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Dominican Blowout

Smooth, silky hair is what a lot of woman are looking to obtain. Are you suffering from frizzy hair that is uncontrollable? Are you about to give up hope? Well, here’s something that may brighten your day. It’s called a Dominican blowout. The Dominican blowout is a new hair treatment which promises to give you shiny, smooth, and healthy hair which can be styled in any way. It can be straight or curled.

What is a Dominican Blowout?

The Dominican Blowout is the latest hair treatment, which started in the Dominican Republic. Even though it started in the Dominican Republic, you can find capable and safe Dominican blowout hairstylist. Do a Google search for Dominican blowout salon near me.

The Dominican blowout process involves hair washing, hair straightening, adding rollers and blow drying. This is a gorgeous way to sport your natural lock straight without using any chemicals.

Get to Know More About Dominican Blowout Items

Hairstylists make use of many tools. It includes:

To maximize the results, hair stylists use some chemicals for styling. Some of these include blowout cream, heat protector, and dry perfection products.

Dominican Blowout Short Hair, Is It Possible?

The best thing about this hair treatment is that it is ideal for all hair lengths. Even if your hair is short, you can get that smooth, silky hair shine.

Dominican Blowout short

You should always consider the well-being of your hair when using heat. So, discuss this topic with your hairstylist before getting service. A note of caution, while wet setting your hair is a really good method for straightening without direct heat, the extra time spent underneath the dryer along with high blow-drying temperatures can be cause for concern.

Dominica Blowout is Ideal for Relaxed Hair

The Dominican blowout is ideal for relaxed hair. It is simpler to straighten as the relaxer as already carrying out most of the work. On the other hand, the lasting effect of using different chemicals can be rough on your hair. So, it is imperative to get deep conditioning treatments in between blowouts.

Is The Dominican Blowout Best For Transitioning Hair

The line of demarcation. That line can drive you crazy because it is where your natural hair and relaxed hair meet. It is the most fragile area of your hair when transitioning, so treat it with extreme care. The best thing you can and should do is keep it moisturized and conditioned. Plus, handle the demarcation zone gently; otherwise, you will experience hair breakage.

I’ll be honest some women can get through this time period with ease and others…well, the process drives them crazy. It is not always easy to cope with two or three diverse textures in your hair. That’s why the Dominican blowout might be ideal in helping you through the transitioning period.

Dominican blowouts keep your hair looking stylish, but take extra care between blowouts to keep your hair moisturized. With that in mind, you will want to stay away from shampoo with sulphates as they are prone to drying out hair.

Dominican Blowout Without Using Hair Rollers

A lot of women choose to get this hairstyle without using hair rollers. This no-roller approach is almost the same as getting your hair pressed. After detangling, your hairstylist will blow dry your hair as straight as possible. Next, your hair will get flat ironed within an inch of its life, so that it is bone straight. Finally, the ‘do is wrapped using a protective hair cap.

What Are The Risks of Dominican Blowout?

There’s a possibility that your natural hair can become harmed with the combination heating tools and products with harmful chemicals. Some women who have repeatedly had the Dominican blowout have found that their wave pattern has become loose.

Unfortunately, some have stated that have had to trim several inches of hair after undergoing this treatment due to high heat. So, be sure to do your research, be ready ready for some serious heat and look for a natural hair salon with lots of good reviews.

dominican blowout process

Hair damage due to high heat is possible. So, like with any hairstyle prepare your hair by deep conditioning in advance. Products and some high maintenance hairstyles can rob your hair of moisture and shine. When your outer layer of hair, aka the cuticle, is damaged, the scales don’t lie flat. It gives the appearance of frizzy, dry hair.

A deep conditioning treatment can repair damage and smooth your hair shaft. Plus, you will find that you now have shiny, healthy hair strands. It is the best possible way to avoid hair damage.

How Long Will This Hair Treatment Last?

This particular hair treatment gives you incredible results – smooth and silky hair that is easy to manage. But a lot of women ask, “How long does the Dominican blowout last?” The answer depends on if you are taking good care of your hair after receiving treatment. Hair porosity will also decide how long this hair treatment will last.

However, on average it can last from 1 week to 4 weeks. For women with high hair porosity, which is susceptible to damage, this treatment will maybe last for two weeks. But, for women with low porosity hair, this treatment can last for one month or more.

Should You Get The Dominican Blowout On A Regular Basis?

