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Curling Wand

Can a curling wand make you stand out and look beautiful? Well…

Beauty is abstract and arbitrary.

There is no way to define what real beauty is. What might seem beautiful to one could be repulsive to another. That being said, there is really no better way to understand beauty. So, we will provide our own definition of it.

The cliché that goes “beauty comes from within” should be given a new interpretation. Beauty must not be entirely equivalent to character, and it also has to be about self-esteem. To look beautiful is to feel beautiful, and being beautiful requires little effort.

As imperfect creatures, human beings often want change. People look for what is lacking in their lives and do something to achieve whatever that is lacking. It is perfectly normal and for one to aim for something different and better. It is normal for people to desire things they deem themselves worthy of having.

No Regrets…

So, when opportunity arrives to have whatever this desired thing is, people tend to grab it. Typically, this is without thinking of the long-term effects an action may bring. More often not it becomes a huge regret. Sadly enough, this is especially true with women and their conceptions of beauty. It is often too late before one realizes the importance of action’s reversibility.

A woman’s hair is her crown of glory.  Having hair tools of the trade will keep your hair fabulous. One of the tools is the curling wand. The curling wand is a simple instrument that is easy-to-handle and creates perfect hair.

A curling wand is a hairstyling tool that allows a girl to achieve her desired waves and curls. This is done by twirling small sections of the hair around a heated barrel.

Five In One Curling Wand

This curling wand is composed of four main parts:

  1. The cord
  2. The handle
  3. The temperature controller
  4. The barrel

Most curling wand brands now have the barrel clamp that allows you to keep your hair around the barrel without having to hold the end of the hair section to be curled. However, with or without the barrel clamp, there is still a tendency to burn hair with the wand if you are not too careful in handling the tool. Yes, heat damage is real, so be careful.

Before actually using any hairstyling tool, a woman has to know what type of hair she has: thin or thick, straight or curly, light or dark. Knowing her hair type is essential for setting the right heat level of the styling tool.

Thin, straight, light hair can stand only the low levels of heat form the curling wand. Whereas, thick, curly hair usually requires higher heat levels to be styled properly. It may take a lot of work but with patience and proper handling, your hair will look gorgeous. The effect of this curling wand tool is reversible, thus the hair’s character is not permanently altered but merely, temporarily improved.

Make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry and combed out before proceeding with the curling session. Achieving the perfect hairstyle may require quite a few trial and error sessions before you get it right. As long as you remember that the main goal is to create perfect waves or curls, and not to burn your hair, everything should work out just fine.

A curling wand, just like any other hairstyling tool which uses heat, it is a standard operating procedure to allow the wand to preheat for several minutes before use.

It is vital that you observe a few safety measures.

  • It is advisable to use hair ironing gloves to keep your hands from getting burned with heat.
  • While allowing the iron to preheat for a few minutes, divide your hair into small sections using hair clips or pins.
  • When the barrel is heated, grab one hair section and twirl that around the barrel.

The part of that hair section where you wish the curl to begin must be twirled near the bottom of the barrel where its base and the wand handle meets. The tip of the hair section must be somewhere near the barrel’s tip. Hold the tip with the fingers or with the barrel clamp for around 10 seconds. Hold it for a longer period of time if a finer and more detailed curl is desired. Repeat the process with the other hair sections until the hair is perfectly styled. Make sure to leave enough space between the fingers and the heated barrel.

When doing the curling process, it is more advisable to point the end of the curling wand barrel away from the face rather than towards it.

The size of the curls is directly proportional to the size of the hairstyling tool. If the barrel allows much space for the hair to twirl around into, the larger the curls will be. If one is going for beach waves or the kinds of curls that are more voluminous and wavy than curly, then larger curling wands will be the smart choice.

To Finish The Look

You can use hair spray to keep the curls in shape for many hours. Some women comb through their hair with their hands to create a more natural look. They do this by using running their fingers through the tips up to the midsection of the curled hair.

The curling wand is a hairstyling tool that every woman can use often. With proper hair conditioning and treatment, she can easily prevent hair damage caused by heat. Using this tool is safer and less expensive than having the hair permanently curled in a hair salon.

The curling wand comes in different brands and sizes, but exists to perform one ultimate function – to turn one’s rather lifeless, dull hair into a voluminous, lively crown. However, at the end of the day, no hairstyling tool is more magical than the effect that self-confidence brings about to one’s overall appeal. After all, a woman is only as beautiful as she feels.

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