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2019 was the BEST year EVER!!! In as little as 11 months YOU could be the one saying that. How? Goals.

WARNING: This newsletter is going to help you reach for a better version of yourself, including your hair. If you’re truly ready…read on!

Yes, my friends, goals. Setting goals is like climbing the rungs of a ladder. As you stretch forward with all your might for each one, reach it, and then surpass it; you get ever closer to fully living out your ultimate dreams. It’s consistency, it’s effort, it’s the desire and mindset that what’s mine will be mine if I stop at nothing to possess it.

Questions For You

So then, seriously, what are your goals for this year? Are you aiming for more financial success? To see more of the world? Purchase a new home? Finally, be your authentic self for all to see? Or, perhaps to get into the best shape of your life?

Well, all of those things are great!

Feeling your best, being your best; and looking your best are keys to optimum satisfaction. Nevertheless, let’s zero in on the looking your best part. What are your goals in that arena? More specifically, what are your “looking my best” hair goals?

Are you tired of slow or no hair growth? Is watching your hair thin into non-existence more than you can bear? Or is lifeless, dull looking strands or curls causing you to hide your crown of glory under a hat or lace front?

Well, ACT! It’s time to change your hair path once and for all! You can still wear your hat or lace front proudly; but you’ll also make 2019 the year that you remove them with the exhilaration of knowing YOUR OWN hair is fabulous and rightfully deserves its spotlight.

hair goals 2019

So then, what are some things you can do to get your tresses healthy so that you can experience better hair all year long? First of all, remember what hair is made of…protein. Also, it requires sebum to grow. Why is knowing those two things important? It’s because those are two essential keys to creating longer, fuller strands.

You see the protein that your hair is made out of is known as Keratin. It’s Keratin that provides the structure of your strands; giving it its strength and shape.

What Does Your Hair Need

If protein is lacking then you can unfortunately look forward to your hair becoming weak, dull, lifeless and falling out or breaking with total ease. As one can see, if your hair is falling out, then most likely you will not see a single strand of evidence of growth.

To grow your hair properly you must make sure your hair is getting plenty of protein. Protein helps to balance the hydration level and moisture of your hair as well as keep your hair strong and healthy. Therefore, an awesome hair goal for 2019 can be to make sure you are supplying your hair with enough protein.

You can do this by adding good sources of iron and protein to your diet, since they are the two basic elements required for hair growth. Also, add foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like zinc, Vitamin A and C.

All of these strengthen hair follicles making breakage and hair fall a thing of the past. Lastly, oiling your hair is CRUCIAL.

Why? Well, remember we also mentioned sebum? Your hair and skin needs this secreted oil because it conditions them. Sebum is basically a waxy substance made of triglycerides, wax esters, squalene, and metabolites of fat-producing cells.

Moreover, it waterproofs and lubricates the skin and hair. So then, without it your skin (which does include the scalp) would be pretty parched.

What’s more is that most don’t realize that after puberty or during pregnancy our body produces more sebum, BUT as we age we begin to make less sebum. This means our skin/hair, more specifically our scalp, needs a little additional help.

That is why our parents taught us not to over wash our hair because it needs that sebum. Regularly oiling your hair or doing oil treatments are the most efficient methods for giving our scalps the little bit of oil help it requires for optimum hair growth.

This isn’t a gimmick. This isn’t a joke. It’s just something that needs to be added to your hair regimen IF you are serious about hair growth. Therefore, a second great hair goal for 2019 is controlling and balancing your hair’s oil, which in turn will affect your hair growth cycle positively.

Start with what you are putting inside. You are what you eat. Control sebum hair loss by cutting down on eating greasy and spicy foods. Additionally, add a few drops of hair oil to your deep conditioning treatments to give strands an extra boost.

Jojoba Oil

Also, incorporate oiling within regular scalp massage. This technique will not only keep the scalp from becoming dry, but it will increase blood circulation making the scalp even healthier to support hair growth.

So then, got hair goals for 2019? Will this be your best hair year ever? Well, if you start now with the right goals, tools and hair products, you will see much improvement! You will find that you now have a plan of action that will lead you to on a bright path to hair success!

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