Like any hair styling, there’s a chance that it will damage your hair, if your hairstylist is not careful throughout the process. Some women have been getting this style for years with no problem while others have gotten damage on the first try. Every style is not for everyone.

There’s no secret other than to go to a professional with a track record and limit the treatment to every two weeks.

Again, hair porosity will help you determine how frequently you should get a Dominican blowout. You might want to get your hair treatment once every six weeks in case you have hair that is high-porosity, or if your hair is susceptible to damage.

Dominican Blowout vs. Brazilian Blowout: What Is The Difference?

Both Brazilian and Dominican blowouts are used as smoothing treatments. However, there is a vast difference between the two.


Dominican blowout starts with a thorough shampoo and conditioning. Your hair is parted, set on magnetic rollers (especially if you have curly hair texture), and dried using a hooded hair dryer. Next, your hair is round brushed in tiny sections. So, how much does a Dominican blowout cost? Well, prices for this blow dry are the same as textured hair blowouts. The price range is $15 to $75. It keeps your hair bouncy and smooth until the next shampoo.


According to Kris Kujawinski, Hairstylist and Colorist at the Lilltle Hair Shoppe, NYC, “The Brazilian Blowout is a chemical service to temporarily straighten frizzy, wavy, curly, and unruly hair. The process can take 1 1/2 to 4 hours and cost anywhere from $150 to $600 dollars in salons.” It gives you bone straight, beautiful shiny hair that doesn’t puff with humidity.

There are risks and it is called Formaldehyde. Low levels cause irritation. High levels have been linked to cancer. Formaldehyde kills the earth and humans alike. It similar to Agent Orange that was used during the Vietnam war.

dominican blowout vs brazilian blowout

Most hair products are safe while they are still in the bottle. The problem starts when you have to heat the solution. Unfortunately, the heating releases gases that can be potentially dangerous. That means the salon, clientele and other hair staff is exposed. In addition, Oregon OSHA conducted a test. What did they find? When heated, the Brazilian Blowout does in fact release a dangerous gas.

Dominican Blowout Process

As you can guess by now, the Dominican Blowout does need more than a few hair tools. Below are the essentials needed.

  • Magnetic rollers
  • A hairdryer (hooded)
  • Lots of butterfly clamps
  • A round brush
  • A blow dryer with a nozzle at the end

There are specific steps that should be followed in order to ensure your Dominican blowout hairstyle looks sleek, shiny and fabulous. Lets review…

  • The blowout starts with your hair being washed and conditioned. In some cases, a  deep conditioner is in order.
  • Now it’s time to break out the magnetic rollers. Depending upon the thickness and length of your hair dryer you’ll be under the dryer for about an hour. It is worth noting that the bigger the magnetic rollers are the straighter your hair.

  • After removing the magnetic rollers, you’ll need a paddle brush, a handheld blowdryer with a concentrator nozzle and a  big round brush. It will be used to dry your roots to give you that super straightening effect. A high-quality nozzle is essential. It provides the heated air while the paddle brush does its magic. For the best hooded dryers, you can read this article.

  • This smoothening procedure takes place from the root to the tip.
  • After your hair stylist has completed the blow drying process, they will apply a super light, but pure oil blend since blow-drying can cause your hair to burn.

Dominican hair blowout instructions firmly state that almost no products are to be used. This is their secret to having bouncy hair. Also, this undoubtedly helps to reduce the damage caused by the blowout. If done correctly, your hair is going to be shiny, bouncy, smooth and very light.

Maintaining The Looks Of Your Dominican Blowout

Keeping your hair wrapped and dry is key. Just like any blow dry hairstyle, you need to keep your hair away from moisture. It is not just about keeping away from rain. Too much sweat or steam from the shower can ruin your hair as well. Use bobby pins when doing exercises and make sure to use a shower cap in the shower.

Finally, you need to keep away from water-based moisturizers and butters. Shea butter will weigh your hair down and you’ll lose that hair bounce you know you love. Moisturizers that are water based can make your hair snap back to it former curly ways.

Ready To Get Shiny Hair All The Time No Matter What Hairstyle You Choose?

Pulling your hair too tight with braids, hair weaves and/or cornrows can damage your hair. Chemical relaxers and products with harsh irritating ingredients can contribute to hair damage. Daily use of hot blow dryers and curling irons can lead unhealthy hair.

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