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For most of us, snow awakens that inner child that is never really that far from the surface! The sighting of a fresh sprinkling of white fluffy magic, transforming our outdoors into a Winter wonderland sure does have an enchanting feeling about it. However, when a similar sprinkling of white particles is making an appearance in our hair, well let’s just say that our reaction isn’t one of sheer joy – sheer horror is more like it!

We know that having a flaky dandruff scalp has to be one of a girl’s worst nightmares and one that can sure seem impossible to wake up from! Oh yes, we are well aware of the absolute panic that arises as you attempt to ‘pick out’ some of the flakes, only to find that your attempts seem to be creating more of a mess than before you started! The dreaded dandruff is a problem no girl wants to face, but for many lovely ladies, they are already bang, slam in the middle of the horror.

Look, we know that you feel like you would do anything it takes to get rid of that nasty flaky dandruff scalp but unfortunately, a lot of things that you think may help could actually make the problem a whole lot worse. Couple that with the fact that some treatments may help to some extent with the dandruff problem, but cause other significant hair miseries thanks to the harsh chemicals used, and it can feel like a complete mission impossible is lying before you. Don’t worry, help is at hand! In fact, it could be as simple as indulging in a luscious and relaxing hair therapy – now that doesn’t sound too painful, does it? Obsessive Hair Oil isn’t about loading your hair with more chemicals and ‘how on earth do you pronounce’ ingredients, that really isn’t what your hair is crying out for right now. Rather, it’s about combining nutritious and healing oils that are renowned for helping you to say goodbye to a flaky dandruff scalp and hello to hair that is full of shine and strength once again.

So how do we end up with dandruff in the first place? How can natural products really be the answer to your current flaky dandruff scalp nightmare? Allow us to indulge you in a few of the answers.

Why Do We Get Dandruff?

There are several reasons why dandruff plagues a person and their precious hair. Some reasons are medically based and if you feel you may fall into this category you should, of course, seek help from your primary health care provider. However, many of the reasons for dandruff paying us a visit are simply down to our own activities. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Your Shampooing Habits

There are ladies among us who love to shampoo their hair each and every day, others shampoo only twice a week and a large chunk of us fit somewhere in the middle. Did you know that shampooing too much or too rarely can actually contribute to a dandruff problem? Granted, you may already know about the problems that come with the excessive use of shampoo, but is there also a problem with shampooing too rarely? Indeed there is! It can cause skin cells to accumulate which you then see as a flaky scalp and the ‘dreaded dandruff’!

That beig said, for many of us we have a set shampoo regime that seems to work best for our hair and we really don’t want to change it too much. Which is why, as well as analyzing your shampoo habits, you also need to be giving your hair something to enrich it and fight the unwanted squatting particles!

Your Scalp Is Simply Too Dry

We all know that most things that dry out can start to flake, your scalp is definitely one of those things. A scalp that has become too dry has no choice but to start to flake, just think about all those dead skin cells that have nowhere to go, other than into your hair! That is why one of the key elements to addressing a dandruff issue is to get the scalp beautifully moisturized. Oils such as Rosemary Oil knows how to deliver on this front. Especially when combined with other beneficial oils, this oil can really get the circulation going to the scalp and promote scalp health and we all know that a healthy scalp isn’t a flaky scalp!

Skipping On The Prevention Step

One major issue can be the ‘head in the sand’ approach. You know what we are talking about, right? The idea that your hair is fine and will never suffer from dandruff so you don’t need to take any precautionary measures. This is a major no-no in the world of luscious locks! Prevention really is better than a cure and the dandruff dilemma is no exception.

Each and every day our hair comes into contact with a lot of enemies to its good health. Toxins, chemicals and much more are all around us. Now, we don’t want to depress you with the reality of the polluted world that we live, but we do want you to lift your head out of the sand if need be and make sure that your hair is armed with the right defenses to stay beautiful and flake-free. Whether you have already been hit with a serious dandruff problem, are just starting to notice a few flakes, or don’t even have any dandruff at all, you should be using the right natural treatment on your hair to ensure it is getting all of the tlc that it not only needs, but also deserves!

Stress Is Not Your Hair’s Friend

Stress can worsen many ailments in the body, you may be surprised to know that it can also make a dandruff problem a whole lot worse. Granted, your life may be so hectic that finding time to relax and put your feet up for the sake of your dandruff may not exactly seem like a possible event!

If that sounds like you we’ve got to say one thing; everyone needs a little ‘me time’! Try to find time in your schedule to enjoy a few moments dedicated to yours truly. You might even be able to make those moments when you are taking a long bath or shower and couple them with a natural hair therapy – now that sounds like a win-win situation for you and your hair!

Certainly, there are various reasons why you may find yourself sobbing in front of the mirror as you run your hand through hair that is peppered with dandruff. We know how that feels and it sure is a stinky feeling! Whether you tend to suffer from a chronic dandruff problem or have found these white unattractive particles to be a new addition to your hair-drobe, one thing is for sure; it’s time to show dandruff the door!

Shampoo habits, a scalp that has become overly dry and even stress can all contribute to a dandruff problem, as well as a host of other reasons too. Rather than use chemical-laden products to treat your hair think about allowing natural products to work their magic. Like many other lovely ladies, you may be able to let nature’s oils help you wave goodbye to a flaky dandruff scalp and hello to gorgeous hair once again!

Sherry Harris is Chief Content Officer of Obsessed Hair Oil. Learn more about the co-founders on About Us, or connect on Twitter.