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12 DIY Best Leave In Conditioner | Obsessed Hair Oil



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DIY Best Leave In Conditioner

So, you are searching for the DIY Best Leave In Conditioner. If your hair is very porous, it will not hold moisture at all. It may be the reason you are having very little success with leave-in conditioners. On top of that…

There is a lot of pressure to look good when you step outside of your home. If you want to look good, it is going to cost you money. Whether you need new clothes to keep up your fashionista appearance, Rihanna’s newest makeup or hair products to combat dry, brittle hair while keeping your coif beautiful. The bottom line is all of these items cost cold hard cash and it can add up pretty fast.

However, after reading this article, you won’t have to buy leave-in conditioner again because you will know how to make your own.

Women, like you, all over the world have tried different homemade conditioner recipes. Key words “tried different” recipes in order to find the best one for them. A leave-in conditioner does not only save you a lot of time with your routine, but it also helps you have silky, soft hair.

Further, another advantage is that you can make your own beauty items and hair care products, which means that you can only add healthy, natural ingredients. In case you have a sensitive scalp or thin hair, it is advisable to use organic and/or homemade products. Since only a few of the conditioners you find on the market contain essential oils, you could make your own, adding the ingredients you need.

Whereas, store bought conditioners have many pitfalls when it comes to surfactants, preservatives, and fragrance. Also, emulsifiers combine oil and water to stop them from separating in conditioner. They are used as softening agents that tend to leave your hair feeling silky soft. As a result, the problem is that emulsifiers like siloxanes don’t break down in the environment, which is bad news for aquatic life.

avoid dangerous ingredients

When you make your own leave-in conditioner you avoid dangerous ingredients like:

  • Ethanolamines
  • Parabens
  • Octinoxate
  • Oxybenzone
  • Formaldehyde releasing preservatives:
  • Quaternium-15
  • DMDM hydantoin
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • Diazolidinyl urea
  • Polyoxymethylene urea
  • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
  • 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (bromopol)
  • Glyoxal
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Fragrance

Making your own leave-in conditioner helps your hair by locking in moisture, adding softness and shine. Therefore, do yourself a favor and spare your hair from harsh chemicals found in store-bought products. The twelve DIY leave in conditioner recipes below will assist you. In addition, you can Click here to find other homemade conditioner recipes to boost your hair’s health and growth.

DIY Best Leave In Conditioner

1.DIY Conditioner

For this recipe you will need:

-10 drops essential oil (your own choice);

-1/4 c distilled water;

-1 c. canned coconut milk.

Mix all the ingredients and place the mixture in a spray bottle. This conditioner will help your hair be stronger, boosting its shine. Futhermore, it will be easier for you to detangle your hair if you apply it after your shower, on wet hair.

2.DIY Conditioner for Beginners

You will need:

-2 tsb favorite conditioner;

-2 tsb extra virgin olive oil;

-6 oz distilled water.

Consider pouring all the ingredients directly into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the oils and water. Then, you can spritz it on your wet hair and you are good to go. Your hair will not only regain its shine but will also have a silky texture.

3.DIY Hair Growth Conditioner

This conditioner recipe will help you have long and beautiful hair. You will need:

-1 tbs vitamin E;

-7 drops horsetail oil;

-7 drops rosemary oil;

-2 tbs witch hazel;

-3 tbs coconut oil;

-1 tbs argan oil;

-4 tbs shea butter.

Mix all these ingredients in a small plastic container. Make sure you have disinfected it first. Then you can apply the mixture two times per week. You will notice that your hair will become stronger and healthier.

4.DIY Curl Cream

This simple recipe will help you have shiny locks. For this, the ingredients needed are:

-2 tbs shea butter

-3 tbs coconut oil

-2 tbs aloe vera

The conditioner will have a rich texture, offering you all the necessary ingredients for a healthy hair. Make sure you apply this leave-in conditioner at least 3 times per week to reshape your curly hair after washing it.

DIY Leave in Conditioner for DRY, DULL Natural Hair and Hair GROWTH

5.DIY Daily Detangler

Are you having problems detangling your hair? You can easily solve it by using a hair detangler. This homemade recipe will completely change your daily routine. You will need:

-10 drops lavender essential oil;

-5 tsb distilled water;

-1/2 tsb vegetable glycerin;

-1 tsb aloe vera gel.

After you mix all these ingredients in a spray bottle, you can spritz some of it on your wet hair. Now, you can forget about breaking and tearing your hair as you comb it. Finally, make sure you introduce this in your routine and repeat the treatment a few times per week.

