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When most people think of pomade, they think of slicked back hair. I remember my dad greasing his hair to full capacity with Murray’s. But, that was then and this is now. We now live in a world where pomade can make a woman’s hair more sleek and beautiful.

We all want picture perfect hair, but some styling products can leave our hair lackluster. So, we do whatever is necessary to make sure our hair has sheen and is laid. Why do we put so much effort into getting our hair just right?

It gives you more confidence, and it helps you face the day positively.

That is why, understandably, most women want sleek and shiny hair. However, maintaining that kind of hair is not an easy thing to do nor are our product choices always the best. If you have kinky or coarse hair, or if your hair is exposed to too much styling, you know firsthand it makes things that much more difficult.

Frequent use of chemicals when styling is one of the causes of hair damage. Too much styling can cause your hairdo to look dry and dull. Its natural beauty will slowly fade if your products have ingredients that make your hair dry or brittle. So, it is best to choose wisely, so as not to strip your hair of its shine.

Tame Your Edges

One way of maintaining beautiful and shiny hair is by using pomade.

Pomade is a waxy substance, which is perfect when you are styling your hair. It is the best alternative to other products like gel or wax, which gives your hair a dry look. Believe it or not, it was even popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, so its effect is proven by time.

Furthermore, this product also leaves your hair looking ever so neat, shiny and not a hair out of place. Its unique substance, not only helps you style your hair perfectly, but also helps your style last longer compared to hair gel and hair wax.

Uses For Pomade

  • Seal your ends
  • Smooth your edges
  • Message on your scalp
  • Add shine to dry hair
  • Tame frizzies

There are two types of pomade. You can choose either the oil-based or the water-based depending on your preference.

Oil-Based Pomade

Oil-based is basically grease, more specifically grease from petroleum. Pomades from oil or petroleum are water-insoluble, which means they are difficult to wash out. They won’t wash out with just plain water, and some regular shampoos cannot even get them out.

However, there are some clarifying shampoos that you can use to wash this type of pomade out of your hair. Also, you can use lightweight, alternative pomades, which are less greasy.

The good thing about pomades from oil is that they are less expensive compared to water based products. The bad news – it uses petroleum, which is derived from crude oil. On top of that, there is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body.

Water-Based Pomade

Water based pomades are basically composed of water, which means you cannot use it when it is raining because it can ruin your hairstyle. For me, the best pomade is Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade.

The pomade is designed to finish styles that need a bit of polishing. It also provides definition without weighing down your hair. Microcrystalline wax and beeswax provide definition, detail, shape, and control, while canola oil and coconut oil provide a high-shine finish.

How to Apply Pomade?

Applying pomade is best when your hair is clean. Therefore, make sure that you clean your hair before you style it. You can wash it with the use of any organic shampoo. With pomades, a little amount goes a long, long way. Put a minimal amount on your fingertips, and rub your fingertips together then spread the pomade onto your hair. You can always add more, if needed.

Sometimes, styling short hair can be a little difficult. It takes a lot of effort and patience to achieve the desired look you want for your hair. But with pomades, the task becomes a lot easier.

With a good pomade, you can achieve a variety of hairstyles. You can go with a cute ponytail or create a messy updo that looks great.

Sleek Hairstyle

Another style you can do with your hair is the tousled look. This wild at heart look has ben trending for awhile and still going strong. Most women, especially those who have short hair, like this carefree style.

Creating this style is very easy. Put a small amount of pomade on your palms or fingertips, and then rub your fingers through your hair. There is no right or wrong way to do a messy style, so just continue playing with your hair until you get your desired look.

Pomades are also great when you are styling long hair because you can create a lot of different styles with it. You can style it with separate layers; you can do a bun, braids, twists, or just about anything your little heart desires. Your hairstylist can give you even more ideas.

You can use pomades to hide stubborn baby hair or tame coarse hair or split ends. Split ends and frizzy hair can be your worst enemy, but you can hide them now with the help of this substance.

Benefits of Pomade

The product that you use may vary depending on your hair’s texture. The good thing about pomades is that it helps us straighten our edges with ease. It also protects the hair from damage.

Another beneficial factor of pomades is that they help your hair grow faster. Some of today’s pomade have a peppermint ingredient that helps to grow healthier hair. Newer pomades are more user-friendly and are easier to remove compared to the traditional greasy pomades of yesteryear.

Hairstyles have evolved, and so have the products that you used to achieve the style you want. Keeping your hair smooth and shiny is a lot easier than ever before. Do not use harsh products that can cause damage to your hair. Use a much user friendly product like pomade and maintain silky and shiny hair.

Another pomade you might want to try is, Hairveda’s almond glaze pomade. Or, you can opt to make your own.

DIY Pomade

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