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Hair Toner

Hair toner helps you to correct your color. Many professionals use it to add natural tones after receiving color treatment. Why do you need it? Routine coloring can cause your hair to become brassy over time. Your hair will start have warm undertones that make your hair look unnatural. Hair toner is used to get rid of unwanted undertones while preserving your initial color.

As a result, it enhances the color scheme of your hair by creating a finished look. It is normally used for different shades of blonde hair, but it can do wonders for auburn, brunettes and redheads too. Keep in mind, for toner to work, your hair has to be dyed first. Finally, if your hair is dull, lifeless or faded, toner might be what you need.

Benefits Of Using Hair Toner

1. Alters Your Hair Tone

Toner cancels out and modifies undesirable tones in your hair. Those tones include: brassy yellow, orange, gold, red and ash shades. But, it does something more. It corrects the hair tone without darkening or lightening the hair in any way. A toner is usually helpful to modify the brass color tones in your hair after bleaching.

2. Acts As A Filler

The hair toner evens out the highlights or hair color. The toner can act as a filler to balance out the hair’s porosity making your hair perfect from root base to the ends.

3. Softens Highlights

We love highlights which have a smooth transition from the hair root to end. At times, your roots may come out brighter simply because that portion of your hair is considered the most virgin and nearest to your scalp, which is a source of warmth.

hair toner for brassiness

The toner can get your hair color several steps darker, which can complement your highlights. The hair toner softens the appearance.

4. Adds Shine To Your Hair

Acts like a topcoat for your hair, akin to a topcoat on your nails. It brings amazing richness and shine to your hair and enriches your color, so it can last longer. Also, toner is perfect for refreshing color which has faded, and incorporating shine.

5. Neutralizes Hair Tone

Generally, hair that’s been artificially lightened with a color like Revlon Colorsilk or some other brand has warm color residue in your hair. As mentioned they vary from orange, red, yellow or pale yellow brassy tones.

The brassy colors scream that your hair is bleached. It is the toner’s job to reduce the effects of those tones, so it is more natural looking.

6. Customizes Your Hair Color

The main advantage of hair toners is customization. Hair color and balayage is becoming so sophisticated that you can change the color brightness in specific areas of your hair not all over.

Another example, using the toner at your hair roots will make them look naturally bright. You can also counteract the brassiness with a hair toner. When you got a pale blonde shade, you can decide to apply pink toner on and have that champagne baby-pink color that many love.

You may also make your blonde dingier or even ashier with a hair toner. Even if you are just lightening up your hair a bit, it’s vital that you use a toner for an extra edge.

Using Hair Toner

Applying a Toner

The best time for you to apply toner is straight after bleaching. Basically, rinse the bleach from your hair, shampoo and towel dry until your hair is a bit damp. Then you’re ready to tone. Make sure to stick to the directions for the brand of toner.

It is critical to observe the color and processing time. If left on for a long time, it will leave you with lavender or gray-tinged hair. Check out some brands here.

Maintaining your Toner

Toner lasts about 2-8 weeks. If you wash your hair right after coloring with a clarifying shampoo, the toner can start to come out. If you don’t wash your hair more than once a week, the toner will last longer.

Hair toner seriously does wonders for brightening up and rejuvenating dreary, faded hair color. It’s the key ingredient, which transforms blonde from simple to bombshell. These hair toners aren’t just shade-altering formulations, but they’re your secret weapon.

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