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hooded dryer

Are you looking to purchase the perfect hooded dryer, but cannot figure out the best features to look out for? If so, I totally understand your pain. With more consumers becoming aware of their hair texture and how best to take care of their hair, manufacturers have flooded the market with every kind of hair hooded dryer. Telling a quality one from the rest has become a challenge.

Some of the best hooded hair dryers are found in professional hair salons. However, don’t let that deter you from having one at home. Depending on the hooded dryer you choose, you may get a bit of sticker shock at first, but your dryer will soon pay for itself.

What I love about the hooded dryer is that you can dry and style your hair in the comfort of your own home while achieving salon professional results. When my hair is feeling dry or brittle, I’ll add Obsessed Hair Oil to my roots and and ends for a great hot oil treatment!

Even then, it is still crucial that you get a high-quality hooded hair dryer model that is suited to your hair, so that it can improve the health of your hair. This means that the ideal hooded dryer will ensure that the chances of ending up with brittle tresses are kept at a bare minimal.

Therefore, it is essential that you have in mind the weight of your hair dryer, what is it made of, its wattage, and any special features, which may make it a lot easier to dry your hair.

That sounds confusing, doesn’t it? I got your back – I will take you through each factor to help you get your dream hair dryer. Lets get started.

A Brief History

A hairdryer is an appliance whose invention dates back to 1920 when the hair care of men and women was made more convenient. Since then, the hair dryer has undergone significant improvements to give rise to today’s modern invention.

History of Hooded Dryer

Over time, the hair dryer has reduced in size and weight to give rise to a smaller and less bulky hair dryer with lesser tendency to overheat. Notably, the 1951 bonnet hair dryer inspired the invention of today’s hooded hair dryer.

Are Hooded Dryers Safe For Your Hair?

There is an association of hair damage to hair drying. However, hair dryers are safe when used appropriately. Research shows that when used at the right temperature range, hair dryers are even more reliable than natural means of hair drying as held by a study published in the Annals of Dermatology journal. Therefore, ensure that your hair dryer has the necessary heat settings for hair safety.

All You Need to Know About Choosing the Best Hair Dryer

Settle for the Right Hooded Hair Dryer Material – Depending on Your Hair Type

If you have thick and frizzy strands, then you need a tourmaline or ionic dryer. Why? Well, tourmaline and ionic dryers tend to give off the much needed negative ions, which are essential in breaking up any water droplets present on your hair strands to make them dry fast.

Consequently, your hair is bound to be less frizzy upon drying. Thus, a ionic interior for your hair dryer promises the best results for thick, frizzy hair types.

If you need more intense ionic effect, then settle for the semi-precious tourmaline metal dryer. While this make is likely to cost more than regular ionic dryers, it is worth the investment if you wish to turn around your frizzy hair.

Either way, a tourmaline or ionic dryer is essential for hair types that do not dry easily. However, stay away from ionic dryers if your hair is thin or fine since this dryer won’t help to build volume.

Is Your Hair Dry or Fine? Go for Hooded Porcelain or Ceramic Dryer.

Your hair could be dry or fine, and could also dehydrate with ease. Don’t worry, a hair dryer featuring bonnet will be ideal for you such as the Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer. This dryer will be more consistent and less harsh when distributing heat. If you are uncertain about the hooded dryer type you need, then a bonnet model is an excellent choice as it works with all types and styles of hair.

What’s more, this dryer equally relies on negative ions to curb frizz and promote fast drying. You might also love that some models feature infrared technology. Therefore, they are designed to utilize longer energy waves, which achieve hair penetration to dry your strands from inside out. Plus, it really works well with water only hair washing.

If You Have Lots of Hair, the Hooded Titanium Dryer Will Be Perfect.

What I love about titanium dryers is their provision of heat at steady and even temperatures. However, it might not be ideal for those with damaged or fine hair as it tends to get very hot. The reason I recommend the titanium dyer if you have lots of thick curly hair is that this model could help to reduce drying time significantly.

Notably, as you consider the weight of the dryer, remember that porcelain or ceramic is more substantial than titanium. Therefore, titanium dryers are bound to be lighter making it comfortable for use when dealing with large curl volumes.

Wattage Matters!

