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Green Hair Dye

Are you shopping for a crazy, fun green hair dye? If so, you have come to the right place. There are a plethora of hair dyes, hair mascara, balayage and hair toner available. However, not all of these products are created alike. That is why you should be cautious. Below are few things to consider before purchasing  green hair dye.

First, green may not be the color most people opt to get. You are sure to get some side eye, but ignore the haters. This funky shade suits most folks when applied correctly. In fact, there are so many shades of green you’ll have to figure out, which one suits you the best.

As the chart below shows the hues of green  are quite different from each other. You have many options when choosing the right shade to suit your hair, personality and style. Revlon Colorsilk has many bold shades.

Shades of Green


Are you an old pro and have been dying your hair bold colors for years? If yes, I love it. However, just know your hair retains some dye from previous applications. So, you should expect a slightly different result from before. Even if you use the best green hair dye like, Adore hair color, you’ll see some variation. Hence, the shade of green you choose will have an effect on how your hair looks.

Choose Green Hair Dye Quality

The price of the product also plays an important part when buying hair dye. Cheap products tend to look, well cheap. Don’t compromise the quality of the product just to save a few bucks. Also, cheap products typically have chemicals that are harmful to your scalp. So, do yourself a favor and buy a quality green hair dye at an affordable price.

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Big Brands

I don’t normally go for the big brands only. However, when it comes to hair dye they tend to have higher quality. I’ve tried many off-brand products you have never heard of and the color was awful.So, go with a  dye brand that you know works.

Jerome Russell Punky Colour

Jerome Russell Punky Color is a great green hair dye. It comes in a large tub, so you get your money’s worth. Also, it is quite affordable compared to most of the other dyes. This is a semi-permanent product that is vegetarian-friendly. It will leave your hair soft and smooth.

The product offers a bright shade of green, which could be muted down. This is a coloring cream rather than a chemical liquid, which will deeply moisturize your hair. The only disadvantage of the product is you have to purchase another dye if you want to tone down the color. Learn more here.

Splat Kit Neon Green

Splat Kit Neon Green is another quality green hair dye. Although the price of this long lasting product is slightly higher, you won’t have to break the bank to buy it. It is a neon green color.

If you wash your hair, will the color rinse out immediately. No, you can expect it to last about two months if you take care of your dyed hair. Here’s the trick:

  • When you shampoo, use ONLY cool or cold temperature water
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo or gluten free shampoo
  • Rinse your hair quickly, so it doesn’t bleed out the color
  • Some prefer water only hair washing the first month of getting their hair dyed

The product is used in big name salons and is stylist approved. The only disadvantage of the product is it contains peroxide and dye. Your hair should be moisturized on a regular basis once you use this dye. Otherwise, you may experience a dry scalp.

Check out both of the green hair dye solutions above. Classic brown and black hair is beautiful. However, every once and awhile you just need to step outside of your box. A bold green hair color can help you do just that. Remember, there are many shades of green. Go from forest, dark, emerald or ombre. These shades will set you apart from the crowd.

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