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Kent Brushes

Founded in the year 1777, Kent is well-known for its bristle brushes. Kent brushes have outstanding craftsmanship and are known for only using the finest materials available. Basically, Kent Brushes has managed to elevate their humble beginnings hairbrush. How you might ask? They leveraged their high-quality service and haircare expertise into a desirable product. Furthermore, their hairbrush is enjoyed from across the globe.

Kent Brushes: Reputation And Product Range

With intense competition from places like India and China, Kent brushes refuses to sell inferior products.  Instead, they have retained its unprecedented quality and craftsmanship. To this day, they still “choose” to only produce their original hair brushes by hand.

At the same time, they make use of the latest start-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Noteworthy, they mix traditional and time-tested techniques to make the finest brush products in the world.

kent brushes review


Kent Brushes History

Aside from their rich British heritage and exceptional repute, Kent Brushes are most famous for their hair brushes. Also, they cater to all hair types, length, style and budget. With an extensive selection of brushes including styling brushes, radials, ceramics, vents, ionic, paddle, volumising and pure bristle, Kent Brushes are the perfect choice for both salon and retail use.

Check out a quick historical video. Also, after watching you will see they have stayed true to their impeccable style and taste.

Kent Brushes: Range Of Brushes

The Kent brand currently manufactures more than 250 brush types including:

  • Body
  • Hair
  • Shaving
  • Teeth
  • Make-Up
  • Clothes

Also, they have also been supplying some of the most prestigious stores across the UK, such as Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, John Lewis and Harrods for over two centuries.

AirHedz by Kent Brushes: For Hair With Attitude

This brush range offers the choice of “Phine” and “Phat” pins. Also, these pins detangle and tame even the wildest hair. The “Phat” quills work like fingers for separating your hair strands gently without pulling on your hair.

This is the ideal brush for curls and thick hair without losing any definition. As a result, the “Phine” quills gently tame and control flyaway hair.  It is ideal for smoothing straight, long hair. You can use these brushes on freshly washed wet hair too. Finally, the price range from these brushes range from $24.00 to $32.90.

The OG4 Kent Brushes

Made from high-quality beechwood and pure bristles. This will get your hair into the shape. Also, it is perfect for medium to fine hair. Alternatives include: The Kent PF07 or NS10 Natural Shine Rubber Cushion Hair Brushes. Furthermore, these brushes are recommended for daily styling.

They are made from natural bristles, have an attractive wooden handle and a rubber cushion for optimal comfort. Also, this range of brushes is ideal for daily styling and every hair type.

Kent Brushes: LPB1 Large Paddle Brush

This large cushioned LPB1 brush features 13 rows of quills that are all ball-tipped. The cushioned head works on protecting the scalp from damage while detangling and grooming hair. Furthermore, the ball tips assist in protecting your hair follicles from damage or scratching your scalp.

There Are Kent Brushes For Everyone

The Kent brush range has a brush suited for every hairstyle and hair type. Each brush is made with only real bristles. These real bristles are ideal for encouraging hair health and natural shine. To increase shine learn more about peppermint oil, which is one the ingredients found in Obsessed Hair Oil.

As I mentioned, Kent started out as a family run and owned business. It was known as G.B. Kent & Sons PLC. Today, the company is recognized as the oldest manufacturer of brushes in the world.

Over the years the Kent range has evolved. Likewise, it includes brushes for all types of styling techniques and all types of hair. Hair brushing and styling is closely associated with fashion and lifestyle.

Kent has managed to keep step with these ever-changing needs. Also, they are on the cutting edge by introducing new brushes to meet the demands of society. When it comes to Kent, there truly is a brush suitable for everyone. That includes everyone in the family and even for your makeup and your teeth.

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