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Long Relaxed Hair: Transform Your Look With These Tips | Obsessed Hair Oil
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Hey! Do YOU Want Beautiful, Long, Thick, Healthy Hair?

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Say it with me, “I can have long relaxed hair, I can have long relaxed hair.”

Now I’m going to get real. If you choose this option, keep in mind that it requires a bit more maintenance than non-relaxed hair. Who am I kidding…it is HIGH MAINTENANCE. Or, at least that’s what we like to think especially if you are dealing with thick hair.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would either make you an appointment or do your hair on Saturday. Why? Because it was an all day process. If you went to the salon, you more than likely had to wait because your hairdresser was running behind. If she was anything like mine, she was also busy being a psychologist for the lady in the chair, but I digress.

Your Long Relaxed Hair Is Like A Plant

Have you ever bought a plant and forgot to water it? What happens? It shrivels up, dries up and die. Well, your hair isn’t much different. Your hair needs to be hydrated too.

Hydration includes oil on those ends, a good moisturizing conditioner, and shampooing twice a week. Yes, I said it; shampoo your hair twice a week. Just think of your hair like it is your plant. Your hair needs to be watered to grow as long as it can and to be as healthy as it can.

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Worried about stripping the natural oils from your hair? Well don’t. Your scalp produces oils everyday and not to mention you are sealing your ends with oil, right? So, where is the problem?

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Ebony Parry, who has gorgeous long relaxed hair, takes a few minutes to talk about how she grew and retained her length and hair health over the past year. Check out her video.

How I Grew Long Relaxed Hair

The Relaxing Process

The relaxing process uses certain chemicals that can be damaging to your hair. So, to minimize the risk, it is a good idea never to use regular or super perm or relaxer on your hair. Use mild as it will be less abrasive. Also, try to extend the length of time between relaxers as well.

Caring For Your Long Relaxed Hair Is Incredibly Important

As I mentioned earlier, long hair is more likely to become brittle and break. It can look and feel dry and damaged. There are ways for you to combat this. For example:

  • Brush your hair twice a week, with a bristle brush, as this will distribute the oils from your scalp to your hair shaft. Brush your hair gently in long, downward strokes. Brushing your hair this way will stimulate your scalp; thereby, increasing the natural oils that cause your hair to shine while removing dirty particles from your hair. Finally, never use a brush on wet hair. This stretches your hair out and causes it to break off. Always use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet or damp. You can also simply comb your hair in the shower while the conditioner is in it.
  • Look for organic shampoos that are labeled “moisturizing” or “replenishing.” Avoid products that contain high levels of alcohol as it will dry out your hair. Also, the roots of your hair collect oil and dirt, but the long part of your hair does not. This means you should be focusing on shampooing your roots. Start at the roots and lightly wash the rest of your hair. In any case, make sure to choose a moisturizing shampoo. This can help you avoid the dryness that comes with washing hair.

Combine these tips with a regular deep conditioning routine, and you may notice a difference in the strength of your long relaxed hair. Continue to care for your tresses, so as to make your relaxed style last.

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