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If you want highlights in your air, you don’t have to get the same old foils you’re used to. You may have a new, better option available to you – hair painting.

Hair painting is becoming a very hot trend. It’s an amazing way to create fluid and attractive highlights. Below I am going to provide information on getting your hair done at a salon. However, for those of you who want to dye your hair at home, check out Tips Bulletin extensive tips.

How Does It Work?

When you get fluid highlights, the salon typically has you lie back on a table. From there, they spread your hair out and divide it into different sections. The color is mixed and the highlights are painted directly onto the hair.

From there, the highlights are given time to change the color of your hair, and then washed out as normal. When the process is finished, you’ll have gorgeous highlights.

Not every salon follows the same process, but this is one of the more popular methods.

How Long Does It Take For Hair Painting?

Getting painted highlights doesn’t take as long as it would usually take to get normal highlights. Because the stylist doesn’t have to bother with foil, they can complete the whole process very quickly. In many cases, the highlights can be done in as little as 45 minutes.

With that said, your highlights will take longer to apply if your hair is especially long or thick. If you’re concerned about the length of your appointment, set up a consultation with a stylist in advance. They will be able to help you figure out how long your appointment will take.

Is Hair Painting Better Than Regular Highlights?

Fluid highlights offer a lot of advantages over regular highlights. For one, these highlights have a much more natural look than highlights that are applied via foil. The stylist can paint the highlights onto the hair and create a really attractive look.

Fluid Hair Painting

In addition, this is an easier and more comfortable process. No one likes having endless pieces of foil folded into their hair. Painting really simplifies the entire process. You’ll be able to get your hair highlighted more quickly.

This process is even more environmentally friendly! Because you won’t be using foil, you will be producing less waste.

Other Hair Painting Benefits

Some people refer to these types of highlights as “babylights.” This is because this highlighting technique allows people to achieve a really simple and natural look. If you want to change your hair, but don’t want anything dramatic, this might be an excellent option for you.

When you get highlights done this way, you aren’t just changing the color of your hair. You’re adding dimension and movement to your locks. The end result will feel like something truly special. You’ll be able to get the kind of hair you have always wished you had.

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices of these types of highlights vary wildly from salon to salon. The average price is $100 to $150. If a lot of salons in your area offer hair painting, prices may be comparable to normal highlights. If there are few salons offering fluid highlights, you’ll probably have to pay a bit more to get the process done.

If you’re concerned about price, take the time to look at all of your different options. You should be able to find a salon that has more affordable rates. In time, as the trend grows, there will be more affordable options available even in smaller towns.

Who Is Getting Painted Highlights?

Hair painting is extremely popular with celebrities. Stars like Janet Jackson, Rihanna and Christie Tiegen have been seen getting this kind of highlighting done. It’s a big hit with celebrities, and it’s slowly starting to spread beyond Hollywood.

Currently, all of the hottest salons are starting to offer hair painting as an option.

If you want to take advantage of this incredible new trend, you will want to make an appointment as soon as you can. If you book an appointment quickly, you’ll be able to get incredible highlights before any of your friends can.

Now that you know a little bit more about painted highlights, you can decide whether or not this look is right for you. Check out the salons offering it in your area and find out what their rates are.

You should also look at a few before and after pictures. Once you see how good these highlights can look, you’ll want to get the same results for your own hair.

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