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There are a lot of easy hairstyles for short hair for black women that are perfect for a wide variety of looks and fashions. Have you been wanting a new look? Have you experienced hair breakage or even dry hair because you have been experimenting again with different hair products? If so, the answer to your problems maybe to just get a short haircut.

I’m not talking about any old style. I am talking about easy hairstyles for short hair that looks fresh. The type of style that makes other ladies think your fresh new look is not only healthy, but beautiful too. If you have faced issues of trying to figure out how to come up with stylish yet natural hairdos, never fear. I have plenty of cute, easy options for your short hair.

Below are 10 of the coolest and most memorable easy hairstyles for short hair that we could find online.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. Top Knot

top knot black hairstyle


When it comes to easy short hairstyles for black women, the top knot requires a little more work than some. Typically, it needs about medium-length hair to pull off successfully or a little weave. Take all of that beautiful hair and pull it up to the top of your head. Create a simple bun and then knot it with hair ties or a rubber band.

Make sure to knot it close to the head, so that it holds tightly. You should also make sure that all of the loose ends have been caught with the tie. There is a variety of different ways that you can style a topknot, so don’t be afraid to get creative with this style!

2. Curly Bob: The Cutest – Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

curly bob hairstyle


The curly bob is a fun style that requires fairly short hair to pull off. When getting this hairstyle done, make sure that your stylist leaves a little length for your bob on the sides. Now, you can either emphasize your naturally curly hair or use an iron to create waves in your curls.

In this way, you create a stunning look that underlines the beauty of black women hair. Make sure to try out a few different styles to ensure you get the look that is right for you.

3. The Beyoncé Bob

beyonce bob hairstyle


Beyoncé is a style goddess that always looks good with any hairstyle. Her incredible bob is one of the most famous short hairstyles in the world. It requires you to dye your hair blonde and leave longer strands along the side.

The great thing about the bob is that it contrasts short hair with a few lengthier strands to create a layered look that is beautiful on just about any face. However, we think a bob of this type looks perfect on longer and narrower faces.

4. Pixie

pixie cut black women


Black women who want really short hair can try a cute pixie cut. These cuts are very short and come in a wide variety of styles. One of the most popular is the spiked pixie cut made famous by the singer Toni Braxton and actress Halle Berry.

However, you can also try smooth or slightly curly pixie cuts to create your look. Emphasize your hair’s natural beauty including laying those baby hairs to get the kind of hair that is ideal for your style needs. Experiment with dying your hair to get an even more colorful look.

5. Tapered Bangs

classy tapered short hairstyle


Bangs are a great way to frame your face. They are particularly nice if you taper them a little to create a layered look that makes your hair seem thicker. The contrast between the tapered bangs and the rest of your short hair will make your style seem more fun and quirky. It also helps create a gorgeous look that is perfect for the young black professional. Add a little castor oil to add shine and you are ready to go.

6. Looking Punk

short punk haircut


Punk style is always in fashion, and you can shock your friends and family with a short punk cut. A punk haircut should be shorter than normal for you and a little wild. You can use hair gel and light pomade to create a messy look that makes you look super punk. However, you can also leave it relatively clean and straightforward as well. A good punk cut needs to be about as long as your ears to look super sexy.

7. Short Mohawk

Short Mohawk Black Hairstyles


If you want to stand out among your friends, consider a short mohawk. Mohawks are such a striking hairstyle because they are so simple, stark, and comfortable to wear.

There are many ways you can style this great looking cut. For example, you can dye it blonde and create a surprising contrast with the rest of your hair. However, you can also simply pile it up to create a large strip of hair that looks good on you. Keep in mind, if you live where there is hard water, you will want to use chelating shampoos to keep your mohawk healthy.

8. Shaved Sides

shaved sides short hairstyle black women


One way to emphasize the shortness of your hair is to shave the sides and cut the top as short as possible. When we say short, we mean you could just about pass muster in the army. This frank and simple look will generate a lot of interest from intrigued men and jealous women wherever you happen to go. Easy hairstyles have never been simpler!

9. The TWA

twa - teenie weenie afro


Ladies 90s hairstyles are back! Black women who have short hair often celebrate their heritage with a TWA or teenie weenie afro. The name of this hairstyle says it all. You need to cut your hair relatively short, but allow it to also curl and grow in its natural manner.

There are a few advantages to this style. First of all, it stays short and is relatively easy to design. Secondly, it emphasizes the natural look of your hair and its color in a way that makes you seem like the kind of beautiful goddess you have always dreamed of being.

10. Spiky Bangs

spiky bangs black short hairstyle


Last, but not least, is this look with spiky bangs. It is somewhat similar to the pixie cut, but is a little different. After all, most pixie cuts lack bangs to style. This look takes your bangs and spikes them up in the front. You can use hair gel to achieve this startling effect.

We also suggest dying the tips of your bangs a fun color, such as bright blue or even pink. Dyeing them in this way creates a refreshing contrast that will make you stand out among your friends and create a diverse and engaging look.

Do these easy hairstyles for short hair appeal to you? Then talk to your hair stylist about getting one that you love. There are many different options from which you can choose. By finding one that works for you, you can create a beautiful short hairstyle for any occasion.

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