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Cupuacu Butter For Hair

If you’re the kind of lady who’s always on the lookout for lesser-known natural products, you’re going to love learning about cupuacu butter. I’m here to give you the lowdown on all the benefits of this wonder butter for natural hair.

It comes from a tropical fruit tree called the cupuacu tree, which grows in the Amazon rainforest in South American countries like Brazil. It’s similar to the cocoa tree, and has a wonderful scent. Extracting and cold pressing the soft and creamy butter from the seeds inside the fruit makes cupuacu seed butter.

It is used in skincare products as well as in hair care. Keep reading to learn more about this butter that perfect for natural hair.

1. Cupuacu Butter Benefits For Hair: Smooth’s

Does your hair go frizzy as soon as it dries? One of the major benefits of cupuacu butter for natural hair is that it helps to smooth and rejuvenate an extremely dry scalp, or brittle and frizzy hair. You can rub some of the product onto your strands as a natural way to smooth down flyaways and soften dry hair.

If you love sporting 80s hairstyles like an afro or perm, you’ll find that repeated use of cupuacu butter can help build up a natural smoothness and make your styles look fabulous.

If your hair is damaged or really thick, you’ll find this highly moisturizing emollient butter works wonders for restoring your hair’s natural vibrancy. This is in part thanks to its ability to retain water, which we’ve discovered already.

But did you know it also has sun-protecting properties too? Read on to learn more.

Cupuacu Butter

2. Cupuacu Butter For Natural Hair: Moisturizes and Hydrates

As cupuacu butter absorbs water, it’s ideal for sealing in moisture in your hair. It has hydrating properties thanks to the high levels phytosterols found within it and these help it work as a moisturizer for dry, frizzy hair.

If you have brittle hair, you’ll find cupuacu butter can help provide your strands with some much-needed hydration. These moisture-sealing properties help your hair stay softer for longer, too. You have to love that natural hair growth method!

You might have tried shea butter in the past in an attempt to seal in moisture. This is another great natural butter to try, but it can weigh down certain hair types. If that’s happened to you, then you could find that cupuacu butter is a better fit.

That’s because it has a lighter consistency than shea butter, so your hair won’t tend to feel so weighed down. Due to its hydrophilic properties, cupuacu butter is said to be four times more effective than shea butter at sealing in moisture.

For very dry hair, you could even try combining cupuacu butter with shea butter.

3. Cupuacu Hair Butter Benefits: Provides Sun Protection

You might be surprised to learn that cupuacu butter can also help provide your hair with a certain amount of protection from the sun. That is because there’s a high amount of Vitamin E in cupuacu butter. This plays a part in protecting your hair from the sun’s damaging UV-A and UV-B rays. So if you spend lots of time in the sun, you might want to try it out alongside your sunscreen.

This protective barrier against harsh UV rays is just one more benefit of cupuacu butter for hair. Let’s delve further into the hair strands and follicles to find how the butter works to nourish natural hair from the inside out.

4. Butter For Hair: Nourishes

Unrefined cupuacu butter is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that help nourish hair, particularly weak, dry and brittle hair that needs a lot of love and care. To get your hair looking great on the inside, you need to fortify it from the inside. When it penetrates the hair cuticle, it can help to nourish and fortify each strand from the inside out.

Butters like cupuacu butter typically contain a higher amount of monounsaturated fats and saturated fats than many oils. Here are a few other oils and butters.cupuacu butter benefits

5. Cupuacu Butter Benefits: Aids Growth

Are you trying to grow your hair? There are various natural oils, like Obsessed Hair Oil, that can help, but did you know that certain butters can aid hair growth too? There are a variety of essential fatty acids in cupuacu butter, which can help with hair durability and elasticity too.

The promotion of these two areas can be a factor in improved hair growth. The moisturizing and hydrating properties can also help encourage natural healthy hair growth.

6. Raw Cupuacu Butter For Hair Benefits: Emulsifies

If you like creating your own DIY hair care products at home, you might be looking for an ingredient that can help combine all the others into a smooth consistency. Well if that’s you, check this link on Amazon, then look no further than cupuacu butter! Thanks to its emulsifying properties, it can aid the stabilization of an emulsion.

There’s another great benefit for those who love to make DIY butter blends.

Not only can it help to stabilize consistency, it can also help with shelf life. When stored properly, it can have a shelf life of up to two years. That helps make it an economical choice for DIY hair care creations.

7. Benefits of Organic Cupuacu Butter For Hair: Anti-Inflammatory

We’ve looked a lot at how cupuacu butter can help benefit the strands of your hair, but it can also aid your scalp too. It does this thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

These can be beneficial in the treatment of certain topical skin problems, like psoriasis. Using cupuacu butter on that area can help reduce any topical inflammation.

How To Use It & Why

There are various options for using cupuacu butter on your hair. You can use it alone in its natural state and simply rub it onto your strands.

It is solid at room temperature, but with a little warming in the hands or in a bowl in hot water it melts down. You can also mix it with other ingredients, like shea butter, oils and aloe vera.

Make a whipped butter with it, or add it into a conditioner for an extra moisturizing boost. You can even use it as a styling agent for braids and twists.

You don’t need to find the actual seeds and extract the butter yourself!

You can buy it raw, unrefined, refined, or in a mix. You will even find products from leading hair care companies that include it in their ingredients lists.

Whether you’re looking to add smoothness to your favorite natural 80s hairstyles, nourish brittle hair from within, control frizz or hydrate dry hair, you’ll find cupuacu butter can really do it all! Make it yourself or try Cupuacu butter – Pure and Natural DIY mixes.

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