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Oil As A Moisturizer

Hey class! Today, we going to enjoy a quick lesson in hair oil as a moisturizer among other things because many fail to realize that oils serve two major hair purposes. For instance, did you know that hair oils can be categorized into two separate groups; based on their different functions when it comes to hair growth?

No, well you are about to learn the fascinating answer! Let’s talk about using an oil as a moisturizer as well as a sealer.

Oil is oil. Wrong. A person stating that could not be more incorrect. Oils are powerful substances that can either add nourishing hydration to strands or act like a knight in shining hair armor and seal the deal.

Okay, to quickly formulate a picture for you let’s begin with oil as a moisturizer that hydrates. These are like the superheroes of hair oils. That is because they literally possess abilities that other oils just do not have within them.

Moisturizer oils can penetrate DEEP inside a strand and deliver the goods, that being moisture. Nevertheless, some make the claim, “Hey, technically my hair strands are ‘dead’ so why do I need so much help when adding moisture?”

This may be true in a sense, hair is made up of dead cells. However, ladies and gentlemen, what is alive and well are your hair follicles. It’s these follicles that are creating additional cells that require hydration to produce a stronger strand.

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Thus, in order to give your follicles what they need it’s going to require a tad more than a good old splash of water. This is because you are also battling outside elements such as: air pollutants like smog, seasonal changes, even the weather itself. Such environmental factors can not only suck moisturize right out your hair, but in some cases even lead to extremely dry hair and  hair loss!

Science research is showing that some environmental as well as lifestyle factors such as drug abuse can aggravate and aggressively attack follicles. Yikes! Furthermore, the attacks can cause hair growth to slow down and hair follicles to shrivel.

Therefore, knowing all of that; if you knew of a way to add more hydration and protection to your strands, would you do it? That’s where hair oils come into play. The hydrating ones can penetrate the shaft of the hair and hydrate it.


Basically, think of moisturizing oils like a new tenant who knocks on a front door of a house they wish to occupy. Once inside they tidy everything up, makes repairs thus leaving the place in much better shape.

With a tenant like that most homeowners would see real value and want to keep that person as long as possible. Therefore, using a good moisturizing hair oil can be seen in the same light. Helpful, useful and full of great value for your hair.

Nevertheless, that brings us to oils that seal; what can they do to help? Well, in a nutshell they do exactly what you think. Such oils help to seal in any hydration already found in strands. Since moisture is vital to hair health as well as growth, this is a very good thing.

Sealing hair oils basically clasp right onto your hair strands. With their “death-like” grip on your tresses they create a barrier to lock in any water. Think of these oils like a gate for a pet. Once it’s shut your pet can’t make its grand escape. Same thing with oils that seal, once they latch on any moisturize is trapped inside and is protected from harmful outside elements.

In order to get these oils to be a proper sealant it is best to apply them to damp hair. Damp hair gives sealing oils something to easily adhere to, i.e. the water on the strands that hasn’t dried yet.

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Furthermore, for this reason many choose to apply oil last in their hair care routine. Making this move the last step will help to lock in any moisture as well as any other nutrients you have introduced to your hair via conditioners, masks or hair milks.

Alrighty, well class has come to the end for now. However, be sure to look forward to additional articles on this subject in the future. For now we will leave you with a quick cheat sheet of examples of moisturizing and sealing oils. Enjoy and wishing you healthier hair!

Sealing Oils:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Jamaican Black Caster Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

Moisturizing Oils:

  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

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