused by friction or wind.
  2. Don’t brush your hair right after your shower. When your hair is wet, the hair follicles are still too vulnerable to be touched.
  3. Use natural and organic shampoo. Make sure that it is sulfate-free. Sulfate rids your hair of natural oil. Since there is no direct contact between your scalp and your hair extension, it is very important that you use a sulfate free shampoo to avoid leaving your hair dry and frizzy.
  4. Wash your hair with warm water to avoid damaging your scalp, the cuticles and the Remy weave.
  1. While washing your Remy hair, gently rub it with your palms in a downward motion. Don’t scrub the hair together. You want to prevent the open cuticles from rubbing against each other and causing friction.
  2. As you finish washing your hair, rinse the hair (not your scalp) using cold water. This process is called the Arctic Rinse. The cold water closes the cuticles and locks the natural oil’s nutrients and moisture, leaving your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.
  3. Occasionally, after your shower, while your hair is still wet, add 2 to 3 drops of natural oils like Coconut or Almond. Apply the oil gently over your hair. The oils will get into the cuticles, adding moisture to your hair extensions. Allow your hair to dry naturally. It may take up to 3 hours to wash and dry your hair. Avoid, when possible, blow-drying and flat ironing your hair as this will dry out the hair strands, making them look dull and frizzy.

Keep in mind that natural ingredients are always the best. Natural oils can do what most conditioners do without the chemical and silicon contents. Apply a few drops of natural oils at least two (2) times a week or whenever you feel the need to.

If you want your hair extensions to last, keep them moisturized.

Remy hair weaves

It is therefore important to know the type of extension you have, so that you will have an idea about what can and cannot be done with them. As a side note, it is always good to remember hair extensions don’t receive oil directly from your scalp. They require extra care.

In addition, you need to know what kind of hair styling and hair care products that are needed to take care of your hair and to help it last longer. Before that, you might want to know how to apply hair extensions at home. Click here for more info.

Why Do Hair Extensions Get Dry After Washing It

Why do hair extensions start looking dry after you wash the hair a few times? Why do some Remy hair extensions not last more than 2 or 3 months?

There is only one answer to these questions: it is the use of chemicals and heat, along with a lack of moisture. The lack of moisture in your hair can cause damage not only to your extensions, but also to your scalp and hair.

The health of your hair doesn’t only depend on the hair care products and styling tools you use. You must also keep an eye on your diet. The nutrients that you get from your food will make their way through your system, feeding your skin and hair along the way.

If you’re not eating and drinking healthy, there’s a big possibility that your hair and skin health will be affected. And since your hair extensions are not directly connected to your body system, you need to take care of it in a different way. How is that?

Always treat your hair extensions with care. Brush them gently. Don’t use hair products that contain formaldehyde, isopropyl, propylene glycol and sulfate. These chemicals are intense and can damage not only your extensions, but also your hair and scalp.

Swimming With Hair Extensions

For those of you that like to swim for exercise or for fun, this section is for you.

The chlorine in swimming pools is as harmful to Remy human hair as the salt in the ocean. Generally, the more process your hair has gone through, the more vulnerable they are in the water. If your hair extensions are high quality, they can survive with the correct care.

Here are the things that you should do after swimming.

  1. Prepare your conditioner or natural oil, towel and hair wrap.
  2. Clean your hair right after swimming to avoid the chemicals from damaging your extensions.
  3. Rinse your hair gently and thoroughly. If needed, follow the instructions given earlier.
  4. Allow your hair to dry completely without using a hair dryer.
  5. After your Remy hair extensions are dry, apply natural oil or conditioner to your hair. Wrap it in a warm and moist towel. Allow the conditioner or natural oil to penetrate your hair for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Beyond Using Just Natural Oil On Your Hair

If you are not satisfied in using only natural oil, you need to look for an alternative moisturizer to keep your hair moist. It is rather challenging to find a good moisturizer nowadays because there are lots of brands in the market and so many of them seem like a good bargain.

However, after doing a lot of research and trying many different products, I have found that Moroccan oil is an amazing moisturizing ingredient for your hair. Any brand of shampoo and/or conditioner that contains Moroccan oil can be used on any type of hair and extensions. It is a pricier than regular shampoo and conditioner, but it’s worth the cost.

Tips For First-timers

If it’s your first time wearing hair extensions, you may feel overwhelmed about the hair care guidelines that you need to follow. As was mentioned, hair extensions need proper care if you want them to last for a while. Proper hair care is in direct proportion to the life of your Remy hair extensions.

If you don’t want to take the plunge completely on your first try, you might opt for Remy clip in hair extensions. They are virtually undetectable, lightweight and easy to attach to your hair.

Remy Hair Reviews

As you might have figured out, I love, love, love Remy Capillus. They only use 100% professional grade Virgin Remy hair extensions. Salon professionals and gorgeous women like you will love their hair too. Seriously, I can’t stop gushing about their hair. I am not the only one either. Check out all of their testimonials.

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As you can see from reading this article, although the process may be more complicated than taking care of your real hair, taking care of hair extensions is not really difficult. There are certain rules to follow, but the rules are simple and easy to follow.

If you are consistent in taking care of your Remy hair extensions, then your purchased hair will remain natural looking and gorgeous for a very long time.

Again, if you are ready to buy the best Remy hair on the market, go to and select the style, length and color of your choice. When you checkout, make sure to use your discount code, so that you can save money: remy10

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