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10 Natural Hair Products For Men (Bought By Ladies) | Obsessed Hair Oil



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natural hair products for men

Have you heard about all of the natural hair products for men that can be purchased nowadays? Having a hard time convincing him he should buy a few items? Ladies, if buying more than shampoo makes him feel uncomfortable, then it’s time to get him a few products. Natural hair products for men, like your guy, can make him look and feel great about himself.

Men have been using products since the 1940s, like Vitalis hair tonic to get great hair.  I am a big fan of the Clooney Club. It was established on the Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand with the ambition to create and distribute world-class natural based grooming products for men.

Before we talk about the best natural hair products for men, you want to make sure your man has a hairstyle that fits him. It’s all about your face shape: oblong, oval, square, round, triangle and diamond. Once you have that figured out then you can choose the perfect mens hairstyles that will work with your personality and lifestyle.

We had the opportunity to chat with Elaine Goodman, Senior Editor at Men Hairstylist, and she gave us some great advice. Here’s her top 10 natural hair products for men, even if he doesn’t know he needs them.

Please Note: All of the products you’ll read about are for all hair types.

1. Natural Hair Products For Men: Hair Wax

Yes, we know in his book a shower and a comb can solve just about anything for him. However, as we are well are, trying out hair products can get your the hair of your dreams. For instance, hair wax is an excellent way to deal with those rebellious locks of hair.

If your man has curly hair, wax can tame his hair. Moreover, wax coats the hair, increasing its resistance to damage. Remember, don’t apply too much at once. It can lead to scalp problems, such as dandruff.

Smooth Viking’s Fiber is a medium-hold styling product loaded with natural ingredients to make sure you get the modern and effortless look you want. It’s a great pliable molding wax.

2. Natural Hair Products For Men: Gel

It’s one of the most common and, without a doubt, popular hair-modeling products for men on the market. The reasons are more than obvious. It has a great hold. Plus, it makes your man’s hair shine like new money. Chances are that he’ll use it. At some point in life, most men want to try out the sleek laidback look that gel can provide.

Pure Body Naturals offers one of the best hair styling gels. I like it because it is chemical free with hydrating aloe.

3. Natural Hair Products For Men: Styling Cream

Gel and hair wax can only go so far especially when it comes to wavy or curly hair. Style cream is the ideal solution for these hair types. Moreover, apart from the shine, it does not dry your hair, leaving it easy to brush or to comb. Your man will simply adore you for this simple, yet efficient gift.

Rocky Mountain hair styling cream gives you the hairstyle and confidence it takes to pull off the messy, neat or clean look all day long. It’s the perfect solution for an active lifestyle where you need a natural, workable hold.

4. Natural Hair Products For Men: Hair Oil

Yes, he may raise an eyebrow if he hears you talking about applying oil to his hair. However, you can convince him to think of hair oil as a sort of hydrating agent. The best thing about it is that it prevents brittleness while promoting healthy hair regeneration.

One other thing that he is going to love about hair oil is when you massage the oil on his scalp. Set the mood. Light some candles, put on some soothing music and for 20 minutes let him relax while you massage the oil on his scalp. Brownie points!

Use Obsessed Hair Oil has it is all natural, organic – peppermint oil, jojoba oil and rosemary oil. It doesn’t get any better than that!

obsessed hair oil

5. Natural Hair Products For Men: Hair Spray

Talking about convenient and easy to use hair-taming solutions, we give you the hairspray. It has a high hold, and it’s especially great at dealing with the so-called ‘morning hair.’ No more endless minutes spent in the bathroom trying to put down those rebellious strands. And of course, say goodbye to lackluster hair.

Consort helps guys look neat and natural all day. It is never stiff or sticky.

6. Natural Hair Products For Men: Shampoo And Conditioner

Did you think that shampoo and conditioner duo’s were for women-exclusively? Well, think again. This marvelous hair product for men is great for healing damaged and dry hair while eliminating dandruff and giving your mood a quick lift.

Another great thing about K + S Salon Quality Men’s Shampoo + Conditioner Set is that it has a tingling sensation. It will awaken your mind and body first thing in the morning, or soothe and relax after a long day of battle on the sales floor.

7. Natural Hair Products For Men: Salt Spray

He might not like the idea of spraying seawater over his hair, but a bottle of salt spray can really make a difference. In men’s hair, this product is exactly what the doctor ordered for texture, definition, and volume. The salt spray also keeps the hair moisturized.

8. Natural Hair Products For Men: Putty

No, it’s definitely not the thing Tiger Woods uses when playing golf. It’s actually a pretty great hair product, recommended for men with long and wavy hair. The Rhino Premium hair styling putty texture resembles something that’s between mud and foam.

All in all, putty gives your hair a high hold even though it does little for the shine. It includes biotin and oat extract.

9. Natural Hair Products For Men: Clay

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a molding clay he can use for volume and definition. It might be a little off-putting, but the results speak for themselves. Clay’s only caveat is that it’s not as workable as putty or dry shampoo or gel.

In other words, your man must try a little more Nature’s Zero clay in the morning or before going out with you. The world’s only styling product made with Australian midnight black clay. Black clay is uniquely formulated to have the perfect amount of shine with a strong hold.

Natures Zero Black Clay

10. Natural Hair Products For Men: Hybrids

Combining the volume with shine and definition, hybrid products encompass the best of both worlds. It might seem like a bad idea to mix up these things, but, sometimes, such a product can do more for his confidence that either one of them alone.

With that, consider the Brickell Men’s Advanced Anti-Aging Routine – Night Face Cream, Vitamin C Facial Serum and Eye Cream, which is all natural and organic. Now you have the entire grooming process together.

We have reached the finish line. As you can see, there are tons of hair products to choose from. Still, there’s only the matter of convincing your significant other that he needs to use it. That’s not hard to achieve, considering that most men prefer to retain that morning, out-of-bed look instead of spending that extra minute in the mirror.

If he doesn’t get it, just buy him one or two or three products, and you will have your man looking oh-so-fresh!

Learn more about the products we recommend and hair routines on the <a href="https://obsessedhairoil.com/start-here/">Start Here</a> page, and connect on <a href="https://twitter.com/obsessedhairoil">Twitter</a> and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/obsessedhairoil">Facebook</a>.