I recommend that you get yourself a 1000 wattage minimum hooded dryer. Remember, how fast and hard the motor of your dryer works is dependent on is wattage. This implies that a higher wattage dryer dries your hair faster. Adequate wattage means adequate heat. Subsequently, avoiding heat damage means preventing hair loss (2).

Low-wattage dryers are usually cheaper. While this is good on your budget initially, it might require you to replace it with a higher-wattage dryer over time. Why not invest once for the long term? If your dryer is to be used within the confines of your home, then a 1000-watt dryer will do.

However, if you are a stylist and would love to use your dryer in a salon, consider going for a dryer with a wattage range between 2500 and 3000. You may also use such a dryer at home if your hair is thick and difficult to dry.

Your Dryer Should Have Multiple Heat Settings

Even with the desired make material for your dryer and the recommended wattage range, it still adds value to your bottom line when you get a model that is designed with heat level adjustment. Heat settings ensure that your hair strands are not overheated, which could result in hair loss (3).

Before purchasing, it is critical to ensure that the model you are about to get allows for high, medium, and low heat settings. This further allows you to use the exact heat amount that your hair needs.

Therefore, the low heat setting will be ideal for dry, fine, or thin hair. The medium and high heat settings will be perfect for normal and thick hair types.


There are things we can always forego, but a high-quality hair dryer is not one of them. If you can make the decision to purchase other beauty products and equipment, why not a good dryer too. To me, I find it justifiable that I can spend just a bit more to get the ideal dryer. But hey, I am not suggesting you pay something outrageous because a hair dryer is on your to-buy-list.

Experts will always tell you that you need a pricier dryer if you need prettier and healthier tresses. We both know that is not true! Remember, cheaper dryers have lower heat output and require replacement over time. I recommend that you settle for blowers whose prices range between $75 and $200 like the LCL Beauty CE Certified 1000 Watt Quiet Operation Professional Salon Hooded Hair Dryer. You pay a little more upfront and you won’t need to keep buying cheap models.

Hooded Dryer Extra Features

A Cool Shot Setting

Your dryer should have a cool setting. This setting is critical in reducing frizz when drying. The secret to achieving sleek and lustrous hair is opting for a blower with a cool setting feature. This feature on the dryer will let you blast your hair with a stream of cool air when you are almost finished drying. This blast works to seal your cuticles for soft, smooth, and beautiful hair.

To use this feature switch to the cool setting from the heat setting when your hair is 80% done. Consequently, your hair will not be overheated.


If you sit underneath your hooded dryer, it is critical that you take note of the time. The perfect hooded hair dryer has a timer to enable you to determine the length of usage time. Remember to set the time slightly below the recommended time to allow you check on the drying progress. Remember, as held by research, overheating during drying may cause serious damage to your hair shafts (4).

Roller Sets

Some of the best hooded dryers have their own sets of rollers. If you are a first time user of a hooded hair dryer, I would recommend that you purchase a dryer that has these rollers. You’ll find them useful for when you want curly hair or to maintain your own curly hair.

Variable Speed Settings

Imagine the inconvenience of working with a hooded dryer whose speed you cannot control. It is essential that your preferred hooded hair dryer is designed to allow you vary the drying speed. Just like you would love to manage the speed of your handheld hair dryer, the hooded hair dryer should give you similar, even better, convenience.

Think of this, why would you need a quick air blast for beautiful hair when all it needs is slow and careful drying?

Variable speed settings allow you to work around all hair types in different conditions efficiently. As justified by research, the period of exposure has significant breakage effects on weathered and normal hair (5).


Even with the resurgence of hooded hair dryers into the beauty and fashion industry, you need to be careful what kind of dryer you purchase. If you can get a hooded hair dryer with the right ionic technology, you get to dry your hair depending on its type appropriately. The wattage of your dryer ensures that your dryer has adequate heat to dry your hair.

The multiple heat settings ensure that your hair strands are not subjected to overheating. You also need to settle for a mid price dryer to avoid future replacement costs.

Also, a dryer with a timer allows you to monitor the length of drying, while variable speed settings ensure that the speed settings are appropriate for your hair thickness and texture. With a hooded dryer made of the right material, you can be certain to achieve beautiful hair.

Now you know all you need to when making your hooded dryer purchase!

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