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You’re watching TV, you see a news clip of your favorite female celebrities attending a high-profile award show. You ogle at their fabulous designer gowns. Sure, you know they you are ridiculously expensive. And then…your attention goes to their hair. How do they always keep their locks on point, like, all the time? Is it a hair weave they are wearing?

Well, no shade, but they have a team of stylists to thank for their flawless looks. Second, that gorgeous head of hair might not be all theirs. That’s right, they might be wearing a  hair weave. Stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, and Tyra Banks have made use of these hair tools. These tools help them transition from short haircuts to long, gorgeous locks in an instant. That is just being smart!

Reasons Why Some Women Wear Human Hair Weave

  • Convenience – Many women lead hectic lives. You’re busy with careers, families or both. If you are a busy lady, a hair weave may be perfect for you. It will save you a lot of time and effort. Grooming and styling yourself in the morning will be much easier. Now you can use the time you saved on more important things. You know, like spending quality time with your family before going to work.
  • Hair Protection – If you’re the type of woman who exposes her hair to a lot of treatments, which can be harmful in the long run, extensions allow you to give your precious locks some rest from all the styling and treatments you subject them to.
  • Covering Up  – Sometimes unwanted hair emergencies can occur, such as a poor dye job or sudden hair loss. It is like a quick cure for baldness. In these instances, a hair weave is the perfect fix for these types of emergencies. You can cover up the mistake for a while with a weave while you wait to figure out a long-term solution.

Have You Thought About these Reasons Too?

human hair weave

  • Going On Vacation – When you’re on a holiday, the last thing you want to think about is how to style your hair when you could be exploring an exotic place or lounging by the pool. A weave helps you to really relax on your vacation instead of worrying about what to do with your hair.
  • Changing Your Hairstyle – Once in awhile you might want to think about switching up your hairdo. Before you head off to the salon, though, consider practicing the specific style you’re going for on a weave first to avoid the damage that might come with the trial-and-error styling you’d do. But make sure to choose extensions that match your natural hair’s texture, so you can get a real feel for the changes.
  • Color Experiments – If you’re like most women, you have probably imagined your hair in a lot of different colors. For instance, you’ve probably thought, What would I look like with red hair? Or blonde? But what if having red or blonde hair turned out to not be a good look for you? Coloring your hair weave instead of your natural hair helps you avoid the commitment you’d encounter with a dye job. Because it’s not permanent, you can change the style at any time if it doesn’t turn out to be good for you. Also, it helps to avoid the damage that comes with dye jobs.

Aside from helping you get a look that’s instantly dramatic, hair weave can also help you out in a lot of different ways.

The Hair Weave That Is Right For You

Now that you know how weaves can make a lot of difference, it’s time to decide on which particular hair options is right for you. There are many kinds out there, and your choice would depend on numerous factors such as the specific volume and length you’re going for as well as how long you’re intending to use them.

hair weave styles

If you’re a bit overwhelmed at your choices, here is a handy guide at the basic types of hair weave styles you can choose from:

  • Peruvian – This has a flexible texture as it works well with many different hair types even more coarse textures. Peruvian hair is luxurious, but lightweight and, thus, is very easy to manage.
  • Indian – This type is known for its extremely thick texture. It also has a natural shine and comes in different styles such as curly, wavy, and straight. It is a favorite with most women who prefer a natural style.
  • Brazilian – This is the ideal weave for black women because its texture is thick and voluminous and simply fabulous. Brazilian hair looks and feels natural.
  • Human Remy – Remy hair is the highest quality type of hair weave available on the market today. It is because remy hair weaves undergo a special process that allows the cuticle to be preserved. Remy hair is bought at a premium price. The price is worth it as it is a superior quality product.

Common Mistakes Women Make When Wearing Hair Weave Styles

Many women would like to believe that simply wearing a weave ensures that they look fabulous all the time. However, this isn’t always true. I feel there is a need to educate women about poor weave practices that some of us are guilty of doing.

At some point, all of us might have done one or two of these mistakes:

Not matching the textures

The importance of matching your weaves texture to that of your natural hair cannot be stressed enough. Whether you have fine or coarse hair, you should choose an extension that has a similar look and feel as your hair. I found it is one of the great home remedies for hair growth.

Also, you should keep in mind your own styling routine. If you’re more of a low-maintenance gal, then choose a weave with a looser texture, so you won’t have to spend that much time caring for it.

Not cleaning your hair enough

Weaves need to be cleaned and conditioned every once in awhile to maintain them. Also, hair weave needs hair oil applied to it too. If you don’t want to wash your weave yourself, you can opt to set an appointment with your stylist for a weekly maintenance.

If you’re fine doing it on your own, make sure to avoid products that have harmful ingredients like sulfates, sodium chloride, silicone, and the like as such products can cause your extensions to be dry or to clump together. Focus on using more natural hair care products.

Leaving the hair weave in too long

Extensions are not meant to be worn for a long time. They can be worn for up to twelve weeks, but beyond that, they can cause your natural hair unnecessary damage. If you have fine or oily hair, you can wear your weave for around four to six weeks; while those with normal or thick hair can wear theirs for around eight to the full twelve weeks.

If you’re considering wearing extensions, make sure you look after your natural hair’s maintenance too with as mentioned hair or aloe vera for hair. Otherwise, you can develop traction alopecia, which is a condition for when you lose hair because of the constant force being applied to your hair.

More importantly, choose quality hair weaves. Don’t go for cheap, synthetic ones. Go for those made with real human hair and by a reputable company like Human Hair Extension Online.

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