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Laid Edges

Laid edges is a thing. No matter what hairstyle you might decide to rock we black women may decide to go the extra mile and add some product to keep our hair laid all day. It’s just how we roll. Some of us go so far with our laid edges that we run out of real estate! But hey, that’s okay with your bad edges laid.

If you have thick or thin hair on your hairline, you’re a candidate for laid edges. Hair gel will allow you to style them in different fanciful designs. However, caution is in order. You don’t want to buy hair gel that is full of alcohol or use gel everyday. The main reason is it might damage your hair edges or cause hair breakage.

In some cases, it is believed that this could cause alopecia. Yes, some women have ruined their hairline with excessive use of hair gel. It is rare, but be sure to wash your hair thoroughly to avoid build up.

Now onto the fun part. It is time to learn more about those laid edges and how to style them. To get the best laid edges, see the recommendations on products, tips and more below.

What Exactly Are Laid Edges And How To Get Them?

It is small wispy hairs that go around the edge of your hairline. Some people have thick hair and some thin. You take those hairs and slick them down normally using a toothbrush and some edge control. Check out this video on how to slay those edges.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can prep and get your edges laid to the gods.

Step 1: Choose Your Hairstyle
Decide on the hairstyle you want wear whether a ponytail, high bun or braids. Once you have your hairdo in place it will make it much easier whipped your edges into shape.

Step 2: Spritz Water On Your Natural Edges (skip if your hair is relaxed)

By spritzing your hairline with water, you can ensure that your hair receives instant light moisture. It will help combat the dryness that can happen when applying hair gel.

Step 3: Stop Playing And Get A Toothbrush

To create the look start near the center of your head and begin to create “C” patterns one after the other until you reach your ear using a firm toothbrush. You can get as intricate as you want by adding curls down your hairline. Since hair edges are so wispy and don’t appreciate being forced to lay down, a toothbrush is perfect for the job.

Step 4: You’re Going To Need Laid Edge Control

I’m all for using edge control gel, but please don’t use too much. If you put a pound of gel on your edges it will take forever to dry. Plus, when it dries it will look like a bucket of dandruff is sitting on your forehead. That’s not cool.

Make Sure Read This Next Section!

Use enough gel to slick your hair down then start the process of smoothing and designing the look you want. Once you have done all you can do with your toothbrush, it is time to kick things up a notch. Use your finger to lay down any loose hair strands and/or move hair in the direction you intended. The first time you try this you might not get the look you wanted, but in time practice makes perfect.

As for products, I have been using Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges for years. It has long-lasting hold and contains moisturizing and protective ingredients.

  • Controls and holds down edges
  • Moisturizes and gives exotic shine
  • Perfect for relaxed and natural hair
  • Infused with Argan Oil from Morocco

Step 5: I’ve Got A Secret
Add Obsessed Hair Oil to your edges once you have finished swooping those hair edges into place. It will protect your hair and stop your hair from flaking around your edges. After that, tie your silk or satin scarf around your hairline for about 15 minutes. When you remove your scarf, it’ll make you want sing!

Hair Edge Straightener

Why Do Your Hair Edges Break Off?

Ok, so now you know how to get those cute laid edges. Now, we have to work to keep that hairstyle. However, we need to acknowledge the most fragile area of your hair is along the hairline aka your edges. The thin, wispy hairs are quite breakable. Unfortunately, they are normally the first to go when facing hair breakage and/or dryness.

There are many reasons why this can happen.

  • Not covering your hair when you go to bed with a satin or silk scarf. Remember, cotton is not a good bed fellow for your hair has it sucks moisture out of your hair strands causing dryness.
  • Hairstyles that cause friction around your hairline like tight ponytails, tightly installed weaves or braids and constant brushing will lead to breakage.
  • Lack of moisture or dry scalp and hair that snaps off especially if you are using cheap hair care products, or even if your shampoo bar or shampoo is extremely harsh.

Edges Laid

If your hair edges are broke off or balding, you can take action and get your edges back.

The Daily Plan:

  • Go with your protective hairstyle of choose.
  • If your hair is natural, spritz a little water on your edges.
  • Apply Obsessed Hair Oil every night to your edges.

The Weekly Plan

  • Shampoo
  • Protein treatment
  • Deep conditioner or hair mask
  • Moisturize with Shea butter
  • Moisturize and seal with Obsessed Hair Oil
  • Style in a protective hairstyle

Learn more about other moistures and sealants, like acai berry oilpeppermint oil, shea butter or castor oil that will not only allow you to style your hair and edges, but to keep them moist as well.

Reasons To Use Edges Laid Hair Gel

  • There are several reasons you will want to use hair gel. is that it allows you to style these hairs.
  • It has a firm hold to keep those pesky hairs in place.
  • If you use hair gel that has oil like Argan in it, it will moisturize your hair strands, which prevents breakage.
  • Some gels promote growth, especially if you have thinning hair edges.

What About Using A Hair Edge Brush?

When you go to the beauty shop, have you noticed your hairstylist sifting through an endless drawer of hair brushes? If so, it is for a reason. Not all hair brushes are created equal. They each do different things. In addition, there are so many different hair textures and styles that choosing the right brush is very important.

I prefer a toothbrush for my edges; however, some people like hair brushes and that is fine too. Be sure to choose a boar bristle that will polish your hair. This type of brush helps transfer your scalp’s natural sebum throughout your strands to keep it naturally nourished. It is perfect for smoothing out those intricate designs around your face.

How To Find The Best Hair Edge Straightener

There are many products such as LovelyB’s Edge Control, which is one of the best edge control products on the market. Even if you have never use this before, you have probably seen reviews on the web that document how this product is one of the best. However, many ladies who have 4b and 4c hair says it doesn’t work for them.

Another hair gel that works for all hair types is Eco Style Styling Gel, Olive Oil. It will keep your hair and edges laid. It does not produce white residue throughout the day unless you have been piling it on for several days.

edges hair gel

If you haven’t used any of these laid edges products before, you will be impressed with what is in most of them. The fact that it doesn’t flake or leave any annoying residue most of the day is a score in my book. They both held my edges down.

On top of the health benefits to your hair the gel leaves your hair looking sleek. There are also other ingredients in the products, which are all designed to holds down edges while moisturizing.

How To Make Sure I Have Laid Edges That Are Protected?

As I mentioned earlier, LovelyB’s and Eco Olive Oil Gel are two of the best products on the market. They do not use harmful ingredients such as alcohol, petrolatum, mineral oil, paraben, or silicone. All of these ingredients can dry your hair and scalp. Also, they can adversely affect the growth of the hairs on your hairline.

You can have the best laid edges as long as you have the right product. You can use the ones that were recommended, or you could search for others using the guidelines mentioned in this article. However, it might be difficult as these edge straightening products are really good.

If laid edges has always been a problem for you, you can’t go wrong with LovelyB’s Edge Control or Eco Style Styling Olive Oil Gel. Both can give you that distinctive laid edge hairstyle along your hairline.

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