6.DIY Shine Conditioner

If your hair looks lifeless and dry, you can use this recipe to help it revive. Mix the following ingredients:

-6 drops of Propylene Glycol;

-1ml light agave syrup;

– .05 oz Dimethicone;

– .2 oz Cyclomethicone;

– .3 oz jojoba oil;

– .25 oz aloe vera gel;

– .5 oz coconut oil;

– .25 oz Argan oil.

After shaking the spray bottle very well, you can spray this leave-in conditioner on your hair, especially towards the ends. In this way, your hair will regain its natural shine.

7.DIY Castor Oil Conditioner

The incredible properties of castor oil will boost your hair’s health. You will need:

-1 tsb coconut oil;

-1 tsb olive oil;

-1/4 c. conditioner;

-1 tsb castor oil;

-1/2 c rosewater;

-1/2 c distilled water;

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Make sure you shake the bottle before every time before you apply it. Your hair will look extraordinary!

8.DIY Coconut Honey Conditioner

The proteins and amino acids in avocado will work wonders.

-1/3 cup water;

-1 tsp. avocado oil;

-2 oz. aloe vera gel;

-1 oz. coconut oil.

First, you have to mix avocado oil and coconut oil in a cup. Then, you need to pour aloe vera gel and water into a spray bottle. Mix all the ingredients together and do not forget to shake the bottle before every application.

If you experience hair breakage, then this recipe will save your hair. Furthermore, it will also solve your brittle, dry hair problem. Avocado contains amino acids that sooth the scalp and proteins which take care of your hair’s follicles. Another advantage is that these ingredients add shine to your hair.

9.DIY Jojoba Conditioner

Jojoba oil resembles with your hair’s natural oil. Hence, you will regain your natural shine.

-1 ½ cups aloe vera juice;

-2 tsp. jojoba oil;

-2 cups coconut water.

benefits of jojoba oil

You need to combine jojoba oil, coconut water and aloe vera juice in a spray bottle. Remember to shake the bottle before every application. Jojoba oil can prevent flanking and dandruff. All the ingredients combine perfectly, being suitable for wavy, fine hair textures.

10.DIY Herbal Water Conditioner

Shea butter and olive oil constitute the base of this mixture.

-1 tsp olive oil;

-1 tsp rosemary oil;

-1/2 tsp thyme oil;

-1 tbsp. shea butter;

-1/2 cup coconut milk;

-1 tbsp. coconut oil;

-1/2 cup aloe vera gel;

-1 cup water.

Start by melting coconut oil. Then, mix aloe vera gel, coconut milk and water in a spray bottle. Make sure you mix all the oils separately and then add the mixture in the spray bottle. Before every application, you have to shake the bottle very well. These ingredients are heavy moisturizers, helping coarse or thick hair textures. Thyme and rosemary oils contain antiseptic properties, helping to reduce dandruff and soothe inflamed scalp.

11.DIY Ylang-Ylang Conditioner

This anti-breakage formula can promote growth and prevent hair loss. Furthermore, you will have healthier hair roots.

-2 tsp. honey

-2 tsp. coconut water

-6 drops essential oil of your choice

-2 tsp. ylang-ylang oil

-2 tsp. coconut oil

-4 oz. water

-2 tsp. aloe vera juice


First, mix coconut water with aloe vera juice in a small cup. Add honey and water and mix these ingredients very well. Then, add the oil to the water solution. Before you apply this leave-in conditioner, you should shake the spray bottle very well. You will notice that honey will repair your split ends and restore damaged hair shafts. Ylang-ylang is famous for its antibacterial qualities.

12.DIY Lavender Conditioner

This recipe will lock in moisture and help you style your hair with more ease.

-5 drops lavender essential oil;

-2 tsp. jojoba oil;

-3 tsp. shea butter;

-1/2 cup coconut milk.

Combine melted shea butter and coconut milk. Then, add the oils and mix all the ingredients. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You might need to warm it up before every application because the ingredients may harden.

Lavender oil will boost hair growth, promoting thickness and volume. Furthermore, it also features therapeutic properties, being able to relieve stress and calm inflamed scalp.

If you want to have healthy hair, which you can easily detangle every day, consider using some of the above homemade DIY best leave in conditioner recipes. Trust me, your hair will look shiny and strong without breaking the bank. Use these natural ingredients to make an organic hair conditioner that is fantastic for your hair.

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