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Women are switching in droves to natural hair products. They want soft, manageable hair. Savvy women want pH balanced, non-toxic, herbal-based products that leaves their hair feeling soft. Gone are the days when you had to put up with scalp damage, hair loss, split ends and loss of curl pattern because you used the wrong hair products.

More and more consumers are wising up to the ugly truth that the hair industry has hid for years. Mainly, that numerous products contain harmful ingredients that eventually do more of a disservice than good to our tresses. For this reason hair enthusiasts have been choosing to take a more natural approach to haircare.

This article will discuss the benefits of going natural as well as three natural hair products that you must have as a part of your hair arsenal right now!

Benefits of Natural Hair Regimen 

Going natural can be intimidating because as a wise man once said, “Old habits die hard.”

Once we are used to a certain way of life, change can seem like a long, arduous journey. Nevertheless, with good changes come good results. So then, beginning a natural hair product regimen could be the solution you have been looking for. It will now be possible to have the softest, longest, most voluminous hair you have ever had.

Why is this the case?

For a moment let’s take a deeper look into common hair products. Shampoo and conditioner have been found to contain harmful sulfates that strip hair of moisture. Without moisture hair dries up like a slowly withering plant.

Moreover, pomades and hair sprays often contain alcohol, which can also dry out your hair strands. Lastly, what about hair coloring products? The chemicals found in these products can, you guessed it, dry out hair too! 

hair needs moisture

Now, if your hair needs moisture in order to stay healthy, would you say such products over time will keep strands looking fantastic?

The answer to that question is the very reason natural hair products have come more into the spotlight. Natural hair products contain natural ingredients that are safer and more gentle on your precious hair strands.

3 Natural Hair Products To Try

Logona Herbal Hair Color

If you love dying your hair, but want to do so in way that will keep your hair healthy and strong Logona Herbal Hair Colors are the way to go! This product has been certified as a natural hair product, the company is not just making a claim.

The hair color is plant based, which makes it a natural plant colorant. Moreover, as you apply the color each strand is coated with a strengthening as well as coloring layer that will add shine and volume to your hair! 

When searching for a natural hair product you will want to think about manageability as well. Think will this product make styling easier or more difficult?

Another plus when it comes to Logona Herbal Hair Colors is that the plant derived conditioners in the product helps to improve your hair’s structure making combing and styling effortless. As you marvel in the mirror over your new hair look you’ll have Mother Nature to thank.

CWS Aloe Firm Hold Hairspray 

This hairspray should have you at hello… as well as aloe. Aloe is one of natural’s wonders that is extremely moisturizing and is chock full of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Therefore, as the
CWS Aloe Firm Hold Hairsprayproduct holds your chic hairstyles in place you get to enjoy the benefits of adding more strength to your tresses.

A few other benefits is that this spray contains essential oils such as jojoba that are nourishing and help lock in moisture. What about alcohol, is it found in this product?

Absolutely, no trace of alcohol is found in this product! You will experience great hold without any excessive drying often caused by alcohol. Moreover, there is also a CWS Aloe Light Hold Hairspray for days when a little less control is needed.

Lotus Moon Silky & Smooth Hair Pomade

In a world wear edges, baby hairs and curls are as important as runway fashion having a good pomade on hand is your secret weapon. Some pomades contain mineral oil or petroleum which can clog the scalp and, in some cases, even cause the hairline to recede. Lotus Moon Silky & Smooth Hair Pomade will allow you to style with confidence and safely. 

This product is a hair wax made with natural oils and waxes that can give hair great hold all day. Moreover, this pomade can be used on wet or dry hair giving you more hairstyling diversity and manipulation. 

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