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Brazilian Weave: Is It The Cream Of The Crop | Obsessed Hair Oil



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Brazilian Weave

The Brazilian weave has gained a lot of attention lately. Hair experts around the globe rate it as one of the best weaves money can buy. Is this weave for you? The only way to find out is to read more about this product and its value offer.

The million dollar question is – what is the Brazilian weave and why do so many women love it? Below you will get all of your questions answered. You’ll get a glimpse into different Brazilian weave hairstyles.  Also, some of the many benefits will be revealed as well. So, sit back and enjoy the read.

What is a Brazilian Weave?

Let’s start by understanding what the Brazilian weave has to offer.

In general, Brazilian hair is sought after because of its quality. The hair comes from the South American region for the most part. Local donors are found and they are paid for their hair. As with any hair that is purchased online or at retail, do a little research. Unfortunately, there are scam operations selling Chineses hair to Brazilian brokers because it is cheap.

BBC News did a great article on Untangling where your hair extensions really come from. It stated, from wigs to weaves and hair extensions, the market for human hair is enormous. But few know where these lustrous locks come from and the journey they take across the globe.

That is why it is important to understand hair grades and how hair reacts to heat. Weaves can be customized  for straight, wavy, or curly patterns. Lots of women appreciate barely there waves while others like a super straight look.

The Brazilian weave is made to be flexible and that is what makes it unique. For the most part, if you take good care of the hair weave it will last a good year.

It is 100% unprocessed, virgin human hair. The hair should not tangle and/or shed, which makes it easier to style it. Finally, the hair color is local to the area and is going to be naturally black. Of course, you can definitely dye or bleach the hair as you deem fit. I would recommend Revlon Colorsilk or Splat Hair Dye.

Brazilian Weave Hairstyles

Body Wave

Body Wave

Middle Part

Middle Part

Loose Wave

Loose Wave

Deep Wave

Deep Wave

Other Brazilian weaves include:

Water Wave

  • Lace Frontal
  • Wavy
  • Wet
  • Colored Weaves

Check out these Brazilian Weave Hair Colors

Ombre Purple Midnight Blue

Brazilian Weave Bundles You Can Buy

Check out the nine different hair bundles below. To learn more about each one, click on the image.

Benefits of Using a Brazilian Weave

1) Longer Hair Right Now

Sometimes you get tired of wearing hair clip ins, afro kinky wig, cute short haircuts or even natural faux locs. Sometimes you just want to get your Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks super long and straight or big, sexy hair on.

2) Simply Beautiful

Another reason you might invest in a new weave, you want something easy on the eyes. These weaves tend to be extravagant virgin hair extensions. You can flaunt perfect long lustrous hair. Best part, no one can allocate hours everyday to styling their hair. As I mentioned, these extensions are easy to style when you’re in a hurry.

3) Natural And Protective

The final advantage is that is looks naturally beautiful. In addition, they shield against wear and tear. The Brazilian weave hair is exposed to the elements while your hair and scalp is protected. You can style the heck out of your weave, use heating tools like blow-dryers, hot rollers or flat irons. No big deal because it is affecting the weave not your hair. tends to destroy hair, drying it out and splitting the ends.

We all can grow our hair. Some may grow their hair faster than others. That is the only difference. However, that shouldn’t stop you from looking fabulous, right now. Hairstyles change with the seasons, our clothes and mood.

If you change your hair often or you want to protect your hair while it grows, a Brazilian weave might be the answer to your problems.

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